Jessica williams, jazz pianist, composer please donate to help her buy a piano hip fracture recovery without surgery

Use Paypal, the safest way to pay, or you may send personal checks, cash (USD only), or money orders made payable to me: Jessica Williams, PO Box 891, Yakima, WA 98907. Thank you. — updated by Jessica, May 15th, 2018 — PS: Every contributor receives links to free downloadable CDs of mine.

Again, I died multiple times on the surgical table. I literally cannot play a note of jazz. I can manage to put a few tunes together but cannot even remember any of the 1000’s of songs I had written. Many people are very angry at me, but honestly, it’s like trying to remember a name I used to know but I can’t.

{{{ I’ve received letters chastising me for being rich because my music is now played all over the world. I’m not rich, and I’m glad my music was so good. I’m on Social Security and food-cards.

I make less than $500 a month. I have no home — I am a renter. I may become homeless because of this, and me at 70 on the street is not going to do anyone any good. }}}

Catastrophic illness has its terrible effects, financially and physically. I am a very private and quiet woman and I don’t enjoy having to ask you for help. Everyone needs money now, and you probably do, too. My words will probably fail me, but this is the truth.

It’s hard to be a pianist without a piano! I haven’t had a piano, or access to one, for almost 7 years now. It won’t stop me, though. I’m already making my new music on the electric NU-1, because I am tired of waiting! Here’s a new one to listen to . . .

(Also, it’s dentist time, and Americans like myself don’t have dental insurance. All of my teeth need extraction. This often happens after medical procedures, where the patient cannot get to a dentist or sit in their dentist chairs, particularly after back surgery.)

Almost 5 years after the back operation, I try to live in the moment. I seek love, truth, ‘God’, free will, and exactly who I am and why I am here. I see how beautiful people are. I enjoy cooking and making my Husband happy as much as possible. It sounds weird, but I’m a better person and a better woman now. I aspire to be better every day.

And even McCoy Tyner knows this all too well, as did Horace Silver and many other friends and associates. Pianists, please watch your posture! And your habits . . . I have not smoked, drank, or taken drugs for 20 years (I never ever did drugs, but did drink and smoke . . . I quit everything 20 years ago). I don’t curse, ever. I eat healthy, I am a vitamin fan, and I exercise. For residual back pain, I use natural plant products. I avoid listening to the news. I do not own a TV set.

I am a survivor, and a successful one, as long as I don’t measure success by how much money I make or have. I did this . . . and I will do more. I feel that many might be afraid of me because of the current climate of hate and fear — but people who see and hear me now say that I am so happy about my new music, and that they don’t care about the rumors set off by political and religious attacks and disinformation. Ignore the fake news about me, please. I accept and love anyone for who they are, and I think that if we were all the same, it would be a really boring world.

I may not be well-accepted in the US, but I have received help from devoted fans. My fans are in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Canada, Argentina, The UK, France, Italy, Portugal, almost everywhere across the globe, and many places that I have never been, places that my CDs and LPs have sold in large numbers. My music needs to continue.

PS #2: The surgeries performed: L5-S1 posterior interbody fusion; L5-S1 Posterior fusion; L4-5 lateral extracavitary arthrodesis; L4-L5-S1 pedicle screws; Posterior posterolateral fusion, L4-5; Smith-Peterson osteotomy, L4-5 and L5-S1, additional surgery to preserve nerve pathways after the removal of pounds of scar tissue and nerve root adhesions; Neuroplasty, adhered nerve root, L5-S1; lnterbody cage, L4-5 and L5-S1; Bipedicled paraspinal trunk flap, not enough muscle and tissue to close; 3 Laminectomies; foraminotomies; and medial facetectomy L4-5.

It is rare for someone like me to recover from an illness like this, that puts most people in wheel-chairs, or worse. My heart bleeds for these men and women, many who suffer much more than I. The Universal Consciousness must have wanted me to play, as I have had quite a time of it, and I made it this far! I thank The Universe for this miracle every day.

Anything you can spare will help me reclaim my life’s passion. And to all the kind, loving, decent people out there, and there are tons of them, I thank you from my heart. This is my human family. I am an only child. You are my family. — Jessica, Dec 29, 2016. One Race

During and after my back surgery, I had to jettison some of my personal possessions for financial reasons. Among them was my Yamaha 7′ Grand piano. So now I am using an NU-1 Yamaha electric, which is nice, but certainly not a ‘real piano’. I am humbly asking for donations to my piano fund. I am saving every penny to put towards a piano. If ever there was a woman in need of a piano, it is I.

Besides not having a piano and having some bad cramps at night as I try to sleep, life is okay. I always remain optimistic. It’s not about whether we reach the highest pinnacle, but how high we can go with what we have to work with. I do my best. That’s all I can do.

Not much to report. It helps to receive donations. I dislike money and hate asking for it. Everybody these days wants something, and it’s usually money. I get weary of the corporate mind-set that seems to have swept our country and perhaps our whole planet. What the heck good is money if you aren’t happy?

I’m happy in that I have my love for my guy, my ability to still have great meals with him as we cook together and manage to not bump into each other in the tiny kitchen here . . . I’m happy I have this NU-1 Yamaha Electric. It’s not a real piano but it’s better than nothing. And I’m thankful for my health. The back is a complicated part of us. Some days it hurts, sometimes I twist too far, sometimes I do the stupidest things like try to reach for something I know I shouldn’t reach for . . . and for days afterwards I feel it. But all in all, tomorrow comes, the sun still rises.

I have moved to a different part of Washington State where the air is cleaner, the food is better, living is not nearly as expensive, and there are opportunities for growth and change strangely absent in most larger cities. I’ve always believed it was myth to think that artists and musicians were more creative if they lived in a metropolis and were subject to grinding poverty.

I played more today than I often do (at home) and realized just how much The Music means to me. It fills me. It is my way of speaking my Truth, in a Universal language. Today my playing was very centered and perhaps spare, but I’ve come to dislike un-needed flourishes and filler.

As I always aspire to turn the negative into the positive, I know that I’ve grown so much while in recovery from the back operation. We should never stop growing and changing and reaching. I’m very optimistic sometimes. The mornings are the hardest, and the evenings are much easier. I worry about money, paying the rent. Too much worry. When I lived in Copenhagen, I saw how their social system worked. High taxes? Oh, yes. But no homeless folks, no starving poor, and no life-long striving and worry about money. Sometimes I wish I had stayed, but so much would NOT have happened.

This site is dedicated to John Coltrane, Glenn Gould, Elvin Jones, Mary Lou Williams, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, and all who have devoted their lives and their souls to Music. I want to be a force for good. I know there are bad forces here that bring suffering to others and misery to the world, but I want to be the force which is truly good. – John Coltrane