Health journal apk download – darmowe produktywność aplikacja na androida normal blood sugar values

Manage health records and medical information as a journal or diary for you and your loved ones. Store food, medical and other allergies, current and past medications, dose and other data. NO Internet required for using the app. Entire health record history is maintained for your perusal. Enter family and my medical info, facts like insurance information, current issues, GTD and other personal information. e.g. Write progress for every month or stage of your pregnancy along with baby heart bits, pictures and videos of ultrasound! You can get enter as much detail as you can especially if you are on any of the transplant list. Works on android tablets and mobile smart phones

Create UNLIMITED number of your OWN TEMPLATES to track your health records or condition. e.g. Record your Blood pressure, Weight, Cholesterol and Glucose – all in ONE app.

You can even track your typical Diet, Calories or Exercise / Workout as templates for ONE tap to enter!!

You can plan Doctor’s appointment by entering the symptoms and other info in the app that is at your fingertips when you visit Doctor. No more regrets about forgetting to tell an important information to your Doctor when you were at the office. Just open up the app! It works on Phones and Tablets too! Save time via dictations using the voice enabled keyboard. Supports dictation , voice, speech to text conversion. Just tap the Microphone key on keyboard.

You can even enter the appointment date/time and it gets synced to the Calendar on most devices! Say goodbye to Doctor’s visit cancellation fees when you use this app. And all of the above can be done for all the family members! You can even send them text message, email or call right from the App about upcoming Doctor’s appointment with just ONE tap.

Extremely fast and easy to search and use the app. You can enter ICE ( In case of emergency ) info as well. It is entirely up to you what you want to enter. You can enter as little or as much as possible. And there is more- You can even take a photo of your near and dear ones! And yes, you can use the app for your pet’s information too. After all they are an integral part of your life.

For your peace of mind, you can even take the back up of the data and store at a safe place. Likewise, you can also restore the data form the back up to your device or to your loved one’s device if they have the app too with few simple steps. You can even export and import data in CSV ( comma separated file ) format to store on your PC/Laptop or existing applications. Health record history file with nice looking HTML formatting can be created and saved on the SD card with a ONE tap. You can then either print, save or email/edit as you please. This allows you to share info with a therapist, babysitter, other extended family or physician. You can only share what you want to and delete the rest. Detailed HELP on how to use the app is always available a tap away in the Menu.

Please buy now at a LOW price available for a LIMITED time promotional SALE of the only comprehensive health organizer app in the market. Take control of your life by organizing your Family’s health information. Buy for this father’s day and help him with medical info tracking. Free up your mind of any worries and anxieties by recording and carrying the critical information with you all the time. Please contact us for any questions you may have, especially before leaving negative feedback. We are committed to help! We are dedicated to improve our lives by building software for mobile devices. Have a healthy time!