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I am not trying to be disrespective to Jesus or any of God’s prophets. However, some one said that jesus died to save the world, yet others said that he is the creator, etc, etc. My question is this; If he is the one that created and the only one that can save, why did he have to allow himself to die so that he can save? Who is he going to save people from, himself? Is there a God different and separate from Jesus? If there is this Powerful God, who is complete in every respect, then, this God would not need jesus to died and be slaughtered so mercilessly so that God then forgive mankind. God Who is complete and full of power to do all things would deal with everyone, on an individual basis under a certainly established guidelines of rules and laws of commandments, which has its core remaining unchanged throughout the history of mankind.

This will allow essentially a core quality requirement for Justice and mercy given. Re: How Would You Describe Jesus? by feelgood( m): 4:13pm On Nov 16, 2006

In the Qur;an, in the chapter known as confederates, Allah says that we should give greetings and wishing good on Muhammad if believers know what is good for them. In this case, when you say aleysalaam at the mentioning of Muhammad, you receive reward. Muhammad said that the Lord of the world will let his soul reunite with his body so that he can return the greeting and the angel will pray for you at the same time. Can you imagine whats happening to Muhammad (AS) 24/7 by this action of believers all over the world? Myhammad and even his followers and other prophets are called Seidina, meaning master! Muhammad is also called teacher. Every word, action and all that he permitted was recorede and no one had changed it, nor paraphrased it deleted any. Infact, Muhammad (AS) said who ever attach any statement or action to him which is false, should take his/her place in Hell. Muhammad (AS) healed many people and show a means that believers continue to heal themselves. The whole Qur’an from Suratul baqarah is an answer of the prayer in Suratul fathiha. Muhammad and his followers, while alive and even after death, won many battles even without raising any hand, without any bloodshed. A case in point, their entry to Egypt, helping the coptic against the vatican, was just by the muslims using their chewing stick. The Lord of the world comfounded this people that they saw the muslims as if they were sharpening their teeth to devour them. Many Kingdom and Empire fell just by the muslims saying that they want justice. Even Rome crumbled at the thought of going against the muslims, during the khalifate of Umar. Muhammad won and lost battles, so did his followers. Today’s condition of the muslims is a good example. In the face of oppression, most muslims will not flinch. Islam of Muhammad is still entering the hearts of people. American white and others are yearning for Islam. You said that Jesus was crucified. This is coming from you. Muhammad was hated by the enemies of Islam, yet he did nor did his true followers compromise their belief. A Jewish woman gave him poisoned meat. Yet the meat told him that it was poisoned. Muhammad is buried and his grave is protected and he is the most beloved to mankind, people praying and praising him 24/7. Never tired of wishing him well. Muhammad lives today as he lived while on the surface of the earth. Muhammad (AS) told us to emulate all the prophets (AS), Jesus included among them. I sometimes dress up like Jesus myself. Wearing Jilbab, with my shawl wrapped around my head . I do also dress up like Moses as well. Today, People dream of Muhammad. I have dreamt of him and the dream is very vivid to me on mount Arafat, performing Hajj in his company (AS)! Inshort, you spoke about the quality of the Prophets (AS), except your hypothesis of his dying, and raising, which I disagree with you on. See. Re: How Would You Describe Jesus? by feelgood( m): 9:15pm On Nov 16, 2006