I am fabulous blends for emotional wellness, by desiree mangandog, ms symptoms of hormonal imbalance

We have been taught that aromatic use is the best way for essential oils to affect our moods and emotions. I am going to challenge that mainstream view. Yes, aromas perceived by the olfactory sense do affect the brain and mood immediately. I have also found that topical application of the oils on specific acupuncture points and meridians yield an even greater change in mood. Chinese medicine teaches us that each organ has a correlating emotion associated with it. The lungs are associated with sadness, liver with anger, heart with sadness, spleen with worry and overthinking, and kidneys with fear. Unresolved feelings can become trapped in these organs, as well as the corresponding meridians.

Have you ever heard of someone who weeps while receiving a massage? Often, this is because trapped emotions have been released from the tissues.

Have you known someone who has never been the same after a traumatic accident? The shock and fear have become trapped in the joints, bones, and muscles. It must be released in order for them to experience optimum wellness. With these blends, I provide locations along meridians that yield quick results. The combination of specific oils and targeted organ meridians will create quick emotional shifts.

This book is rich with recipes for any emotional support you need. It contains 40 roller bottle blends and 5 diffuser blends. There are multiple blends to benefit you in transitions and experience grace through the common struggles we endure.

Desiree Mangandog, MS, is an acupuncturist and essential oil expert. She specializes in emotional well-being through essential oils and Chinese medical principles. She is an author, speaker, intuitive healer, and thought leader. Desiree has a masters of science from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. She has practiced for 13 years. Her greatest passion is to educate and empower individuals with tools to achieve extraordinary levels of wellness. Her core philosophy is that most physical imbalances are caused by stagnant emotions and limiting beliefs. The key to wellness is to create a smooth flow of energy that is as rhythmic and consistent as the heart beating.

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Wonderful, effective blends, and you’re so inclined, a coloring book for stress relief. The black and white art inside is adorable. I couldn’t resist pulling out the colored pencils to add my own flair. I also highly recommend the matching labels!!!! My only regret is that AromaTools doesn’t carry the amber 5ml roller bottles (yet – hint, customer plea!) I had to purchase those elsewhere. AromaTools says: Thank you for your feedback. We’ll pass this suggestion along to our Purchasing department. In the meantime, while we don’t currently don’t carry amber 5 ml roll-on bottles, we do have three different clear 5 ml (1/6 oz.) roll-on bottles: the 9159 – 1/6 oz. Clear Glass Roll-on Vials with Silver Caps (Pack of 6): https://www.aromatools.com/1-6-oz-clear-roll-on-bottles-with-silver-caps.html ; 9162BLK – 1/6 oz. Clear Glass Roll-On Vials with Black Caps (Pack of 6): https://www.aromatools.com/1-6-oz-clear-roll-on-bottle-with-black-caps.html ; and 9152 – 1/6 oz. Clear Swirled Glass Roll-On Vials with Black Caps (Pack of 6): https://www.aromatools.com/1-6-oz-swirl-roll-on-bottles-with-black-cap-and-ball-html.html that will work with the blend recipes in this book. (Posted on 3/13/2018)