Lg 65 lg oled tv – e7 lg uk does milk help heartburn

OS Failure on Scheduled Recordings I am currently in contact with LG support regarding the continuous failure of my scheduled series recordings. At first I had the obligatory ‘We’ll try to fob you off’ phase, by trying to blame it on the HDD I had attached to the TV, but then agreed if they cannot recommend a HDD that is compatible with the TV, they can’t state that mine isn’t. I had to reiterate that recording to the HDD works when I manually set them but scheduled series recordings fail. Support finally agreed “I feel like my colleagues have been looking at this from the wrong side of things. Normally if the drive was faulty it wouldn’t record at all”

When paying ££££s for a TV I was shocked to have this response “I personally have the 43UH668V in my bedroom and find the record series function can be a little flaky at times while the standard record programme function works fine.” The word ‘flaky’ does not resonate well with me when used against a TV at this expense.

Never mind that the test case is in someone’s bedroom.

Next, support agreed with me that there is an issue with the TV “I completely agree with you. I haven’t been able to work out what is causing it myself but I have raised a case previously. With issues like this we need to get as many reports as possible to show LG it isn’t just a single person having and issue”

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