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Finally, an answer! I have been suffering with this since july and only just had my gynocologist admit that it’s ‘probably due to hormone fluctuation.’ complicating things, I have an underlying congental skin condition called iychtheosis. Not fun. Since I am unwilling to do hormone replacement, she just suggested I supplement my diet with omega three fish oil capsules and eat more fish. I don’t know if that will help, but I pass it on to the rest of you in that hope. Can’t hurt, right? In the meantime, I am just trying to ‘hang loose’ and cat nap during the day when the itch keeps me up at night. Thank god I have a schedule that allows me to do that. Even ten minutes here and there seems to help, though i’m feeling very disoriented living a 24 hour day. No family history of challenging menopause, so for a long time this was misdiagnosed as stress.

Believe me, having someone suggest this was ‘all in my head’ was stressful! At least now I feel as if I can cope with this rather bumpy transition to crone-hood!

I have experienced itching for the last 6 years. Been to my family physician, allergist, dermotogist. The itching has controlled my life until recently. I have over the years been prescribed sleeping pills. Topicial creams ( which cost a fortune!) the list goes one. Recently I broke out it an severe rash and the itch was uncontrollable….Couldn’t sleep all night long and the itch was uncontrollable throughout the day. I’m not retired I still work (fortuntate to be self employed and love my work) my gp suggested I do a de-tox…. I had been researching this. I knew that my body wasn’t right. I commenced the univasive detox (you need to research this to make sure it’s right for you) and after detoxing for approximately two weeks I immediately started having hot flashes (i call them moments) I feel fantastic! They only last a few minutes, but during the night can be more severe. But I do feel like a totally new person since the flashes began. The flashes don’t last long and I don’t care if I have to fan myself for 5 minutes or so as long as I feel great most of my 24 hour day. It’s a normal progression in the life cycle. My skin is clear, i’m losing weight as my body readjusts, and I feel great and my husband has noticed the extreme change in me. Husbands/partners go through this with you and don’t know what to do. I recommend if you’re experiencing severe itiching…Try the detox route as your body is trying to break into menopause …..An it isn’t all that bad once you actually know what you are dealing with.

I am a 55-year old woman who started with menopausal symptoms about 3 years ago. In addition to sleep disturbances, nausea and hot flashes, menopause brought with it a horrible side effect: creepy crawly skin and the eruption of itchy welts I first thought were mosquito bites, but which turned out to be a symptom that has plagued me off and on for three years. When my hot flashes flare up, I get these intensely itchy welts all over my body, most often on my abdomen, buttocks and arms.

My newest symptom are dry, intensely itchy eyelids. I can’t tell you what pain this has cost me for the past 6 months. After visiting several dermatoligists who can’t tell me its cause, I have begun a self medication using extra pure olive oil (my daughter’s recommendation, a homeopathic subscriber) and it has worked. But the problem is, I have to smear my eyelids with olive oil every few hours, day or night, to get relief. I really don’t know how my eyelids can absorb this much olive oil, frankly, but they do. When they are dry they are like leather. This is so hard to accept. My eyes were always my best feature, so you can image what this is doing to my self esteem. I haven’t been able to wear eye make=up for 6 months.

As you can imagine, having to smear my eyes 10 times a night with oil causes a sleep distrurbance that impacts my life. If I didn’t have a job working out of my home, I would have to go on disability. As it is, it is so difficult to face people or even have a normal life with all this itching and pain.

In addition to all the above, I also have such intense muscle pain each morning, I can hardly walk when I get out of bed. I was a dancer all my life, so this symptom is also hard to chew, but nothing beats the itchy, dry, leatherly eyelid problem.

I also had the dry eyes, skin that I almost tore off, alleries and allergic to nothing and all of a sudden everything. I had the skin problems until my eye lids peeled, my hair fell out, I was scared to wake up in the mornings I lost over a 100 a day. For 25 years I went through all of this. I finally went to an out of network dr on hormones, cost me $2,000 all together but no one else could help me I should of done this years ago. Anyway he treated my sympthoms, the blood work on my hormones was always normal but it wasn’t normal for me. I needed estrogen and progesterone. I am happy to say I did the bio identical hormones through a compound pharmacist and I now can do everything, my hair came back and still is, no more eye problems, my skin stopped itching and I can sleep without slipping pills. I tried the herbs and vitamins and you need or I needed much much more. I do regular exams and the estrogen is a cream so a little goes a long way, more breast cancer is caused by syntheic pills not bio identical and the foods you eat that have hormones in them. The progesterone I take is 100MM and everything stopped at once and I now have a normal life. I also did the steriods until they ruined my skin but at the time the relief was welcomed. My dr said I ran the gammet on my hormones hopefully this will help you. Also this started in my early 40’s but never received help from a dr or gyn until I went out of network. I am now 57. Good luck and I hope this helped you.