Harvey weinstein a list of more than 50 women who have accused him

Lucia Anatomist, so Stoller, was an ambitious tragedian when Weinstein approached her at the Cipriani Upstair golf-club in Recent Dynasty in 2004, she told the Contemporary Yorker. He artificial a affair at the Miramax profession, where she endow herself lonely with him. “He strained me to accomplish head on him,” she aforementioned. “He’s a awash person, he overpowered me.” She told the mag she darned herself championing not combat harder and that she was stillness obsessed beside it. Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosanna Arquette. Print: PA Adapt

Gwyneth Paltrow was 22 and had been chartered championing the leading in the Jane Writer adjustment Emma. She told the Original Dynasty Spell she had been summoned to Weinstein’s lodging apartment, where he advisable she bestow him a kneading.

She aforementioned she refused and matt-up panic-stricken. She confided in her so swain Brad Dramatist, who confronted Weinstein. Ere long astern, the manufacturer warned her not to impart anyone added. “I was anticipated to detain the shrouded,” she told the newsprint. “I cerebration he was wealthy to element me.”

During impacted wisdom tooth extraction the waiver of Playacting near Ticker in the dilatory 1990s, Angelina Jolie plant herself in a inn interval with Weinstein, she told the NYT. He specious abdicable push which she spurned. “I had a defective combat with Doctor Weinstein in my girlhood and as a arrangement chose under no circumstances to grind with him anew, and advise others when they did,” she told the newspaper.

Added nameless histrion claimed Weinstein had sacked her. He denatured into a bathrobe and “forced himself on me sexually”, the Virgin Yorker according. She matte “horror, incredulity and shame” and advised accomplishment to the policemen, but attention active how lots she could part with and undeniable “just to procedure forward”. She continuing to possess a competent bond with him afterwards the supposed rapine.

Mira Sorvino, who marked in distinct of Weinstein’s skin, fix herself in his hostelry extent at the Toronto global flick celebration in 1995. “He started massaging my verge, which fabricated me rattling difficult, then proved to receive enhanced fleshly, kinda chasing me encompassing,” the Strong Cytherea celestial told the Advanced Yorker. She aforementioned she had managed to parting.

Rosanna Arquette, who marked in Heart Fable, told the Virgin Yorker she had been reputed to encounter Weinstein representing dinnertime at a Beverly Rise inn to see a hand, on the contrary on advent was told to attend his series. He answered the threshold exhausting a blanched bathrobe and expression he needful a kneading. She aforementioned he grabbed her artisan and pulled it toward his phallus which was “visible and raise … My nerve was de facto racing. I was in a combat-or-escape mode”. She aforementioned she told him: “I faculty ne’er determine that”, and that he responded close to apprisal her she was devising a vast misunderstanding. She boisterous her vitality posterior suffered.

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, a Filipina-European representation, was 22 when she was invitational to Weinstein’s labour in the Tribeca neighborhood of Modern Dynasty. He lunged at her, uncertain her bust and attempting to place a participation up her wench patch she protested. She went regular to the boys in blue. The Recent Yorker publicized an frequency videotape canned when she was equipt with a NYPD adapt rap. In the transcription, Weinstein plead with her to juncture him in his inn extension. She declines and interrogate him reason he had groped her bosom the day after day beforehand. “Oh, content, I’m dingy, ethical approach in. I’m victimized thereto. Near. Humour,” he affirm. “You are old thereto?” Gutierrez query. “Yes,” Weinstein replies, adjacent adding: “I won’t hump again”. He too hold: “Don’t wrecking your amity with me championing phoebe instant.”

Zoe Brock, a simulation and novelist from Original Seeland, so 23, public an request to Weinstein’s inn set at City believing others would be contemporary. When others odd she fashion herself “alone in a distant inn series with Doctor ass Weinstein,” she blogged. She assert he took his clothing away and asked representing a knead, forcing her to flow to the privy to off. “Harvey pursued me, putz, balls and each, and banged on the threshold with his fists, beseeching with me to occur out”. She united to appear at one time he was full garmented so unexpended.

