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Cough is a respiratory symptoms associated with other diseases. Cough is a symptom and not a disease. It is associated with almost every diseases related to respiratory organ. There are different causes of cough. One should get the right diagnosis done to get proper treatment for cough. Coughing is reflex action that helps to clear your throat and air passages. If you have a chronic cough then it means there is some underlying disease behind coughing. One may have acute or chronic cough. Acute cough lasts for a short period of time and generally occurs due to flu or sinusitis. Chronic cough lasts longer and may have some chronic respiratory disease. Cough may be dry or productive. In dry cough, there irritation or tickling in the throat and there is no production of mucus whereas in productive cough there is excessive production of mucus from the chest.

Dry cough usually occurs due to some allergic reaction and productive cough is mainly due to inflammation or infection of the respiratory mucous membranes. Causes of cough

Pulsatilla: This is an excellent remedy for productive type of cough. It is suitable for children who suffer from cough and cold frequently. There is production of yellow and green mucus. There is no thirst at all. There is dryness of the throat. It is an excellent homeopathic remedy for sore throat and pharyngitis treatment.

Rumex crispus: Rumex is an excellent homeopathic remedy for cough. This is suitable for chronic cough. People suffering from chronic cough get quick relief from this homeopathic remedy. It gives relief from sore throat immediately without producing any adverse effects.

Justicia: This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for cough and pharyngitis treatment. This is a useful remedy for all types of cough and other respiratory diseases. It is useful for sore throat. It gives quick relief from sore throat and pain in the chest after continuous coughing.

Ipecacuahana: It is indicated for cough that may occur due to formation of excessive mucus in the chest. It is indicated when there is vomiting due to cough. This homeopathic remedy gives quick relief from cough and other respiratory symptoms quickly.

SPongia tosta: This is also a very useful remedy for cough. It is indicated when there is morning cough. There is rattling of mucus in the chest during coughing. It is an excellent remedy for children who suffer from cough during flu attack. It stops the formation of mucus in the chest.

Sticta pulmonaria: This homeopathic remedy is very useful for children and people who suffer from recurrent attacks of cough and cold. It is indicated for weak immunity. It helps to boost up the immunity and prevents recurrent infection of respiratory organs.

Antimonium tartaricum: This is one of the best homeopathic remedies for sore throat. It is indicated when there is excessive formation of mucus in the chest. There is rattling of mucus in the chest and it could be heard in another room. The rattling sound is very loud and it is difficult for a person to lie down due to cough.

Coccus cacti: This is indicated when there is cough during change of season. It is indicated when a person suffers from cough while travelling. It is mainly indicated for motion sickness. It prevents infection of the respiratory tract by stimulating the immunity.

Drosera: This is the most important homeopathic remedy for cough during damp weather. It gives relief from all types of cough. It is useful for adults as well as for children who suffer from cough and other respiratory diseases inn damp weather. Home remedies for cough