I think cow has lumpy jaw ship now or 3 months after hopefully calving molar tooth extraction aftercare

Had the vet out today to look at our almost 3 yr old Angus cow. She has a lump on her jaw about 8-12 inches long, and 2-4 inches wide. On the lower part of the lump, the hair is worn off, and it is scabby but not draining. The vet poked the lump numerous times and locations with a syringe to see if there was any puss present, there was/is none. She only bled some from the needle pokes. This lump started about golf ball size 4 months ago, went to baseball size in 2-3 days. I gave her some penicillin at that time and it shrunk back to golf ball size and did not grow significantly until this last month. At the time, the vet said she probably ran a blade of grass through her jaw and the penicillin would stem off infection until the abscess would rupture and clean out. Today we did not lance it due to the lump being hard.

I gave her 40 cc of penicillin and the vet suggested 60 cc more in 2 days. I have searched lumpy jaw, (her suspicion) on this site and cattle today and cattle.com and read that sodium iodine can be effective if not pregnant. She is 6 months along now, and was 2 months bred when first noticed the lump. No whipping needed about why I waited so long, done that myself, but always thought it was an abscess and would take care of itself. Never heard of lumpy jaw until today. My question today, after reading the other posts and research, is should I risk contamination of the other 4 cows she is with and hope for a calf in three months or should I ship her today? I can supplement her stalks/hay,protein and mineral with a complete feed to help her maintain condition. She comes up to eat and I see her eat, but I think she has lost some weight the last couple of weeks.

I spent allot of time years ago over in Colo, where they seemed to feed allot of wheat/rye/triticale type products, which were usualy good feed BUT always had the after affects like this. For years, all I heard those old timers say was — Wait till it gets big and lance it, nothing else to do — WRONG

Sodium Iodide is – by far — a miracle when it comes to EARLY treatment of wood tongue and or lump jaw. Both of these derive from the same sourse or type of cause. Usually it is due to one or both of these — a defficient zinc/iodine soil or feed sourse, OR, more common, irritations caused by the feed sources.

CAUTION — pregant cows past 4 months of gestation are hypersensitive to it — and have been know to terminate the pregnancy if used excesively. On the bottle it clearly states to use a educed dose ofr longer term pregnancies or not at all. A 1/2 bottle dosage is pretty safe, I have never had one abort if this is kept in mind. I won’t try and prod you on your late timing, but now you will know. If you ever see any type of swelling on or aorund the face, chin, side of the head etc, it is almost always wood tongue / or lump jaw. Early treatment will cure it almost every time. Once you try and lance these things open, if it is already in the bone, you will only succeed in causing a walking Zombie looking cow!!! No pun intended. Scar tissue does not heal back to normal. Abseces uo on the neck or hip are usually causes by intrusion – IE — dirty needles or bent needles, not getting fully into the muscle with some shots, or in rare cases splinters while rubbing on trees or fences. These will respond and improve by lancing and agressive ant-biotics.