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I too have hip pain. It originally was only after a run, and then progressed to during a run as well. It is deep in the hip and towards the back at the top of the gluteus maximus. I took 8 weeks off running and began a series of 10 rolfing sessions. My rolfer finds points in and around my hips that shoot hot pain through my hamstrings. I have extremely tight gluteus maximus and minimus. I have been stretching and rolfing now for over 10 weeks. I began running again (5 minute walk, 10 minute run, etc. for 30 minutes). I still have hip pain after I run but not as extreme. I have been told that I am engaging my stride with the wrong muscles due to my gait. This is very difficult to change, but I am working on it. Have you seen a deep tissue massage therapist or rolfer? I do feel this helped me some.

My rolfer is awesome, however I do not feel that it cured my hip pain and am exploring the orthapedic option as well. I am 35 years old…also feel too young for hip pain! I sympathize with you. This is the only injury I have had that has not gone away with rest and proper stretching. It has been going on now since June. Any advise out there is appreciated and I hope that you may find relief soon!

My son has had severe hip pain for five years before he had the surgery…He has worked with Orthopedists for 25 years before this surgery…He was a star athlete in many sports…In his late 30’s cordisone shots were tried…Needless to say it was just a temporary fix…Because of football, baseball, basketball and golfing, he has paid a price with his hips…He, like his Father, was a jock…He and the doctors had talked hip replacement for more than a few years before it was done…Seeing him you would never know it…His golf game frequently makes the papers…Nor will he hesitate getting the other hip done when it needs it…

I, too, thought he was too young for this surgery….However, I didn’t know his pain nor wasn’t going to tell him to hold out for a certain age in life…I feel that doctors are just wonderful…I know, we have some of the best specialists around…However, a doctor does not know the pain of walking on bone on bone…He can’t feel the wincing as you try to step and falter…If it is a matter of pride over pain, I will bow to the pride and accept….Take care and good luck….

Alexia, I am a 37 year old with severe hip pain caused by SI Joint Disfunction. If your docs say it doesn’t happen to younger folks than you may want to seek a new doctor. I’ve been in a lot of pain for almost a year now. My pain started with a popping and weakness in the hip flexors after running and then a sharp pain on the outside of the hip. It’s cause by a weak ligament/tendon around the SI joint. All my other muscles try to hold the hip in place, but the pelvic and tail bone tilt to far. I started wearing an SI belt to give my muscles a break and after I could actually feel the pain was originating from my SI. Do some more research into stretches, muscle balance and make sure you are eating a balanced diet. Nutrient deficiencies like Omega-3s have helped me with the pain and I’m sure it can slow your oesteo. ONCE YOU KNOW there are no other means for rehabilitation, you will feel comfortable going into surgery at a young age. All the folks I’ve met with hip problems have been in their late 30s and early 40s. Also the last thing you should be working out on is a treadmill. Find a cushioned track and dito for shoes.

I just made a discovery this past week. As I mentioned before, I’m suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction that started with a pain in my hip. Over the course of a year, I’ve been to PT, had two cortisone shots in my SI, and got most of my relief from wearing an SI belt that held my pelvis in alignment with my sacrum giving my hip flexors, IT band, piriformis, and hamstring muscles a chance to relax from trying to hold my core. Three months ago, I went off my birth control pill as a test. I’m not fully recovered from my injury, but I’m doing much better. Last week I went back on the birth control. Two days later, I had my full blown SI pain back. After a couple of days of pain, I went back off the pill. A day later, I’m back to the recovery level before starting the pill again… and it’s real progress. I’ve read that SI joint dysfunction can be caused by pregnancy because hormones cause the ligaments to loosen in the pelvis for giving birth. What’s birth control? Hormones! I hope this info is beneficial.