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Isn’t this how it always goes?? People who love peanut butter are allergic to peanuts. People who just want to go for a run get severe itching soooooo bad that it’d almost feel better to just detach your legs from your body!! I’ve had this itchy leg thing for quite a while and I always felt so lame telling people that I couldn’t run because of it. Its not that common and I always worry that people will think I’m just making up excuses. I’ve taken allergy meds before working out and I’ve worn special pants and neither worked. This is the only thing that has worked–in college I was motivated to hit the gym every night for long periods of time just to gaze at a gorgeous upperclassmen who also worked out every single night. Because I was there for so long and wasn’t necessarily in for an intense work out I’d really take my time…1/2 hour of slow-moderate peddaling on the bike followed by 1/2 hour of walking-light jogging on the treadmill.

The itching would still happen but I was able to stick it out. After keeping up that exercise routine for about 3 months the itching just went away. I’d be able to workout and do an intense/quick run on the treadmill without an ounce of discomfort. The hard part is that once you stop running on an extremely regular basis the itching comes back full force! I’ve also noticed that the older I get, the less willing I am to put up with it and I’m more apt to throw the towel in and forget about running altogether. Sad to say, but so far, I haven’t found the quck fix for my itchy legs and I don’t have the time to spend and hour or more per day just warming my legs up.

I used to experience the same thing, whenever I jog, running, walking, and jumping not only my tight will itch but also my butt, waist and stomach n lower back area. According to my personal trainer it is because my body temprature were higher than external temprature causing my body hard to sweat in which the body is working hard on the pores to force the sweat out. her suggestion were, 1 to wear a material that can allow your skin to breath and observe the sweat when you work out. 2. keep exercising even when u feel itch like hell, because once your body used to exercising body temprature until it force the pore to open for sweating, you eventually will get over the itchiness. she was right, after 5 days of 30mins of running on treadmill, I have never felt itchy anymore whenever I exercise. hope ithelps. when it’s itch, hold urself not to scratch it, the more its itchy, walk/jog/run quicker so that u can get the sweat out and the most important thing don’t focus on the itchiness, try to think of something else to distract your mind from the itchiness. eventually, when u reach your maximum body work out. u will stop itchy when u exercise

I had no idea that so many people had this. I am 45 and first noticed this condition in college when running. I remember being in an aerobic class, and hoping that I would not start itching. I have tried to narrow down all the possilbities and causes of the itching,I thought it was just where my clothes rubbed my skin, but then realized I would also itch on my calves (when wearing shorts), then I thought maybe it was temperature going from cool house to hot outside weather, or hot to cold. But it would not always seem to happen with temperature variation. Then I thought it was the friction of my cellulite rubbing my deep muscle tissue. (Because like was mentioned it is like a deep tissue itching, that scratching really doesn’t seem to relieve.)But it would itch where there was very little fat tissue.(calves, arms, my ankles would even itch)I too experience that after a week of regular excerise this would subside, and if I didn’t given in to scratching it would go away after a while. However not scratching is extremely difficult and needing to scratch you butt, inner thighs etc. is very embrassing. I also thought it many be an allergy to excerise, but how lame does that sound. No one would believe it.

These episodes are sporadic, and mainly came on after I start to walk/run (generally exercise indoor/outdoor) after long periods of a more sedentary-like lifestyle. The itching is unbearable. I am frequently forced to scratch intensely because simply pausing or trying to take my mind off it doesn’t help.

I also thought it was somewhat hereditary too, as my mother explained experiencing these as a young adult (and also after trying to work out. I feels embarassing to scratch. So in public, there are feelings of near anxiety attacks. The sight of dirty water or dog faeces nearby intensifies the whole feeling as well. I hate it when I would have to walk through rain. Sounds crazy!? But the forced me to search for answers. I am determined to not let this limit my involvement in life. Even more so, because I love being outdoors.

I’ve learnt that itching and pain are related sensations due to nerve connections. And also, dilation of the capillaries, and the release of histamine during these periods of exercise after long periods of inactivity is interpreted by the brain and expressed through itching in the limbs etc. As such, I will try an over-the-counter antihistamine solution before such endeavours. And will take up further queries with a GP, though preferrable a Dermatologist for an examination to rule out any other possible factors. Sigh…