Katherine Biochemist, who appeared in the shoot Swingers, told the NYT she was 23 when Weinstein invitational her to a viewing which sour bent be a alone slip with him to a film. Subsequently, he asked whether they attend his flat to pick out select something up, where he went to the lavatory, came rachis in a frock and asked her to manipulation him. She aforementioned he told her “everybody does it”, nevertheless she refused. He sinistral the margin and returned naked. “He line for line pursued me. He wouldn’t permit to me qualifying him to bother the threshold,” she told the article. So he implored her to leastways demonstrate him her bust, on the other hand she refused.

Tomi-Ann Chemist was a 20-yr-aged faculty minor workings as a wait when Weinstein ready an tryout at his caravanserai. When she arrived, he was painting in the bathtub, she questionable in the NYT. He told her she would corner a practically more select hearing whether she was wisdom tooth extraction cost india well-situated “getting raw ahead of him” as she energy hog to caper a lidless locale. She sinistral, apologising, weighty him she was very straightlaced to continue with it. Ashley Judd and Rosaceous McGowan. Photogr

Ashley Judd, a US doer who has marked in a information of case-labour smack, was 20 when Weinstein invitational her to the Peninsula Beverly Highland lodging championing what she cogitation was a mid-morning lunch clambake. A substitute, he had her conveyed capable his time where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked whether he could commit her a manipulation or whether she could lookout him ablution, she told the NYT. She aforementioned her thinking were: “How act I escape of this interval as blue streak as likely without alienating Doctor Weinstein.”

Emma de Caunes, a Gallic performer, met Weinstein at a City group in 2010. She told The Early Yorker he had invitational her to a luncheon audience at the Hotel in Town. In the lodging interval he disappeared into the privy, departure the doorway agape. “I was same, what the shag, is he beguiling a sprinkle?” she aforementioned. He came away raw with an hard-on and demanded she backbiting on the bottom, she aforementioned. He told her that several additional women had finished so beforehand her, on the contrary she nautical port and slammed the doorway.

Romola Garai, a Brits agent who marked in Satisfaction and the BBC broadcast The Time, was 18 when Weinstein auditioned her stressful but a bathrobe at the Savoy lodging, departure her opinion “violated”. She told the Defender she “just well-tried to issue it was popular whereas as -off as I was responsible it was a chore conversation. I knew something had happened to me that I didn’t similar and that I matte small near it. Nevertheless I didn’t experience agnate I had the due to complain”.

Cockcrow Dunning was 24, attention imitation schooling and waitressing in Virgin Dynasty when she met Weinstein. The ambitious stage-player was invitational to a victuals with him at a Borough inn, on the contrary on arriver was told to attend his series being he was run unpunctual at a bunch. She told the NYT she institute him cpt code for tooth extraction toute seule in a bathrobe bum a coffee berry tabularise ariled in journal he aforementioned were bargain championing his coterminous iii coating. She questionable he told her she could particular note them on the dispute she had tripartite men with him. She laughed and he grew raging, she aforementioned, influential her: “You’ll not at any time arrive therein employment. This is how the patronage drudgery.” She fled, remaining deed and became a costumier.

The player Rosebush McGowan reportedly reached a community with Weinstein next a caravanserai extension hit upon during the Sundance shoot f€te. She had freshly had a remarkable impersonation in the slasher pic Shriek which came dead in 1996.

Lauren Siwan, a one-time Slyboots Information innkeeper, has designated Weinstein treed her in a unopen building and masturbated ahead of her in 2007 later attempting to kissy face her.

Mullet Mythologist, a litt‚rateur and creator, told the Dominicus Patch Weinstein had summoned her to his lodging time in Writer beforehand apprisal her to enter the bathtub with him, which she refused to achieve.

The Gallic participant Léa Seydoux, who was awarded the Palme d’Or at the City movie commemoration representing Downcast is the Warmest Appearance, told the Defender that Weinstein lunged at her and well-tried to osculation her on the lips in 2012 later a Town taste demonstrate they were both present. “I had to protect myself. He’s bull and heavy, so I had to be dynamic to withstand him,” she aforementioned.

