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The Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Assistance Program helps people who meet certain requirements pay for the prescriptions and treatments they need. This program is only for people with certain medical conditions who already have insurance (including Medicare or Medicaid). Only certain types of cancer are included in the program. They are listed on the website.

Patient Services Incorporated is a national, non-profit group that helps people with certain chronic illnesses and their families pay their health insurance premiums and drug co-pays. Only people with a few types of cancer are included in this program (see the website for the list of covered illnesses). People who have these conditions and need help paying health insurance premiums or co-pays are helped based on their medical and financial need.

The Patient Access Network Foundation is a non-profit group that helps some under-insured people who can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs of medical care. The program helps people with certain medical conditions who meet their financial, insurance, and medical requirements. Only a few types of cancer are included in their program.

the reason we need enhanced medicare single payer for all is that this scenario can happen to anyone. when we are younger we believe we are invincible (news flash not true). this is a part of the argument against social medicine, i’m not paying for someone else’s health problems. these folks probably felt the same way 20 years ago. what we do not realize is that one medical emergency (pick a procedure) can bankrupt most of us. e.g. i’m pretty healthy and last year I needed a heart catheter procedure. 3 days and 60 thousand dollars later I was back on my feet. had I not been insured and covered by medicare I would have been up the creek. the insurance industry and big pharma have made healthcare costs skyrocket. price gouging on drug prices and unequal pricing for coverage leaves the citizens helpless. stefanik has shown her disdain for her constituents many of whom have insurance for the first time in their lives (aca). she and the republican party believe you want choices. that argument is simply put a pile of crap. what it really means is divide and conquer. the republican tax reform and jobs con job that stefanik is also supporting (the initial house bill passed by 2 votes (if you’ll recall she was avoiding the issue by hiding from us). this tax reform will also involve cuts to medicare/Medicaid and social programs to pay for huge tax breaks for the wealthy (particularly the billionaires). if you wanT stories like this one to change then we have to band together (yes and pay for one another) as an all inclusive group. how much more leverage do you think 350 million insured people would have over drug pricing and other healthcare costs. strength in numbers. that how the healthcare industry is screwing us now, so why not turn it around. REMEMBER THERE IS NO HEALTHCARE PROVIDED BY PROVIDING HUGE PROFITS TO INSURANCE COMPANIES AND PHARMACUTICAL/MEDICAL DEVICE CORPRORATIONS.

news flash tuck, we are all going to die. the consumption of resources by the people of the usa far exceeds that of anyone else on the planet. for your cable bill where were you when ajit pai sold your internet to the giant telecoms on dec. 14, 2017? re: bankruptcy take a stroll up to the county clerks office and check out the judgement books (ask someone to show you). note the number of judgements filed for medical related issues (it’s substantial). the ship of state is sinking under the weight of the outrageous military budget and our fearless leader has unleashed wall st to steal what’s left of our precious resources. or maybe it’s that the water is rising due to the damage we have done to the atmosphere (climate change/global warming). the cost of abatement here will be staggering. not sure how long it would take me to repay medicare but, given the value of the health ins premiums I have paid over 40 years i’d guess i’m still ahead of the cost. just sold my 1996 jeep with a hole in the floorboard so your on your own for the truck. bottom line here is THE MASSIVE PROFITS MADE BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY are not buying actual healthcare. this goes for salaries, buildings, corporate jets, advertising and don’t forget LOBBYING etc! so yes there is a third choice. tell you politician (stefanik) to drop the guise that repeal and replace is an option. just expand the medicare program to everyone. naturally premiums will increase but I can assure you no one in the government is being paid salaries like the private sector. all things static your increase in premium w/b less by the amount of the costs saved. war and peace/ income inequality are equally important, merry Christmas, and get that roof fixed before santa comes[smile]

Hay ot News flash, I think more about dying these days than living. So, I wonder why some young person just starting out would want to help pay so I could survive a few more days. My views of Santa and Christmas are colder than the cup of black coffee I’m sipping.

That outrageous military budget. It employees more people than you can comprehend and that’s why anyone running against Stefanik will have a hard time. I’ve written her several times and only once did she reply. Gee…. I’m getting the feeling she doesn’t like me.

Since we are talking about pharmaceuticals, Turing Pharmaceuticals founded by Martin Shkrel, is a somewhat interesting character. I followed him on YouTube for a short period of time before his bail was revoked for offering a bounty for a strand of Hilary Clinton’s hair.

In an interview I watched, he said the increase in price (by a factor of 56) of Daraprim, as CEO it was his fiduciary duty to maximize profit for his Stock Holders. Can’t argue with that logic. Ok maybe not fair to the people that need it, but growing up my Grandmother would ask me more than once “where is written life must be fair?”. How many retirement funds do think are funded in part thru stock dividends paid by pharmaceutical company’s?

sorry for the oversight. end of life care is a very large part of overall costs. this issue has to be addressed and imo we will come to a place where the dying will be given a legitimate choice to die with dignity. I watched as my parents came to the end and the cost of those few more days of agony and suffering are high. medicine now has the ability to keep us alive way beyond the sell by date. my dad refused dialysis at 90 which likely ended his life by weeks. my point is our time as provided by our maker has been extended temporarily and artificially. anyway I think we all should choose. that military budget kills more innocent civilians than we are told about. both directly and by proxy (think yemen) . I cooked many meals for many years at the open door on south st and when my wife and I were new parents we needed food stamps. that said, cutting the 70 billion increase out of the military budget t couold end world hunger for a couple of years. so listen to some Christmas music and have a merry/happy.