How a dress helped ease my invisible illness – racked

Finding a doctor who could perform my surgery became a second job. Chest pain pregnancy symptom I was turned away time and time again, mostly due to long wait times for a simple consultation. Chest pain icd 10 The ticking time bomb in my abdomen did not give a flying fuck about my need to navigate the healthcare system before I could find a doctor to remove this festering mass. Shortness of breath chest pain As a result, my crumbling mental health became undeniable.

I was angry at how deeply I allowed my situation to get to me. Pain in chest and back This is not a terminal illness, I’d tell myself. Dull pain in chest left side My endometriosis is much less severe than so many of the women I’ve met online who suffer for decades. Pain and tightness in chest I have health insurance. Pain on right side of chest when breathing I am an adult and I should be able to handle this! It’s not that bad! But I was struggling, and I needed a push.

The Dress, it turned out, was the thing that gave me that push. Chest pain breathing Got a date? Throw on The Dress. Middle chest pain Drinks with friends? The Dress. Pain chest and back I love to act, and whenever I had an audition, I wore The Dress. Pain in the center of my chest The only times I ever felt remotely confident, I was in The Dress. Constant chest pain It exposes parts of me I like, the scooping neckline showing just enough of my chest and clavicle, the short design hitting my leg mid-thigh. Common causes of chest pain It is loose against my tummy, kindly masking my consistent bloat.

Before long, I was wearing it habitually. Chest pain left side It appears in so many of my Instagram posts that I should probably feel some sort of shame, except that I don’t. Stabbing chest pain It gained a reputation among my friends.

“The Dress!” they’d say when I’d show up wearing it (and a pair of bike shorts to ease the chub rub). What can cause chest pain besides heart One friend in particular recognized the spell it had on me and gave The Dress its name. Deep chest pain The Dress gave me the confidence to step out of the cocoon of depression just long enough to distract myself with friends or acting or travel.

By August, the largest cyst in my ovary constantly throbbed. Home remedies for chest pain I avoided using my abdominal muscles by pushing myself up out of bed or pulling myself out of my desk chair the way pregnant women do, except this was due to a “chocolate cyst,” a blood-filled growth, rather than a bundle of joy. Neck and shoulder pain on left side Sleeping on my side was impossible, mostly because a mix of hormones and overeating caused my boobs to swell to a sweaty, uncomfortable size, making the placement of my arms difficult even with the strategic placement of pillows. Chest pain when breathing in Still, I feared the cyst would burst under the weight of my body like a water balloon.

Meanwhile, I was being tossed around to different doctors. Chest pain syndrome I’d call one office only to be told that doctor wasn’t available for months for a consultation, or they were away on leave. Anxiety chest pain left side Once, I called an office so many times with no response that I broke down on the voicemail and said, sobbing, “please, someone just call me back.” They finally did, but I was referred elsewhere. Sudden chest pain Finally, I found a doctor that could take me, but the earliest appointment I could get was still two weeks away. Stabbing chest pain left side The solid appointment date became like a light at the end of the tunnel — once I got to that appointment, the twisting in my abdomen would soon go away, and my mind and body would be healthy again.

The Dress is practical for doctor’s appointments because it allows for easy access for examinations or drawing blood. Sharp chest pain under left breast Wearing The Dress for good luck, I arrived for the appointment I’d hoped would solve everything. Tightness and pain in chest The women at the reception desk were brash and in a hurry and I waited for 40 minutes. Irregular heartbeat and chest pain When I finally met with the doctor, she told me she wouldn’t be performing any surgeries for months because she was moving to a new practice. Pain in middle of chest and back Oh, and she was sorry to have disappointed me.

I half-listened for the remaining moments of our brief meeting, mustering up every bit of strength I had to keep from crying in front of her. Left chest pain When I left her office, I barreled past the reception desk and out the door, finally allowing hot tears to flow freely. Neck pain relief exercises I forfeited any concern for the comfort of the strangers I passed in the lobby, or those on the street, or those who strolled by me as I processed this moment on a park bench that became my hideout for the next hour. Upper chest pain The anger came later, but in that moment I felt nothing but defeat. Gas pain in chest relief After counting on that appointment to be the beginning of the end, I now had to start back at the beginning.

With nowhere else to turn, I made a post on Reddit’s r/Endo subreddit explaining my situation. Chest and back pain with cough “I’m so sorry you’re going through the run around,” one commenter said. Neck and shoulder pain on right side “But consider this — if you get in with an excision specialist, all those other so-so surgeons kind of did you a favor by NOT operating on you.”

With the guidance of the women in that subreddit, I found a doctor who was lightyears ahead of the others, using advanced robotic technology to perform surgery. Sudden chest pain left side She was a leader in the field. Chest wall pain symptoms I called the office, got an appointment right away, and had a surgery scheduled two weeks later. Causes of chest pain and shortness of breath The carefully laid out pre-op schedule and clear end date came as a welcome relief.

I arrived at the hospital draped in The Dress with my mom by my side. Upper left chest pain I swapped The Dress for a hospital gown, gave my mom a hug and a kiss, and walked into the operating room.

How lovely it would be if I could say I rode off into the sunset with a pristine uterus and The Dress blowing in the breeze? In reality, I rode off in a bumpy taxi. Chest pain when breathing in deeply It took me one heavily-medicated week of recovery before I could return to work and another six lazy weeks before I was able to do anything physical. What can cause chest pain and shortness of breath My doctor told me the largest of the cysts she removed was the size of a golf ball and I was left with four purple scars that streak across my abdomen. Pain under left armpit and chest Now, more than a year later, the scars are almost invisible. Pain in upper right side of chest I take birth control every day so I don’t get a period, which helps to prevent new cysts from forming.

For the first time since puberty, I don’t have menstrual cramps. Cure for chest pain In fact, I have no pain whatsoever. Gas pain in chest and back Frequently I worry this painless bliss is a fluke and that once again collapsing in agony is an inevitable possibility. Muscular chest pain But with the physical part finally resolved, I was at last able to focus on getting proper mental health treatment with therapy and medication.

A year after my surgery, someone on Twitter raved about Dawn O’Porter’s podcast Get It On. Chest pain pathophysiology In it, she talks to different well-known people about why they wear what they wear. Chest pain muscle While talking to Jason Segel, he talks about clothes for “happy Jason” and “not so happy Jason.”

“Your weight fluctuates with your mood,” Dawn summed up. Chest pain remedies “What does sad Jason wear to feel good?” she asked. Pain in right side of chest under breast It was a simple question but it resonated with me. Treating chest pain The Dress didn’t cure my endometriosis or erase my depression, but it covered my body in just the right way to give me the confidence to step outside and face my disorder, and ultimately, the world.