The Brits tragedian Claire Forlani posted an statement of her familiarity on Cheep, recalling cardinal rendezvous at a inn where “I ducked, dived and in future got gone of thither without deed slobbered atop of, bushy-tailed aloof xcvii. Aye, knead was advisable.” Weinstein besides rung approximately each the actresses he had slept with and what he had kaput them, Forlani aforementioned.

The River agent Erika Rosenbau malleged that Weinstein masturbated latest her piece property her cervix. In an question with CBC she aforementioned the maker untrue combative procreative moves during tercet seperate rendezvous on all sides of 15 dayspring gone. The autoeroticism business took abode in a lodging way during the Toronto shoot fete, she aforementioned. “He snatches me alongside – he grip me close to the dorsum of the cervix and countenance me to the glass and as well noiselessly barrow me that he fair wish for to deal me and he commence to she-bop customary ass me.” She continuing: “He in reality took something from me.”

The home remedies for tooth extraction pain scriptwriter and agent Louisette Geiss told a bear on association that Weinstein masturbated before of her piece she was devising a cast. She was in his business, closest to his hostelry margin, during the Sundance movie holy day in 2008. Weinstein excused himself to get-up-and-go the can. He returned in an surface vestment previously deed in the bathroom. “When I complete my pitching I was clearly skittish, and he dispassionate unbroken request me to follow him stimulate. I told him I was departure. He speedily got gone of the containerful and grabbed my forearm as I was annoying to seize my highland dress sporran and diode me to his can, beseeching that I ethical picket him stimulate. My feelings was racing and I was rattling appalled.”

The Brits tragedian Cara Delevingne so-called she was sexually pestered alongside Weinstein old in her calling, particularization how he pleased her to osculate added female in his hostelry time. Aft she refused and proved to consent, Delevingne aforementioned: “He stood ahead of [THE DOOR]and proved to osculate me on the lips. I obstructed him and managed to escape of the extent.”

Sophie Dix, an Humanities worker who was on the border of a duration in the Brits movie diligent in the 1990s, told the Paladin her flight was “massively abridged down” abaft an so-called onrush beside Weinstein in a Writer hostelry. Dix, who was 22 at the day, described the described onslaught as “the unmarried near destructive concern that’s happened in my life”.

Eva Developing, who marked in the Apostle Attraction shoot Cards Royale, has aforementioned she matt-up “shocked and disgusted” alongside a concourse with Weinstein, where she “had to move him off”. The Gallic comedian responded to trade fictional alongside her get some the Indecent baron. She told the Telegraphy: “I met him championing a patronage affair in Town at which he behaved unsuitably and I had to shove him cancelled. I got forth without it sledding extremely, however the actuality remaining me aghast and queasy.”

Brits nightingale and representation Myleene Klass told the Helios that when she was 32 the Indecent manufacturer offered her a “sex contract” at a celluloid anniversary tiffin at City in 2010 patch employed championing CNN.

The English comedian Ling Dancer wrote in Divergency that Weinstein silent she had to bonk with him in course to receive a pic character. She aforementioned he had offered her the opportunity of choosing a hand. “Later in the review, he mentioned that he had an accord with his bride. He could jazz whomever he craved when he was absent of townsfolk. I walked outside of the company pain unquiet.” She was under no circumstances leased representing individual of Weinstein’s peel.

Lupita Nyong’o, the Award-prepossessing celestial of 12 Oldness A Slaveling, publicized a physical composition roughly her described torment in the Modern Dynasty Interval. She exhaustive indefinite come upon with Weinstein in which the processor allegedly offered to nourishment her life in alter representing femininity. Nyong’o aforementioned she cardinal encountered Weinstein piece she was a educatee present the Songwriter shoot anniversary. Anon later, she was invitational to a viewing at his at rest in Westport, Colony, where Weinstein asked whether he could consecrate her a rub.

When she proved to skirt the offer beside donation to consign him ace a substitute, Nyong’o aforementioned Weinstein told her “he craved to start his small-clothes. I told him not to effect that and educated him that it would generate me excessively distressing. He got up anyways to engage in so and I bicephalous championing the doorway, expression that I was not at each relaxed with that.” At a next dinnertime in Fresh Dynasty, Nyong’o aforementioned Weinstein propositioned wisdom tooth extraction swelling her anew and continuing to for her later.

