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I realised how my learning patterns differ to my wife’s, who is high in Confluence, when it comes to roles in the home. I take care of all the accounts and home maintenance whilst my wife comes up with wonderful ideas e.g. about how to improve and decorate our home. I am looking forward to understanding my children’s scores too.

I was able to understand better my work relationships with other members of the Senior Management Team. For many years I worked with a Head who had a high score in Confluence: he would come up with some of the ideas and I would organise and implement them!

I realised at once that LML matches very closely to the main objectives of Science teaching. Science methodology, in fact encourages the inclusion of Sequential, Precise, Technical and Confluent in each “lesson… The LML process gives the teacher the tools to attain the objectives of Inquiry Based Learning.

I was introduced to the four learning patterns and I immediately began to comprehend myself better as a person and as a learner. I understood the reasons for my avoidance of situations where Technical Reasoning is required and somehow it was an enormous relief to learn that there was nothing particularly wrong with me for feeling this way.

I became aware of possible reasons underlying learner difficulties such as the learner who does not score high in Sequence and is required to put ideas in the right order in writing a narrative; or the learner who has high Precision and has to wait for the end of the process in order to get feedback from the teacher.

The Let Me Learn experience has helped me a great deal in my personal life, and the way I deal with others. First and foremost, it has shed a light upon my personality, making me realise that I am such a perfectionist and I expect so much out of myself, not because there is something wrong with me, as I often thought, but that its mainly due to my learning patterns.

My teaching has definitely improved thanks to the Let Me Learn experience. I realised that I was not catering enough for those students who are high in Technical or Confluent patterns, but on the other hand, being high in Sequence and Precision myself, I was giving a lot more importance to these two patterns.

Something which I found so effective and helpful, and which I definitely plan on using year in year out is the use of the LML soft toys. The kids took a liking to them as soon as they saw them. Between one lesson and another, we always discuss which puppet should come out next. In fact, I also have girls in charge of taking them in and out of their special place, and the kids simply love it.

The most common approach that was used when I was at school was the one size fits all approach where the teacher did not adapted the syllabus according to the students in the class. When teaching with this approach many students will be left behind, especially those students who have different learning patterns from the teacher.

There were also times where I built a model or used illustrations to help me remember certain processes or facts. Another thing which really frustrated me when I was a student was that normally teachers guided us to do several tasks and we were never left alone to be creative.

The system as it was till the tertiary level left a negative impact on me but when I entered into Junior College and University I noticed that I was given more chance to express my ideas, invent and create things for several assignments that I was given.

The tasks that I give also vary. For example, sometimes I give essays as homework, where students that look for Precision will do well in them but sometimes students have to build a model or present a chart and they are assessed for creativity, research and the information given by them. When doing several activities and tasks to reach the different learning patterns I notice that all the students are interested in the lesson and all of them participate in class.

Now that I have some knowledge about the learning patterns I can better understand my approach in class. I tend to create a lot of simulating situations considering that economics is a social subject which needs to be understood through hands on applications. Thus students in class are organized in groups and do a production process or they are taken to the computer lab to surf the internet for some practical real life knowledge of the theory learnt in class.

I have now understood why once a student has complained that he needs chunks of paragraphs to read in order to understand. At the time I couldn’t understand why he was complaining about something which I perceived to be easier for them. Now I do – it’s different learning patterns.

With the insight that I gained with the LML course I feel I can be of better service to members of staff in supporting them by suggesting ways forging, intensifying or tethering their individual patterns to be able to cope with the different demands of their work. LML has also equipped me with knowledge of how to group members of staff (for specific tasks) for improved group dynamics and efficiency.

Each learner has a unique combination of all of these learning patterns. This means that the four learning patterns exist in all of us to some degree. The learning patterns are interactive – therefore, a learner may use more than one learning pattern the same time when completing a task.

The Let Me Learn process equips the teacher and the students with a new language – When students understand their own learning processes, they are able to communicate to the teacher what is hindering their progress. In turn, the teacher will be able to understand the messages that are being sent by the learners.

When seen in this perspective, students that were previously dismissed as being inattentive, disruptive, or difficult suddenly become valid students whose learning combinations did not fit into the traditional school mould. Thus children who were labelled as being learning disabled are also “revealed” to have actual learning abilities. By slightly adjusting their teaching style, teachers found they could reach these children when the children were given a chance to express what they know in their own way.

“I am no longer judging children by what I see but by trying to understand them through their learning patterns. Children need to know that they are different from one another … this makes them special and, whilst being different, are by no means inferior to one another.” Share this