Health benefits of goldenseal – health juices – healthy drinks in mouth sores

This herb contains a compound known as berberine that kills many types of microbes. It is also believed to be a cancer fighter. It helps with fungal infections and diarrhea. This substance can increase the activity of the white blood cells, helping fight infections and strengthening the immunity of the body. Berberine is a cure for helicobacter as well. Patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension, or liver disease should seek advice from a health care professional before using goldenseal.

Recently, goldenseal is being used for morning sickness (although its safety in pregnancy is questionable), gastric upset, internal hemorrhage, to stimulate the appetite,increase bile secretion, as a laxative, to treat ringworm, urinary issues, uterine issues, [2] and goiter. [2] Other benefits of goldenseal include its use in fighting dysentery, cholera, and giardiasis. [3] The most common commercially available form of goldenseal is goldenseal powder, which is frequently encapsulated and then sold in the form of Goldenseal Herb Capsules.

One of the most significant benefits of goldenseal is its effect on the mucous membranes. It is a mucous membrane “alterative”. That means it increases mucous flow in membranes with inadequate flow, while decreasing flow in mucous membranes where the flow is excessive. [2]

Hydrastine is the active ingredient in goldenseal; it has minor effects on the circulation and muscle tone in the uterus.[2] Another constituent of goldenseal is canadine which acts as a mild sedative and muscle relaxant. Furthermore, goldenseal extracts have been shown to lower blood sugar levels. A third component of goldenseal is berberine which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.[1] Goldenseal Side Effects

In large doses, the active constituents of goldenseal, hydrastine and berberine are toxic. Do not eat the fresh plant, as doing so may inflame the mucous membranes of the mouth.[2] Other possible side effects of large doses of goldenseal include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory failure, miscarriage and the sensation of burning skin. In extreme cases, paralysis and death may occur. The majority of studies conducted on the side effects of large doses of goldenseal were done with the individual constituents, not goldenseal itself. These constituents do act differently when combined in the whole plant, as opposed to being taken individually.[1]

Warnings: Do NOT use goldenseal while pregnant.[1] Do NOT use goldenseal if you have high blood pressure. If you are breastfeeding goldenseal is giving a plant safety rating of ‘C’. Moderate potential for toxicity, mainly dose related. Seek an expert herbalist as well as a lactation consultant before using. Consider using safer herbs.[3] Do not give goldenseal to children under age 3, or if a ragweed allergy is present. It is probably a good idea not to use goldenseal on a long-term basis, and instead use it on a short-term basis for a specific ailment. Home Remedies with Goldenseal Home Remedy for Allergies

Drink Echinacea Goldenseal Caffeine Free Tea. Echinacea and goldenseal are frequently taken during colds and allergies. Drink several cups of tea a day, but do not continue for more than seven days in a row as the effectiveness can lesson. Also, DO not take echinacea or drink echinacea tea if you are allergic to ragweed. Echinacea is related to ragweed so persons who have an allergic reaction to ragweed can also have an allergic reaction to echinacea. Bee Sting Treatment

Make a poultice using one of the following herbs: plantain, comfrey, crushed flaxseed, goldenseal, chickweed, peach leaves or parsley. Steep the herbs in boiling water until they becomes soft… allow to cool just enough to prevent burns and apply to the boil and then wrap with clean linen or muslin. These boil home remedies are very effective and have been around for a long time. Natural Cold remedy

Goldenseal is another of the great natural cold remedies. It has very potent antibiotic properties. The dosage is one 500-mg capsule three times a day, between meals. Goldenseal works very well in combination with echinacea. Take Echinacea Goldenseal for a powerful cold-fighting punch. Canker Sore Home Remedy

One or two drops of the following tinctures, goldenseal, calendula, aloe vera juice and echinacea can also be added to a sitz bath. The herbs will provide relief and kill the yeast. Together these herbs are awesome home remedies for yeast infections. Remedy for Stomach Flu Symptoms

Echinacea/Goldenseal Extract are especially beneficial for gastroenteritis. The echinacea is important for immune health and goldenseal is considered to be especially important for intestinal distress and relief of the stomach flu. Some herbalists recommend always packing goldenseal when traveling as it is a great remedy for “Montezuma’s Revenge.” References