Garnier nutrisse permanent creme hair color reviews, photos – makeupalley bad heartburn symptoms

Ok wow I’m still recovering from the heart attack this stuff gave me today….. I’ve been coloring my own hair for 20 years and have never had a disaster. I’ve used many different shades from many different brands. Today was just not my lucky day!!! I used shade BL26, Auburn Black. I have very long, naturally dark brown hair and I keep it somewhere around that color but I’ll choose shades with more golden or red or ash depending on what I’m in the mood for. When I mixed this in the bottle, it turned a bright vibrant peach/coral/pink color. I was concerned but applied anyway. My hair processed to a hot neon vibrant pink color. I was running around the house panicking asking my husband what should I do?!?!!! I let it process 25 minutes because it seemed to be getting darker. It took at least 15minutes of heavy water flow to get the pink and purple to stop bleeding out.

When dry, my hair is a deep purple magenta color. It’s not hideous and my husband says it’s pretty cool, but it’s not black, or brown, or any variation of those. It’s a deep grape purple. I’m going to try putting another brown dye on top of it to get more depth and brown. I’m not I to the purple hair…. My hair feels great, very soft, smells good, and I lost no hair. But holy crap seriously, purple!?? Lol wow I don’t even know what to say….. The price was cheap and the packaging is great. I loved the nourishing oil included and the conditioner was great. But dark grape purple?! It’s literally 5 shades different than what the box shows! Seriously.

This review is for 66 True Red. I have light skin (fair with yellow/warm undertones), brown eyes and my natural hair color is level 2 Darkest Brown. My hair naturally lightens to medium brown with strong red tones during spring summer. My hair length goes down to my lower back. It is very thick and diversely textured. I have kinky curly hair wisps on my temples around my ears. The top of my hair comes out straight, then gets progressively curlier as it grows. This means the porosity of my hair varies wildly depending on the location. In other words, my hair is resistant to dye jobs in general. I started dying in September of this year because I’m getting noticeable gray white hairs coming in around my face and top of my head. I’m not ready to look like an old lady, plus I’ve developed a fascination for becoming red head in recent months. I have used three other box dyes prior to this review, but I am choosing not to review those products as I’ve since learned techniques to preserving color that I didn’t know then. My hair condition is exceptionally healthy; dye jobs are the only *harmful* process I do. I dyed my hair using two boxes of this product on December 7th. I did not deviate from the instructions included with the product. I have to say I didn’t care for the conditioning treatment included with the dye. It left my hair feeling dry brittle. All the other conditioning treatments I’ve used (Feria, L’oreal preference excellence, ColorSilk) left my hair feeling soft silky very shiny looking. I did my entire head as the previous box dyes I used either didn’t take or washed out completely. It had been exactly five weeks since I had dyed my hair before using this one. I didn’t notice much difference immediately following the process. A few days one shampoo later, I took a photo of myself standing outside. We live in the mountains right now we have about 2 ft of snow on the ground. The outdoor photo looked great. It really looked like I have red hair, but indoors under normal lighting, it looks like I have brown hair with red tones. It is now three weeks later and the color is faded a little, but is still very noticeable. I can tell because my virgin roots have come in you can see the stark contrast from the dye job. Now….in all fairness the lasting power might have more to do with my hair care routine than the product itself. I waited a full 72 hours before washing my hair. I also started washing rinsing my hair in ice cold water, I decreased my shampoos from every other day to every 2 or 3 days. I use a color safe shampoo that contains sulfates. Yes, I said it. Do your research; sulfate free shampoos do not decrease the bleed of your dye job compared to sulfate shampoos. I always let my hair air dry so that didn’t change. I don’t believe in heat styling or heat styling products. I just use a leave in conditioner. Despite all this effort, I still saw my color bleed as soon as water hits my hair, but from everything I read, all red hair dyes will do this. Warm water will definitely make your color bleed faster; that one I learned from personal experience. If you have dark brown hair like me and are looking to just enhance your naturally red tones that all brown hair possesses, you will likely be satisfied with this product. If you are looking to become a true red head in all forms of lighting, this probably is not the right product for you. I will be trying L’Oreal Hicolor in a couple of weeks. If that won’t make me a true red head, I give up!

I’ve only recently starting colouring my hair myself and bought shade #50 Medium Brown. I figured this would be a safe bet as I’m only looking to cover some annoying greys that crop up along the front hair line. Previously I had my stylist color my hair but it is way too expensive and the color just doesn’t last like these box dyes do. So, a couple of boxes (I have long thick wavy hair, and lots of it) do the trick and I can usually get them on sale so it’s a no brainer from that perspective. I should probably use 3 boxes to get my hair fully saturated and at $6.99 CDN / box (sale price) it would still be cheaper than going to the salon. The dye itself is not horribly stinky, and if you get it on your skin it comes off pretty easily and doesn’t leave a stain behind. This completely covers my grey and gives my hair a deep rich warm brown color which blends in well with my natural brunette color. There is a warm undertone to this which is fine as it is very close to my natural color and therefore most people are unaware I dye my hair at all. They also include a generous sized tube of color conditioner that leaves hair beautifully soft. I have not experienced any dryness, breakage, or other negative results from using this product and will continue to use it on my hair.