How t.y. danjuma made that coward obasanjo head of state – politics – nigeria what is hormonal imbalance in females

As Dimka was roaming the streets of Lagos after he was able to escape capture at the NBC premises were he and his fellow drunks had just finished their announcement of over throwing the Murtala regime, T.Y. Danjuma was calmly coordinating an operation to quell the mutiny at the Guards’ Brigades HQ at Bonny Camp, Victoria Island.

The Supreme Military Council then sat to deliberate on who to succeed Murtala. Naturally, obasanjo as chairman of the supreme military council and defacto second in command and most senior officer automatically qualified to the now vacant office of Head of State but his outright refusal to take over the reigns was the reason the meeting was being conveyed.

Obasanjo made it clear at the onset of the meeting of SMC that he intended to resign from the army and said Danjuma should assume th position of Head of State.

Danjuma then addressed the SMC reminding them of the mistake Ironsi did back to 1966 were he accepted to be Head o State after quelling a rebellion led by mainly mid ranking Ibo officers and how the north took this as evidence that he was behind the Jan 15 Coup.

Danjuma then told obasanjo that apart from this there was need to send a strong message to the entire army that the SMC under Murtala was fully in charge and that there was no going back on their decision that he (Obasanjo) as the most senior officer must show that they are in charge.

The next thing was to look for a deputy for Obasanjo from the Hausa Fulani constituency within the army in order to placate the loss of Murtala. But this was not so easy as the only 2 most high ranking officers from that region where Lt. Colonels Yaradua and Buhari.

Danjuma will later settle for Yaradua because of his role in executing the 1975 coup that ousted Gowon and brought in Murtala and also because Buhari was seen as a die hard northerner who participated with relish the counter coup of 1966. There was no guarantee that Buhari , who felt cheated in promotions ( Yaradua joined the army in 1966 will Buhari did same 5yrs prior but because of his dullness, Yar’Adua his junior was already his equal in rank by February, 1976) would not later stage a coup an take over from the coward obasanjo.

Approximately, 25 yrs later, IBB will make the trip down to Otta farm to convince Obasanjo to stand and contest the 1999 civilian elections to the office of the president of the federal republic. Re: How T.Y. Danjuma Made That Coward Obasanjo Head Of State by BishopJuice: 6:49pm On Jan 22, 2016

Now to your dull-witted post. You call a man that no one can write nigerian history from 1966 till date without putting his name a coward. Boy you must be outta your mind. To fault your post, you said Buhari overthrown Obasanjo. That single lie shows that you know nothing about Nigeria history and you should desist from writing trash.

Now to enlighten your weasel ass. The coup that resulted in Murtala death was an off shoot of the coup that happened the previous year where Murtala himself with Obasanjo ousted Yakubu Gowon. Every coup has a reason, and the reason why Murtala plotted coup against Yakubu was that he failed to hand over to civilian having spent 9 years as head of state. Gowon did not take the coup against him lightly as a result, he consulted Dimka who came from the same state as him. Dimka and his conspirators intended to kill Murtala, Obasanjo and Danjuma. But due to their bravery, obasanjo and danjuma were not only able to escape assassination but also abort the coup.

Obasanjo did not only bring orderliness to the Military that was struggling for power, but also successful conducted democratic election and handed over to a civilian government. This man you’re saying trash about marshalled the 3rd marine commando to sacked and took over Owerri months after becoming the commandant. He put an end to the civil war that has lingered for too long where Ojukwu ran to Cote d’ivorie and left starved children and general phillip effiong to their fates. Phillip Effiong eventually surrendered to Obasanjo which marks the end of the civil war. The same man you’re talking trash about received power from military government and stabilised democracy as we have it now. You must really be a dunce to call one of the greatest retired soldier in Nigeria a coward. Re: How T.Y. Danjuma Made That Coward Obasanjo Head Of State by BishopJuice: 7:25pm On Jan 22, 2016