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I’d like to start by saying I am using a mobile device to post this message and approximately 10% of the left side of the screen is missing on this forum (when viewing from 2 different web browsers). I am male, 23, from England and not sexually active.

About a week and a half ago, I noticed after peeing, I had the feeling that I still had more to let out, despite not drinking any fluids. My bladder now never feels completely empty and I have the feeling to urinate much more than often. I could go for a pee, leave the bathroom, and then return 30 seconds later but only a few drops would come out. There is no pain when I urinate nor any blood and I don’t experience pain anywhere. Urinating sometimes start off with a weak, thin stream which gets thicker and stronger as I urinate. When drinking fluids, my urine stream is always thick and strong.

I decided to see a doctor and brought a sample of my morning urine. The doctor inserted a white strip into the sample and reported that nothing appears to be wrong but my urine sample would be sent off to the lab for further tests. I was giving 200mg of Trimethoprim just in case it was an infection and was told to take 2 a day for 3 days. I also bought 2 litres of pure Cranberry Juice but my problem was still present.

I revisited the doctor today and the results from my urine test was negative (there is nothing wrong) but I don’t feel any better, my bladder never feels empty. The doctor has scheduled an appointment at the hospital for me. I have to have an ultrasound with a full bladder, go to the toilet and then have a 2nd ultasound to see if my bladder really is empty.

I would like to ask for advice if possible. Could this still be an infection? even though nothing unusual was found in my urine sample? If so, I believe I know what caused this. I went swimming at a friends place and remained in my swimwear for several hours. I got changed but about 6 hours later, put back on the swimwear (now damp). I slept over and went swimming again but in the same swimsuit as the previous day. I know now that this is very unhygienic so could this be the cause?

If the above would not show up in a urine test, then is it possible I still have an infection? I would like to try Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide (SSKI) drops but do not know where to buy this from. I hear SSKI can elimate almost all infections in the body so it’s likely to help if I have an infection right?

hi im 23 and i have same problem. iv always needed a second dripple whn leaving toilet at night time for last year and never ceard thn i had used the same boxs for 2 days week back. and next morning i was able to wee proply. im on trimethoprim 200g 2 a day, they seem to help. first day on thm i felt alot better thn next day was bk to how i was. its been just over a week and i feel alott better but still get erg to go for a wee at night times and i find that the tablets make me dripple wee alot and make my balls ake( sweat whn im in bed aloooot aswell but dnt knw if itss the tablets also.. iv had blood test and wee test and everything come bk clear.prostate clear he said bladder clear etc etc no infections . i also sufford from piles for years and never ceard about it. but sinse this has happoned i bleed from the bum alot more and am constipated lot(i hoping its just stress doing it to me as i havstoped smoking fag) ( i dnt drink and hav never took any other drugs apart from mariwana ). my right bum cheak feels browsed. i find if i keep busy i forget about it and its getting alot better i hav 3 more days after 2day on my tablets and booked for a urolagist next month . i pray its not the big c im only 23, so sceard its unreal. i worry alot but this has just sent me over the edge. but deffo helps keeping busy. seems i only notice it if i think about it . reading some things on the net sceard me also. like reading about pain in lower bk uper leg. next day bam i had the pain. in 2007 i had ack-e balls and it whn after 2-3 month and i just left it. sorri if my writing abit everywhere. i hope to here back from one of u . il update soon

I started off having a poor flow and then going more often to the toilet. i also went doctors and had my urine checked. guess what!!! all clear! so anyway i was put on antibiotics like all of you was. still no joy! so then i was referred to a urologist and i had first of all ultrasound and i was found that i was going to the toilet on a full bladder and when i went the second time i had over 100ml left in my bladder. i had no lumps or cancer. so then i was booked for a Cystoscopy and they thought it could be a blockage. well i woke up in the recover and they found nothing. no blockages, prostate all good. so from there i was treated for Prostatitis had like 3 different types of antibiotics at the sametime and still have the same problem so then i was sent for a flow test. i failed the flow test because my flow was so poor and when they scan me after still had over 100ml left in my bladder. so then after that i had a urodynmics test where you have a bloow up your bum and a catheter installed and then they fill the bladder and you have to empty your bladder with this tube down the pennis. well in my case it hurt that much they couldnt get it down as my prostate has a infection so they say. i am now being treated for Prostatitis again and if it fails i am having my protate squeezed while i am asleep. . no idea what this could be , i dont drink or smoke i keep fit i have a active job. so least you guys have a idea whats to come i will keep you all updated on this and hope to hear how you guys got on .

I was reading up on Incontinence as someone I know has it, and was shocked to find that a recent survey of 1000 women aged under 30 found that 1 in 8 had urinary incontinence even though none of them had ever been pregnant. What’s more, all sorts of activities can lead to pelvic floor muscle weakness (the PFM hold up a woman’s pelvic organs including the urethra, bladder, bowels, vag and urethra).

Gravity and stress are always going to have an effect on womens pelvic floors. The problem is that there are just so many causes, even in the home. We’ve heard of the usual ones (overweight, pregnancy, giving birth, loss of estrogen at menopause) but there are so many other factors that we don’t even consider and these are the ones I’m worried about (Lifting heavy weights at the gym – and I guess even a heavy baby!, high impact sports and exercises, constipation and straining, excessive coughing – bad news for hayfever sufferers and smokers, I’m afraid…. Athletics? Netball? Starjumps and weightlifting? Irritable Bowel Sydnrome? Pelvic floor training is a must…..

The problem is that we don’t worry about this until it affects us and by the time we notice we are already be in an advanced state of disrepair! So we really need to start early with pelvic floor exercises as a preventative. The focus needs to be on managing and improving the condition rather than hiding it!

A friend mentioned that she’s come across this kegel device that’s small and discreet, you can even pop it into your handbag. It comes with a dual biofeedback function – it vibrates when you’re squeezing with the correct muscles, and it has audio feedback to guide you through a squeeze ‘n relax routine. I reckon every girl needs one of those!