Hurley town council hears appreciative public comment, adds hours to hurley bar services mouth sore under tongue

During public input, Charles Hubbard updated the public on the status of the Town of Hurley website. The website is now up and running and there is a page for announcements. Darlene McBride is the contact person who will be coordinating the updates twice per month. Hubbard encouraged community members to use this resource at

Kathy Benavidez also came before the councilors to recognize Don Spann for his hard work. Spann is one of the volunteers that helps Hurley residents who are unable to properly clean their yards by donating his time to do it for them. Benavidez said he did a wonderful job and she was very appreciative. She also had questions about her curb property and alley as well as the old elm trees around town. Stevens thanked her for the input and said it is the responsibility of the city to get her answers and they will follow up with her.

Next councilors heard from Angelica Padilla regarding business licensure. Padilla has been building a housekeeping business over the past few years and in order to grow and get a business account at the bank she is required to obtain a business license from the municipality. Stevens asked if anything related to the business would remain in her yard or could be deemed offensive by her neighbors, to which Padilla replied, “No.” She uses supplies provided by her clients in their homes. She also mentioned she is working with the Small Business Development Center in Silver City and has been advertising via word of mouth.

Priscilla Venegas of the Hurley Bar followed Padilla. Venegas asked the board to consider amending the ordinance that limited times of alcohol sales on Sundays. The original ordinance was from 1968 and only allowed alcohol to be sold until 2 a.m. on Sunday. Venegas was asking the Sunday times be added from 12 noon until 12 midnight. Council voted to request the amendment, which will be posted for public review and reviewed once again at the next council meeting in order to adopt.

Council voted to enter the Joint Powers Agreement between the municipalities in Grant County for use of the Consolidated Public Safety Answering Point. Usage of Central Dispatch is paid for by gross receipts taxes and the remainder of the cost will be split among Silver City, Bayard, Santa Clara, Hurley, Grant County, Gila Regional Medical Center, and Western New Mexico University. Costs will be determined by usage, which will be about $100 monthly from Hurley.

Accounting firm Stone McGee Co. was chosen for the Town of Hurley audit procedure. Each year the town is required to have a CPA come in and make sure everything is correct. The previous firm had met its maximum usage of 6 years, so the town announced a request for proposals from new firms. Stone McGee Co has conducted other municipality audit reviews and the audit committee recommended their services.

Pending further research, the council tabled Resolution No. 19-2017/2018, the resolution to adjust property tax rates within the town. Previously council heard from County Assessor Raul Turrieta about limits and available mils but they have not come to a conclusion about what is best for the town. The item will be discussed again on next month’s agenda.

Maynes asked if there was an update on the American Legion building. The building itself belongs to the town but the land belongs to Freeport McMoRan. The town has requested for the sale or long-term lease of the property and hopes to hear from the mining company soon.

Stevens reported that Eric Dominguez is working on his Eagle Scout project and has chosen to work on the old cemetery at the end of 1st Street. Dominguez also helped fix and paint crosses at the other cemetery. Stevens would like the town to show appreciation for Dominguez’ work.