Going to prom as a girl !! – tg transformation stories symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Y’know, guys, when Andy first suggested that I should go to prom dressed as a girl I thought he was legit crazy. After all, he’s supposed to be my best friend and he knows better than anyone what I have been going through.This ‘hormonal imbalance’ thing, right. It’s, like, bad stuff. It’s not something I wanna go around showing everybody. Like, the last thing I wanted to do was act like as if I liked having boobs, and I certainly didn’t want to be a dude’s cute prom date,” Miles said to our little group of friends. “But I’m, like, totally glad you talked me into it. This has been so much fun, and man,I’ve missed you guys. Going to prom is like a big part of growing up, and no-one should have to miss it.Miles wasn’t just being sentimental, he was high, too. We had snuck away from the rest of the school to smoke some weed, something we do a lot.And while Andy had gone to the restroom, Miles still had the rest of us to keep him company.

My name’s Lucy, by the way, and with me I had my date Harry, who’s a bit of a dork but still quite cute. And then there was Cassie.She’s a big and tough tomboy, and she wanted to make a point by going date-less. It had been a while since we had seen Miles, and while we really didn’t know what “hormonal imbalance” meant, we still wanted to show our support. And I was more than happy to help Miles with his make-up. “And, like… Andy hasn’t been a dick, and we all know he can be such a dick sometimes.

It’s like, no-one knows who I am and it feels like I’m some sort of spy. It’s super cool!” Miles said giggling. “And like, one of our teachers totally told Andy and me that we looked like a cute couple, and I just laughed at how stupid that is. Like, she doesn’t know who I am!” It’s not as if his boobs were that big. To give him cleavage I had to give him one of my push-up bras. But hey, he’s the one who chose that dress, so if he didn’t want people to look then that’s his fault. I made him look real pretty.His hair had been growing steadily ever since he stopped going to school,and it was fun making him look as girly as possible. Sure, he squirmed around in his chair when I told him just how effortlessly feminine I could make him look, but he’s been going along with it. I guess he figured he didn’t have much of a choice. Either he needed to just let go and have fun, or he’d be stuck at home missing out.”So, I’m taking these pills now that are supposed to reduce the swelling. If they’ll work, then I am going to look like a guy, again. So, it’s not like as if I suddenly wanna be a girl, but it’s still, like, super interesting to see what it is like. Maybe I can write a book about it. Like, they could make a movie about it and everything,” Miles said. “And, like, I think I might hang out with Andy more. There’s tons of stuff we can do, and he’s so nice and sweet about everything I’ve been going through, so I like to hang out with him. Have you guys noticed how sweet Andy is? Like, I am totally surprised and I wa-“”You know he just wanna fuck you, right?” Cassie said.Oh… “Miles said. “… Wait, really? Does he think I look cute?”