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Anti-Semitism is fueled by rage and hate which in turn has been created by the memory of Jewish wickedness. I mean by direct or indirect experience. Religion on its own doesn’t help as it is revealed in churches the world over. Jewish crimes and criminals are real. Shtetls were teeming with them. With the underbelly of the beast and sin. Show thy horns oh #128520;.

Are the Jewish causing more problems for themselves by covering it up? anti-Semites everywhere would agree in their blindsided opinion that the terms The Chosen People was being used by the Jews to conceal themselves. Trying to make Poland swallow the red pill for example. Its the idea Israel can bulldoze Poland like it does Palestine. Regardless of guilt by Israel of horrendous and teeming Stalinist crimes. Communist crimes against the opposition too.

Ok it is rather the guilt of the European Jews especially in Eastern Europe. I realize that Jews at that time in history joined the Red Army for instance to fight the Nazis. Half a million joined.

There are supposed to be biblical or Talmudic justifications for this that make us culturally as different as can possibly be. The anti-Semites will boast about Western values which are Christian ones such as defending and protecting the weak not culling them especially not selfishly.

Most Jews, as Dr Kurek on YouTube would explain, that means the Hassidic Jews of Poland, were artisans and free and independent peace loving inhabitants. Of course, there are their bizarre claims of more independence and politics designed to carve out an actual free Jewish state in eastern poland.when the Polish themselves were fighting for survival and their country. It draws ire against the Jewish even today.

I want to remind Dr Kurek that both the Nazis and the Soviets aimed at the bourgeoisie and aristocracy first. They exterminated millions of people. Entire families. Which is sadly never mentioned anywhere. She explains that the Hassidic victims were a majority that stood for the poor. 3 million Polish Jews were killed in the death camps.

It’s inconceivable that not a single Jewish criminal was ever killed by German soldiers during that war. (I mean actual criminals as defined by any reasonable person). And at the same time inconceivable that all could have been criminals – the number of criminals would have been very small. And even if a particular Jewish person was a murderer, he still didn’t deserve to be rounded up and slaughtered.

Isn’t it true that the Jewish community did carve out certain market niches for each other, where non-jews could not apply? One modern surviving example is the Antwerp diamond exchange, where a large fraction of the diamond merchants are jewish and presumably you would be treated poorly if you were not also jewish.

Anyways, all I am saying is that subgroups of the Jewish community in German, 1938, might have done things that were seen as unpopular by the wider community. It wasn’t all of them and it didn’t justify mass murder, but the accusations weren’t all untrue, were they?

Sort of today, pretty much any male Hollywood figure who is a gatekeeper to fame and fortune is expected to be demanding payment in sex from young aspiring starletts. Even if they aren’t all doing it, it happens so often it is considered to be a group behavior. Not that this would justify mass murder, or firing them all without evidence…

It started when the ambassador of Israel to Poland went to Auschwitz for a commemoration and publicly decried Polish extermination Camps. The IPN followed by proposing a law to forbid blaming Poland for these crimes against the Jewish during the Holocaust. Which got passed by the government.

Right, that – the Israelis (and the larger Jewish diaspora) are pretty clear those camps were located in Poland, hence the geographical reference Polish concentration camps as opposed to, say, Serbian concentration camps like Banjica located in another place. The Poles want to disclaim these places and have them referred only as German camps or, more accurately, Nazi camps to distance themselves from what happened there. It’s a difficult issue for any nation that had these camps, but more so for the Poles because all but one of the outright extermination camps that existed solely to kill people were located in Poland.

However, consider that Germany and Israel currently have good relations even though the Nazis were very clearly German. It was a long road, and a difficult one, and required that Germany not varnish what had occurred during WWII. If this could be done by Germany it should be something that any nation in Europe could accomplish.

Some Jews hate Poland, often Jews who survived WWII in Poland and went through absolute hell. Yes, some Poles were Nazi collaborators – when the Nazis rolled through Europe a lot of anti-Semitic bigots used it as an excuse to go on a rampage and exercise their own hate. But no, Israelis do not uniformly hate Poles, nor do Jews in a broader sense

There IS a sense that Poland has not come to terms with the fact that some Poles committed war crimes as collaborators with the Nazi invaders. There is a lack of acknowledgement that in a sense the Nazis won in Poland – before WWII there were over 3 million Jews living in Poland. Today, a mere 8,000 or so, and that’s after a population rebound. Germany, the origin of Nazism where the Final Solution was invented, has nearly 100,000. The Nazis killed 90% of the Jews in Poland, and it puzzles no one why so may survivors fled. The fact that Poland was the only Eastern Block nation that let the Jews leave without hassle likely had something to do with that as well – many Jews in other USSR controlled nations wanted to leave but were prevented from doing so.

Even so – the rate of collaboration of Poles with Nazis was no greater than anywhere else in Europe, and less than 1% of the population. Poland had more people risk their lives to save Jews than anywhere else, and this is recognized by both Israel and the Jewish diaspora. I’m not entirely sure Poland is aware of this recognition.

But a lot of the dispute is that people in Poland seem to not understand that while Jews say Auschwitz is a Polish concentration camp they’re referring to geography and not which nation controlled it and recognize that Poland was victimized, abused, and its people murdered by the Nazis, many in that very same camp. I suspect language and translation difficulties are a factor here.