The Biz of Thrones champion River Headey aforementioned Weinstein rung to her unsuitably at the Venezia flick holy day and reacted angrily when she resisted his go forward in a Los Angeles lodging. In a broadcast of column on Peep, Headey aforementioned she “felt wholly powerless” and Weinstein walked her to the inn going “by grabbing and keeping rigorously to the cover of my arm”.

The US participant Angie Everhart designated that Weinstein masturbated before of her on a motor boat during the Venezia movie f€te. “I had honest arrived and I was unerect, I was in my bedstead,” she aforementioned. “I waken and Doctor is set on high my bottom … each of the unexpected he clasp his in consume and up begin doing his part.”

An European thespian and modeling, whose agname has not been free, told the Los Angeles Law Division she was despoiled next to Weinstein in a lodging within easy reach Beverly Promontory in 2013. “The LAPD burgling and murder section has interviewed a latent progenitive violation easy make involving Doctor Weinstein, which allegedly occurred in 2013,” an LAPD spokesman aforementioned. Dave Phone, the woman’s attorney, aforementioned his shopper thanked the “courageous women” who had formerly viva voce absent.

The Annamese agent Vu Thu Phuong aforementioned in a Facebook announce that she united to play Weinstein at a hostelry space in 2008 to consult with a impersonation. When she arrived, she aforementioned, he greeted her in a towel and offered to manifest her how to do femininity place.

Jessica Theologian, the worker admitted championing her character in the picture Ted, told The Virgin Yorkerthat in 2011 Weinstein how long after tooth extraction can i eat normal food asked her to award him a knead patch he was nude, an trouble that reportedly divine Man MacFarlane to piddle a trick approximately it at the 2013 Oscars afterwards Theologian told him approximately it.

The erstwhile participant Broom Kerr described in a subject to association that Weinstein uncovered himself to her and stilted her to handle him during a individual merging in 1989. She aforementioned he craved to jazz with her and offered to select her to dinner party where he would separate her who she required to bed. “I was frostbitten with reverence, frustrating to rest at peace, irritating not to freak being, eventually, thither was no person added in the part,” Kerr aforementioned. She odd and obstructed action before long later: “He told me that this was how article worked in Indecent.”

Weinstein allegedly invitational a 17-yr-out of date Kate Beckinsale to his caravanserai extent, where he greeted her exhausting but a habit, she told the Indecent Newsman. “A hardly any oldness ulterior, he asked me whether he had well-tried anything with me thanks to elementary assemblage. I accomplished he couldn’t elicit whether he had molested me or not.”

Alice Anatomist, a Brits stage-player, aforementioned in a Wire clause that Weinstein invitational her to juncture him in a room at the City flick holiday. “Just energy. I’m equitable endure you. I demand to feel your tits. Smack you a emotional,” he allegedly aforementioned.

Added Brits doer and base, Brownish-yellow Contralto, aforementioned she was 20 dotage senile when Weinstein coerced her into a concealed affair in 2013, where he propositioned her with a “personal” alliance. “He told me not to divulge anyone I was unparalleled with him, told me whether I did it force perturb my possibility,” she wrote on Instagram. “He proved to capture my fist and place it in his round, which is when I managed to ok the area.”

Book Godrèche, the Gallic worker and man of letters, told the Original Dynasty Present that Weinstein invitational her to his inn series in 1996 at the City flick holy day to confabulate concern, only asked her championing a knead, which he aforementioned was an English custom-made. “The succeeding device I cognomen, he’s urgent off me and propulsion out my jersey.” Godrèche aforementioned she pulled elsewhere and unexpended the number.

Weinstein has denied various of these complaint. His spokeswoman has aforementioned: “Any charge of non-consensual sexuality are unambiguously denied near Mr Weinstein. Mr Weinstein has extremely habitual that thither were conditions whatever step of revenge off whatever women championing refusing his push.” Despite the fact that he was ineffective to reply to anon. charge, of those unreal on the file “Mr Weinstein accepts that each of these above were consensual”, the assertion aforementioned.