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I have had a bad breath and dental problems my whole life, even though I take very good care of my teeth. About 6 months after I quit smoking, I really started to notice a foul taste, which continued to get worse. I saw 2 doctors 3 dentists. The second doctor gave me prilosec without even looking in my mouth, and the dentists did a bunch of unnecessary procedures in attempts to get rid of this sour, awful taste in my mouth. It was literally making me sick. I continued to research this for the next year, and came across tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). I decided to check the back of my throat with a flash light, and low behold, I had a bunch! I continued to poke around and realized that my tonsil crypts were very deep, and I also had embedded stones. There are many reasons for tonsil stones, and one is tooth extraction.

Enamel can start to form in your crypts, along with food particles, bacteria, and sulphur (rotten eggs) compounds. I saw an ENT and am having a tonsillectomy in a few weeks!! I can’t wait! You can pick these stones out all you want, but the only way to get rid of the halitosis is by having a tonsillectomy.

I also suffer from this rotten but sweet smell/taste. I had it many years ago before I had my tonsils removed. I also had these califlower like rotten growths on my tonsils. Tonsils were removed, taste and smell were gone. Until this last november when I got a head cold, which I am still suffering from, 3 antibiotics and nothing has worked but a simple neti pot which only lasts for a day or so. I see the ear nose and throat doc the 19th, praying there is some relief. My cold that restarted the taste/smell was a fast onset with nasal congestion(sinus infection), ear infections, swollen glands and jaw stiffness, cough, spots in my lungs. I like some of you also thought maybe my teeth were involved and went to the dentist, got a root canal found out the tooth I was complaining of was already dead, not the problem. So I’m 2 weeks away from my appt with the doc and I’m anxious. I haven’t tasted anything different since Thanksgiving and it makes me nausious and depressed. I know my regular doc said that when my tonsils were removed they had also scrapped my adnoids and it may need to be redone. It’s an awful process but at this point I’ll do what I have to to get my taste buds back and this smell gone. Wish me luck I’m hoping its not a cyst or tumor. for those of you that can’t get in to a specialist try purchasing a NETI POT, it is only a temporary solution, but after long periods of time is supposed to be very beneficial. I’ve only had mine for 2 weeks but it seems to be working~Molly, ps I’ll try to update after my appt

2.00 last Thursday I suddenly became aware of an acrid smell that seemed to me must be a plastic covered component smouldering away in my computer or screen. An hour or so later when on hands an knees I had explored every possible source of smouldering fire hazard on the ground floor I pretty much gave up and decided I must have breathed something in and I must wash it out. Sadly this didn’t work. My partner smells nothing. I now realise this is in my nose as several days have passed-I smell it where ever I am -it now also appears to be coming from my throat and is making chest feel tight. My nose is not smelling-it is I alone who can detect this strange hideous smell that I now decide is more like the the blackened oily chemical ridden remains of a badly un-washed pub ashtray. LUSH…I have been to the doctors-she thinks I have thrush in the mouth and has given me an anti fungal-it remains to be seen if it will work-the medication seems a bit pitiful an orange flavour Daktarin gel, when I feel I need nothing short of Pine flavour bleach or any heavy duty toilet disinfectant will do. Spookily I also had a tooth/jaw/gland infection end of November and lots of antibiotics -resulting in root canal in December, lots of injections which I didn’t get on with and general misery and pain. Probably its all connected. Also I’m a regular taker of Ventolin and Avamys (fluticasone furoate). If the sweetie flavour gel works I’ll let you know-pigs may fly and all that!

i really need help!! ive had this bad smell/taste for 4 years and it has really changed my life. i dropped out my seniour year after talking to the principal and noticed she was covering her face cause of how bad the smell has got. wasnt accually her but just knowing everyone i talked to was experiencing this smell. this even has changed my personality i went from a funny kid to a kid who stays in his room and tries not to talk to anyone because seeing them dodge my breath is just really….. ok so about this problem started sophmore year with these little white balls i was coughing up. then my bugars seemed clear instead of green and now all i feel is mucous constantly running down my throat i brush about 6 times a day atleast, i floss, i have no cavitys or anything. i also feel my stomach acid in my throat sometimes might be from all the spanish food i eat but never experienced or felt this way growing up till now. any easy rememdies or steps i should take before i just end this misery myself? please help anyone please. i want my life back.!

I am experiencing the same bad smell and earlier with the bad taste but mainly just the smell right now. All started in Oct with a terrible cold/flu which lasted for well over a month. A long term ongoing tooth problem finally flare up at the same time. Migraines, eyes and slight ear ache on one side were also symptoms. After the flu dissipated I went to dentist who fixed my molar with a root canal. Took about 4 weeks with 4 visits total to finish the root canal. Around that time I began to notice the bad smell/taste. Like the other guy mentioned, it really reminds me of bad burnt roasted peanuts or rancid peanut butter or more vaguely of sulphury boiled eggs. The smell comes and goes for several days now a month on. The flem/phlem is not so bad now(originally strong yellow/green color) and the bad taste is more or less gone now. Just the same strong smell keeps coming back. My girlfriend cannot smell it at all on my breath close up so that’s a god send at least. Looks like it must be a sinus infection from the flu and bad root canal. I will try an anti biotic and aromatheraphy if it persists, but it does seem to be getting better, very slowly but surely, on it’s own.