Healing after a tooth extraction and oral surgery

Healing after a tooth extraction and oral surgery can be tricky for those who may never have gone through it before. Molar tooth extraction aftercare This article intends to give you all the information you’ll need in order to deal with the healing process after a tooth extraction or oral surgery once you leave the dental practice. Tooth extraction healing process pictures After having one or more teeth removed, you’ll want to ensure you do all the right things in order for the healing process to take place as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Gum after tooth extraction In order for healing to take place, a blood clot needs to form where the extraction occurred. Throbbing jaw pain after tooth extraction Once the blood clot has formed, healing will then taken place underneath as long it remains in place. What to expect after a tooth extraction Tooth extraction; do’s and don’ts

There are a number of things you can do after a tooth extraction in order to ensure the blood clot forms properly and doesn’t become dislodged. Tooth extraction healing process white stuff These include the following:

• While it’s normal to experience a little tenderness following dental extraction, you won’t generally require strong medication. Bleeding after tooth extraction how to stop Over-the-counter pain relief will be more than enough to help with your discomfort. Wisdom tooth extraction bleeding Start taking your pain relief immediately after you’ve had the tooth extracted as opposed to waiting until the pain sets in. When can you smoke after a tooth extraction it’s much easier to prevent the pain than it is to make it go away. Bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction You should of course check with the dentist (or your guardian if you’re under age) as to what type of over-the-counter pain relief would be suitable for you. Food after tooth extraction Avoid any form of aspirin as this will thin your blood and can in some cases make your mouth bleed.

• Go home and put your feet up. Wisdom tooth extraction healing process Take it easy for a day or two (you’ve just had teeth removed after all) and ensure you don’t exercise for at least 24 hours. Wisdom tooth extraction dry socket If you want to lie down during the night following oral surgery then ensure you keep your head up slightly using pillows. Food after wisdom tooth extraction You should also avoid bending over or doing any heavy lifting for two to three days.

• If the tooth extraction area still feels numb over six hours later then you may need to consult your dentist. Dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction This could be down to swelling pressing on the nerve area, however if you get back to your dentist within 24 hours then they may be able to inject some steroids to take the swelling down and help speed recovery. Wisdom tooth extraction swelling Prolonged numbness however can also be due to a much longer lasting local anesthetic, which means the effect was entirely intentional. Gum swelling after tooth extraction Your dentist or oral surgeon should have advised you of this.

• You should also look to control any bleeding by using a gauze pad. Wisdom tooth extraction infection Usually this will be placed on the area where you’ll then need to keep firm pressure on it. What to do after wisdom tooth extraction This should be changed every thirty to forty minutes depending on the amount of blood. Wisdom tooth extraction aftercare It should be noted however that you might see a large amount of blood. What to eat after wisdom tooth extraction This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bleeding heavily as a small amount of blood will usually mix with a lot of saliva. After tooth extraction care This can make things look much worse than it already is. Tooth extraction pain relief home remedies You may find that your dentist gives you a package of gauze to take home with you although this isn’t always the case so it may be worth buying some gauze beforehand. Wisdom tooth extraction healing timeline If you need to use it, simply fold the clean gauze into a pad like shape that’s thick enough for you to bite down onto. Tooth extraction healing stages Moisten it before placing directly on to the site of the tooth extraction. Signs of infection after wisdom tooth extraction Hold the gauze in place by biting down on it or using your finger. Aftercare tooth extraction Do this for around half an hour. Care after wisdom tooth extraction If this doesn’t stop the bleeding then you can try moistening a tea bag with water and placing that on the site of the dental extraction. Care after tooth extraction Tea bags can often help as the tannic acid in black tea helps to stop bleeding. Best foods to eat after tooth extraction You should however expect a little bleeding for the first day or so but if you’re continuing to bleed heavy for longer than an hour or two then you’ll need to contact your dentist.

• While you must avoid rinsing your mouth for 24 hours, you can begin to rinse, albeit gently, after this initial period with warm salt water. Impacted wisdom tooth extraction Be careful not to spit it out too forcefully. Extraction of wisdom tooth Ensure you rinse after every meal and snack being sure to remove any pieces of food from the area where the tooth was removed. Recovery from tooth extraction Your dentist might also advise you to use a chlorhexidine mouth rinse too following the dental surgery as this can help to kill bacteria.

