How to make your first $500 from blogging (a step-by-step guide) antibiotics for trichomoniasis and chlamydia

Experiment, test and take your time choosing the methods that fit your blog topic and your audience the best. Don’t force it as you will find that the best monetization methods will come to you naturally over time. 1. Affiliate marketing such as referring visitors to purchase products on Amazon

Affiliate marketing is the practice of recommending products and services to your visitors and getting a commission if they decide to make a purchase. Thousands of companies who will pay you a commission on sales that you generate through your content.

• You also publish product based content such as reviews, comparisons, how-to guides and step-by-step instructions. These are amazing and educational and help people use the product better, show how the product can improve their lives. The products you recommend must be relevant, useful and valuable to your audience and the needs they want to fulfill.

• Rather than using banner ads to promote the product, put the affiliate links naturally within the content itself. Banner blindness is a very known phenomenon which was proven by several eye-tracking studies and has shown that visitors tend to ignore banners.

• Skimlinks is an option if you want an easy way to take advantage of affiliate marketing. They scan your content and automatically insert relevant links from thousands of merchants, so you don’t have to worry about joining affiliate programs and thinking about links.

Patreon is a platform that can help you accept funding from your true fans. More than 50,000 creators use Patreon with more than 1 million true fans being monthly active paying patrons. 35 of the creators make more than $150,000 each per year while thousands earn more than $25,000 per year.

Some creators also sell branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs to the faithful fans. Jason Kottke, one of the very first bloggers, allows fans to purchase yearly memberships to support his blog. And that’s even without promising any exclusive content.

You can also limit access to some (or all) of your content and allow your true fans to get access to it by paying a small fee. Most major newspapers such as The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have these paywalls as one of their primary sources of income. WordPress has plugins that can help you create a paywall on your own content, such as Memberful WP plugin. Alternative is to publish a premium mailing list that people need to pay to subscribe for.

Influencers are seen as a more trustworthy source of product recommendations than traditional advertising. Depending on your niche topic, there could be many companies looking to get their products and services reviewed, used and covered by influencers.

It does take more time and effort to create the product and you also have to consider customer support but if done well it’s more passive income than doing one-on-one coaching and consulting. 5. Do freelance work by being a coach, a virtual assistant or a consultant

Google Adsense and other display advertising opportunities are one of the easiest ways to get started making an income from your blog. It’s easy because Adsense automates the process of selling, displaying and optimizing the ads for you. You place a piece of code and Google delivers text and image ads that are relevant to your audience and your content.

The alternative is to sell display ads directly to the interested advertisers. Identify products relevant to your audience, then simply approach the company and ask if they would be interested in sponsoring your blog in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

Shift the way you think about the monetization. All the big sites sell banner ads on cost per thousand (CPM) impressions which forces them to chase page views. This is why they publish a large volume of content daily and report on all the trending topics.

They keep chasing visits, keep trying to get the page view count high and sell as many ads as possible. This strategy puts you as a creator on a treadmill of constant content creation. It is not realistic to keep at it for a longer time and it will burn you out.

If you monetize by selling your own product or doing affiliate marketing to your true fans, you can step away from the treadmill. Then you can aim to produce more of the timeless type of content, content that is not perishable and much more valuable than content that is instantly out of date.

It’s possible to make money from your blog, but it’s important you have realistic expectations. The idea of quitting your job, leaving the rat race behind and doing something on your own terms is the fantasy that appeals to many cubicle bound employees all around the world.

But blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. Don’t jump into it though assuming that just having the courage to pursue a different path is the only thing that matters, while everything else are just small details that can be worked out afterwards.

And building a blog where you can make enough money to replace your day job is very hard work and is not going to happen overnight. During these long months, you can live off your salary or savings while working on growing your audience. On the way to your first $500 in blog revenue… and then what?