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Hi, i’m new to the boards. Let me get right down to it, 2 weeks ago I went to a strip club and I got a lap dance. Now nothing untoward happened, all my clothes remained on, however at certain points she was grinding quite hard, leaving a slight residue on my jeans. She also kissed me once, but I told her to stop. Now I have been freaking out about herpes. She had no sores visible on her mouth, so I do not know if she had it. I thought I was having some symptoms this week, but those seem to have been caused by the welbutrin I just started taking a week ago. I checked my area frequently and there does not seem to be any change, no rash etc. I itch like normal. I did have a small cold sore on my lip, but it went away. I was just wondering if there was any way I could have gotten herpes?

I’m losing my mind, and I’m the type of person who cannot focus on anything else. I have went to the doc, but not test. I know I know, but thats even more nerve racking. I just need some advice! Thank you for any help you can provide.

dear mr concernedidiot…i am sorry if i was overly harsh. i’m sorry if you have been depressed. here’s something to think about. you are young…all you have is future. if you wanted to, you could start college over right now and get a different degree. you don’t have dependents, or stuff like that.

still, i do understand how each stage we are in provides it’s own stress. i am 26 and i have my own stress too. but, think about it this way. you’re still in college. you don’t have to worry about a job (right now). the economy sucks, but you’re probably not affected by it too much…gas prices are back to normal, and you’re probably not in the stock market or buying a house right now, so what’s bugging you out so bad? f-the economy! from your perspective, by mid 2009, it will be all back to cherries!

i’m not saying any of this to be harsh…i just don’t want to perpetuate a whiny attitude. you are probably an awesome guy with a lot to offer, but if you have the whiny i’m a victim attitude, you’ll never get the beautiful girl you want. just trying to help…if you think i’m wrong or have something else to add, just tell me.

Hi. I’m new here.. but thought I would put in my 3 cents… first, I agree with Jasmine on some of her points. (except for wondering why he’s worried about the economy.. I think it’s worse for college students with the fear of their future while trying to find a profitable major and not knowing what’s going to happen when they graduate)…

however, the points I do agree on… I will expand off of what Jasmine has pointed out, if I may…. If you’re stressed out about finances.. why on god’s green earth would you waste money in a strip joint? I know you’re in college. But, college is for educated people nowadays. Frat parties and bar hopping should be tossed to the wayside in today’s economy. It all costs money and causes loss of class time (which in turn equals loss of more money…you are paying to go to class and if you skip it because you’re hung over…. see where I’m going with this?)

Financial issues aside…No one is telling you not to go out with your friends once in a while; but let’s face it. 20 years ago, anything you could catch from a bar stripper could be cured with a script of antibiotics or a shot in the arse. Today, you can get anything and not all of it is curable. STDs aside…. your depression will be amplified if you drink.. so why take the meds if you’re going to stomp on your condition with alcohol? This causes a dent in your health.. which in turn… here we go! It’s a round house… puts a dent in your wallet. You’re playing with your health and your money all the way around.

And please don’t tell me that I’m being harsh with you too.. I see Jasmine’s points and really didn’t see it as her being harsh. You are on a message board. No one knows us here (that we know of) so how could you expect her (or anyone including myself) to know what frame of mind you’re in? Replies are based on assumption until a person gives more information (which you seem to be willing to do).

Finally, I don’t think you’ve contracted herpes from the stripper. BUT… you said you had a cold sore break out a short time after. It sounds as though you may have had herpes prior to seeing the stripper for your lap dance. Cold sores are a form of herpes…I say you must have had it before your lap dance because of the manner in which you reported the cold sore‘s appearance in your post there… as though it were something you’ve had before (I don’t know why it sounded that way, but it did). Also, herpes break outs are brought about by stress… you’re very circular (if that makes sense.. stressing out, self medicating, losing money, questioning your health, taking more meds and stressing out over loss of money).. it’s a circle and a vicious one at that!