• When it comes to brushing your teeth, you must be sure not to disturb the blood clot near the site of the tooth extraction for roughly 3 to 4 days. Tooth extraction complications You may carefully wipe the area clean with a little wet gauze but that’s as far as you should go in terms of cleaning the area. Gum abscess after tooth extraction If you struggle to get a toothbrush into your mouth due to swelling or discomfort, simply opt for the chlorhexidine mouth rinse instead until you can use a toothbrush.

• Stick to a liquid or soft food diet for the first few days with foods such as soups, yogurts and milkshakes. Wisdom tooth extraction healing You might even want to try extra soft mashed potatoes. Tooth extraction care Avoid any form of spicy food or hot drinks to prevent any further irritation of the site.

• Swelling and bruising can sometimes occur after any form dental surgery especially when surgery involved wisdom teeth, however this should subside after just a few days. Surgical extraction tooth Applying ice packs to the area after surgery for fifteen minutes on and off until bedtime can help reduce this. Pain after wisdom tooth extraction worse at night You should also keep your head elevated as much as possible. Wisdom tooth extraction recovery If you’re still suffering from jaw soreness then moist heat may help with this.

• If you can get your hands on some, chlorine dioxide gel is great for postoperative healing following dental extractions. Soft foods after tooth extraction It’s also great for ulcers, burns and general healing when tooth loss occurs for other reaons. Tooth extraction healing time Sadly, it isn’t sold in shops so you may have to ask your dentist for some.

Along with a great number of things you should do, you should also be sure to avoid a certain number of things. Tooth extraction site Here’s a great list of just what you shouldn’t do:

• Avoid all hot foods and drinks especially while the area is still numb. Upper wisdom tooth extraction If you can’t feel pain then you won’t be able to feel if you have burnt yourself. Home remedies for tooth extraction pain You may also want to take care not to chew your cheek.

Generally speaking it can take gum tissue around 3 to 4 weeks to heal. Recovery time for tooth extraction The bone on the other hand can take around 6 months to heal fully. Sinus problems after tooth extraction In terms of pain, this should have reduced substantially by the second day, however it can of course vary from one person to the next. Wisdom tooth extraction care It also greatly depends on whether the tooth removal was a simple procedure or a difficult one.

After surgery, you may feel the sharp edge of the socket with your tongue. Molar tooth extraction In some cases you may notice that a few bits of bone have made their way to the surface and made their way out. Aftercare for tooth extraction This is perfectly normal however, if you’re finding a small piece of bone annoying and would rather not wait for it to make it’s own way out then please do contact your dentist who’ll be able to remove it for you.

If you find yourself suffering from pain up to a week later, however on the whole it feels as if it’s still getting better, then this is perfectly normal. Is wisdom tooth extraction painful Carry on taking your over-the-counter pain relief and you should be fine. Dry socket after tooth extraction If you do find your pain getting worse after just a few days then this wouldn’t be considered normal and could indicate something called “dry socket”. Symptoms of wisdom tooth pain Dry socket will occur when the blood clot that’s necessary for healing becomes dislodged or doesn’t form properly. Infected gum after tooth extraction This means the bone and nerve endings won’t be protected from air, food and/or liquids. After tooth extraction pain Dry socket can delay the healing process greatly and cause a lot of pain. Tooth extraction healing stages pictures If you feel that you may be suffering from dry socket then we advise you contact your dentist as soon as possible. Wisdom tooth extraction pain Your dentist will then place a medicated dressing in the socket to instantly relieve the pain. Impacted canine tooth surgery cost You may also be prescribed some antibiotics if an infection is present. Wisdom tooth extraction procedure The medicated dressing will be changed every day or two to begin with and will then be changed at longer intervals there after. Wisdom tooth extraction pain relief There are some dressings that can dissolve by themselves however your dentist will let you know if these are being used. Bump on gum after tooth extraction Follow the above do’s and don’ts and you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood of you getting dry socket.

If you find your dissolvable stitches aren’t dissolving then you can have your dentist remove them. After tooth extraction This is quite a common problem. Cpt code for tooth extraction Many find themselves worried about the process of having their stitches removed when they needn’t be; it’s a relatively painless process that you won’t even need numbing for.

For more information on tooth extraction or oral surgery, or if you have any questions regarding the topics discussed in this article then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Khan Dental.

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