Is it okay to suspend a toddler from daycare babycenter blog cervical mucus early pregnancy

Honestly, I wouldn’t call it “suspension” at this age. I would call it removing a child from a situation that isn’t working. It is frustrating, but I consider everything that you have said to be age appropriate… the inability to self regulate – biting and pinching and scratching for “curiosity” reasons, and hurting in anger. Daycare doesn’t really work for every child, every day. On that day, it didn’t work for your child. I have been there – I was also called to pick up my kids from daycare. If it happens often, well, I would consider that particular daycare a poor fit, and look for another one. A few times, no real big deal. I would say that it doesn’t even speak to any long term issues with your dd or your parenting. Toddlerhood is probably the most violent stage that human beings go through – rife with hitting, pinching, biting, and physical displays at the slightest frustration – but it passes.

Oh, and my boys, who are now 7, are actually pretty reasonably behaved kids now. No trying to skip school through hurting other kids (in fact, they love school and get upset when I try and keep them home). No long term damage at all. Just a pain in the butt arranging other childcare…

I don’t know… it is hard to say without knowing the circumstances that surround the scratching incidents. If it is something the child is doing out of anger or frustration, then it seems like the school caregivers could try a little harder to keep her occupied and on task so that she doesn’t get to that point. If it’s something that the child does just sporadically, then that would be harder to control, of course. I can understand and appreciate the policy. I can also certainly understand the frustration of the parents involved. It’s not like you teach your child to scratch or bite or whatever. It’s just hard all around. I can remember my son being bitten at preschool. By the third time it happened and he was coming home with bruises from the bites I did think that maybe this wasn’t working out for the other child and they should either be moved or taken out. I felt for the other parents, but it didn’t seem fair to my child to have to endure it. And worse, I was so afraid that he would start biting, too, because of it. Thankfully, he didn’t.

This sort of behaviour is normal for toddlers, and I agree with other posters that sending Princess home is not the best way to deal with it. By the time you get there, she’s probably forgotten the incident! And going home for an unexpected day with momma is NOT a punishment. I think, like a PP said, this sounds more like it’s supposed to punish you for having a child with unresolved scratching-of-other-kids issues. Two-year-olds are capable of hugging to make it better, and having a time-out, etc. I think the daycare should have tried these measures before sending Princess home.

BUT …. as the mother of two girls who have been in daycare for two years now, I have to say that I understand the other side of it, too. If some kid is scratching my daughter hard enough to draw blood, that kid had BETTER be kept away from my daughter. There must not be any other opportunities for that kid to hurt my daughter – and I don’t care how inconvenient it is for the parents of the scratcher to pick him or her up. Likewise, if it were one of my girls hurting someone, I would much rather leave work to get her than to allow her to stay in a situation where she’s hurting another child. Daycare can only do so much; in the end, WE are the ones who chose to make babies, and WE have to be where the buck stops. Unexpected time off work is part of the sacrifice we sometimes have to make as parents.

Today my 3 year old was suspended from school. I never heard of a toddler getting suspended which cause me to google the situation. My child has been known for having really bad tantrums to where he hurts hiself. Today was the first time he hurt another child, or 2 or 3 as the incident report so unclearly stated. I have already taken my sone to the doctors to see if he could be “evaluated” for any behavriol issues because the school was saying that he was too much to handle. The doctor told me he was to young to evaluate so… what am I supposed to do? The school has suspended him for the rest of the week. The incident report stated that my sone was upset because I left him. They tried explaining to him that mom is going to pick you up after work like she always does. They also stated that he hit 2 or 3 kids with a stick because he was so aggrevated. wth???!!!! 2 or 3, which is it, and 2 isnt it your bob to tell him that its not nice to hit, put him in time out or some other type of discipline. Really, send him home, thats what he wants, to stay home with me…. Of course whenever something happens im the one that has to stay home, not dad, and he knows this. The report also stated that if he does this again, they would expel him and he would not be able to return. This is the 1st time!!! what am I supposed to do???