Health insurance for pregnancy health insurance comparison cure for heartburn in pregnancy

Having a child is a big decision and if you’re planning to start, or expand your family, it’s important to compare pregnancy insurance that can give you the comfort of knowing that you have access to the best medical facilities and your choice of health care provider.

While Medicare does cover pregnancy and birth related costs at public hospitals, many parents-to-be opt for private pregnancy cover (also known as obstetrics), either as an add-on to their existing health insurance policy or with new cover through another insurer.

With a new family member on the way, you may be looking at making a few other lifestyle changes. You might decide to move into a new house, or buy a bigger car. It’s also worth re-evaluating your private health insurance cover, or switching to a family policy so your baby is covered if he or she needs medical treatment after birth.

If you’re expecting or planning to start a family soon, you probably have a lot to organise. Shopping around to find the best health insurance for pregnancy may not be a huge priority at the moment but it’s essential to compare different providers if you want to get the best policy.

Private health insurance gives you more options when it comes to your pregnancy and birthing care. You’ll receive benefits towards your pregnancy and birth costs, in addition to hospital costs, such as delivery suite fees and accommodation. You can usually choose your obstetrician and have them present during the birth of your baby. You can also give birth in a private hospital, or as a private patient in a public hospital.

While it’s an exciting time, pregnancy can also be an anxious time for many new parents-to-be. The ability to choose your health care provider and where you give birth can help you feel more relaxed and confident throughout the experience. Will my existing policy cover me for obstetrics?

Children are expensive and while it may seem like the easy option to just continue with your current health cover provider and take their obstetrics cover, you may be able to get more affordable coverage elsewhere. You’ll appreciate the extra savings when the baby comes along! What does obstetric cover give me?

Obstetric cover doesn’t include any medical costs for the baby once he or she is born. You will need to take out family coverage before the birth if you want to be sure that your baby is covered for any hospital or medical treatment after birth. What about fertility treatments/IVF?

There is a wide variation in what is covered and how much you can claim for fertility treatments between different health insurance providers. Regardless of the insurer, fertility treatment is also generally subject to a 12 month waiting period so it’s a good idea to plan ahead if this is a potential option you may need to take in the future.

The majority of health insurers define infertility as the inability to conceive after one year of trying. The extent of assisted reproductive cover varies between different providers. Furthermore, it also depends on your insurer as you may or may not be covered for IVF drugs, consultations, ultrasounds as well as some pathology and diagnostic services.

Fertility treatments can be very expensive and you may need to undergo a few attempts before you are successful. Paying entirely out of pocket for fertility treatment is out of the reach for many people, which means private health insurance is often essential.