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That is, when you get high r-selection, there is care, but it’s generalized and weak, with low particular investment. Your kid just got mowed over? Oh well, shit happens. (Parenthetically, I’m always horrified by the nonchalance of some of my liberal neighbors regarding not just dirt and squalor, but the fates of people in their own families.)

Though the language was not present for this sort of thing at the time, it is more or less the way the first “sociologists” in the 17th and 18th centuries described the amorous lives of primitives. This was before either “racism” or egalitarianism came into vogue, and I tend to think the early observers got this right.

If sexual markets can become disrupted and grossly distorted by degenerating social forces similar to those of Calhoun’s rat experiments, then the evidence you’d look for would be increases in sexual deviancy, loneliness, involuntary celibacy, rancor within and between the sexes, sexual identity problems, STDs, sex panics, ideological hysteria, and miscegenation.

You would look as well for decreases in the marriage rate, long-term relationship formation, and fertility.

In related Fuggernaut News, the NeverTrump Uniparty’s pathological open borders xenophilia continues importing thousands of MS-13 gang members who shoot dead completely random innocents and then burn the bodies in their cars. Let’s have a look-see at the chupacabran horrors our virtue signaling single White women are welcoming into your neighborhood:

Hahah. Never gonna get it PJ. Ryu is FED up (see what I did there? lol) but perhaps not “Fed Up” as you suspect. If he is the second kind, he is either the worst in history (as he has been around for a decade at least) or is a “passive observer” type.

My gut tells me his heart is in the right place and he boils and seethes with the injustice of a system stacked wholly against its own creators now. The “system” exists in large part to destroy you if you take natural actions of defending yourself or those around you. George “white hispanic” Zimmerman was the canary in the coalmine for many who weren’t hip to how fucked the criminal (un)justice system is.

I got my little taste and will never be the same man again seeing a bunch of badged Einsatzgruppen running around my house picking up anything that wasn’t nailed down waving guns at me and clearing the smoke from their little stun grenades outta the air through what use to be my front door before they blew it to ribbons.

Back to the original subject- his goal seems to be to move the Overton window a bit from just pointing and shrieking at the karmic injustice to the action portion. The problem is, everyone already knows most of this but like I said in an earlier post for the internet tough guys unless you are willing to sack up and risk ALL you hold dear, just stop talking. Because that is all it is. And to YOUR point, if you are willing to take such an extreme risk you sure as FUCK don’t come talk about it on a damn comments section. That worked out so well for so many others… *rolling eyes*

tl;dr His comments are a combo of frustration at seeing how far we’ve fallen and trying to unleash the inner Viking/Saxon. His delivery method however, IMHO, leaves much to be desired as it does come off Feddy as fuck for many. (Sorry Ryu, gotta call ’em like I see ’em).

I often marvel at how few people realize this. I think its this MMA mindset that you have to be some jacked diesel dude to get into fisticuffs with another human being. In a straight up “honorable” (whatever that means) fist fight, yeah the dude with the training and who is the gym rat will stomp your guts out.

Back alley don’t work like that and never has. Look around you right now be it home or office. There are probably half a dozen items that are 100% lethal if picked up and wielded as a cudgel or makeshift blade. Scissors, letter opener, sharp pen, paperweight, heavy glass object, anything metal of sufficient mass.

I think this is a movies vs. reality thing. When you’ve seen as Clockwork Orange so succinctly put it a bit of the “ol’ ultra violence” (though I prefer a bit of “the ol’ in/out”) you realize how soft and squishy human beings are. A couple well placed blows or thrusts and that’s the end of the fight. You can then go Mortal Kombat and “finish him!” quite easily if your intent is finality. Or you can walk away and leave him leaking and likely permanently reminded of the encounter.

Little MS-13 beaners are well aware of their small physical stature, especially in this country this land of giants unlike El Salvador which is like ‘Nam was, little brown and yellow fellas respectively. To compensate, they almost to a one carry blades or blunt instruments. Physics is fun!