H pylori – risks, symptoms and leading causes treato difference between heartburn and heart attack

I must have suffered from H-Pilori for about 11 years! And I can tell you it is the next worst upcoming disease of the current century. I must have had it loooong before it even had a name or doctors discovered it! After continuous misdiagnosis and the conclusion I was suffering from some depression and that I was in denial! and continuously consuming anti-depressants that i did not need! I thank God for finally opening the eyes of one Pathologist and now am more than healed! Thankyou Jesus! Now; to the tonsil stones; I had them continuously….. Huge ones I must say! And sometimes I could cough and a large stinking mass would pop out! They were so huge that I could feel them rubbing my throat that I had to get time in the bathroom to pop them out with the back of my tooth brush…

Gross I know. My mouth sometimes felt like burning and had a strong ammonia smell… I also began to drool and lost tongue power over the letter T. It was too heavy for me and I avoided words with letter T I have also personally come to associate the stones + bad breath + stomach allergy to foods with wheat to H-Pilori!; i.e + sudden light intolerance to the eyes…. After taking the H-Pilori Kit medication; so did the stones disappear! FOR THE H-PILORI DIAGNOSIS: MY Doctor first noticed that my blood had a huge viral load. To rule out UTInfections; I had a Urine test and then a stool test. The stool test from the lab best gives H-Pilori results if its the first stool in the morning after getting up. Am worried about one thing though… My brain. It made me slower and I still experience difficulties remembering things. Sometimes just some basic words or names. I met a friend who had it and experienced the same challenge in mental power. What can I do about this? LIZ.

One of the side effects of H Pylori is fatigue and weight gain……I was just diagnosed and have I’ve had this incapacitating fatigue, or exhaustion for about one year now. Along with the fatigue, to my absolute horror, I had gained 25 pounds… My stomach looked like I was 7 months pregnant!!! I was trying on my tankini that used to hang on me, and I had to squeeze myself into it. I am sleeping 12 to 15 hours a day….a couple of times I slept all day. I fall asleep with the tv on and dinner on my lap! Needless to say, this is having a profoundly negative affect on my relationship, friends and family. Btw….after the tankini experience, I was determined to lose that baby tummy, so I ate nothing all day and a diet dinner at about 4pm. And I’m thrilled to say…. IVE LOST 15 POUNDS….have another 10 to 15 to go to get to my skinny weight of 110 to 115. If anyone else has struggled with this, PLEASE be so kind as to reply…..my family’s in an uproar convinced I’m not going to wake up. This puts tremendous stress on me, I live with my mom and she’s so angry with me, don’t know why, but her constant watching every move I make and her fear I’m not going to wake up one day is very stressful… She believes that I’m being lazy resulting in anger at me for sleeping so much. Thank you for any help posssible??