Life expectancy after aids diagnosis___ please help

While genetic inheritance likely plays some part, taking care of yourself regarding nutrition, exercise, reducing stress and all that other good stuff unquestionably has its effect.

I get really pissed when I hear of someone spouting the ten years line because it bespeaks to me of someone who is not really involved with HIV. Trichomoniasis pics It’s thoughtless, it’s unfeeling and it’s inaccurate. Trichomonas infection It serves no good purpose that I can see.

What is more to the point is to take good care of yourself and while you’re doing that to make the most of the life you have and let the friggin’ future take care of itself.

well goes to show you ANY egghead can sit and do research with enough cheetos to sustain them in the wee hours of the night! The person who said blah blah blah about AIDS is really talking out of her ass. Symptoms of trichomonas infection first off, being HIV+ and being disagnosed with AIDS is not the same level of concern on the continuum of hiv/aids concerns.

How do you treat trichomoniasis secondly, based on your labs a lot of people would probably say it is a damn miracle you felt so well. What are the symptoms of trichomoniasis As for life and expectancy, no one is ever promised another day, hour, minute, second and i agree with the notion that i will probably be hit with an astroid on my way to get the cure shot, ha. Is trichomoniasis a bacterial infection nonetheless, the diagnosis of hiv+ is an opportunity for you to stop existing and truly live…regardless of how long it will be. Trichomoniasis symptoms men Zan

1) The article that comes up at the top of the list when you do the internet search you described with the 4-6 year life expectancy was from January 2005 based on a 2003 study. Symptoms of trichomoniasis It is dated. How do u get trichomoniasis There is a lot of more recent information on life expectancy out there which estimates much higher life expectancies — in the 10 year range from an AIDS diagnosis and 20+ years from an HIV diagnosis, when there is access to HAART. Antibiotics for trichomoniasis and chlamydia Of those studies the one that I’ve found most useful is at expectancy [QJM].pdf (hope this link works, I haven’t tried posting a link here yet)

2) There’s a lot of confusion around what life expectancy is useful for and when it is not useful. Is trichomoniasis curable Details belows, but basically life expectancy after a diagnosis of a very severe but treatable condition is not a very useful piece of information for those who survive diagnosis.

The issue is based on how life expectancy is defined. Symptoms of trichomoniasis in females Life expectancy is the weighted average of the amount of time people with similar conditions have lived or are expected to live. Trichomoniasis male symptoms As an example, if one third of the people diagnosed with AIDS live for a half year and the remaining two thirds live for exactly 15 years, the life expectancy would be 10.2 years.

That means that your life expectancy if you survived the first year would go up to 14 years! Life expectancy isn’t a little clock ticking off the hours you have left to live; in general for most people, surviving a year means that their remaining life expectancy goes down by less than a year (in other words if you life a year your average expected date of death goes up a little less than a full year). Male symptoms of trichomoniasis When there’s a big risk of death in the first year (such as after an AIDS diagnosis, or in the year of birth) life expectancy can increase for those who survive that first year.

3) The extra risk of death from AIDS if you survive your first year and have access to HAART appears to be only about 2% per year and good adherence may improve your chances even more

People first diagnosed with HIV and AIDS at the same time are often very sick (I was) and many have waited so long to get treatment that they do not survive. Trichomoniasis statistics Go back to that paper cited above. What treats trichomoniasis It shows that 34% of people diagnosed with AIDS did not survive the first year. Definition of trichomoniasis Another 8% did not survive to the end of year 6. Infection trichomoniasis But that second number means that if the study started with 100 people, of the 66 that survived the first year only 8 died in the next 5 years. What are the symptoms of trichomoniasis in females That corresponds to a annual chance of dying of about 2.5%, about 2% higher than the risk in the general population.

So what lessons can we learn from the above? First, if (like you and me) one is diagnosed with AIDS it is very important to get a doctor, start treatment and take care of yourself in that first year. Infection trichomonas Afterwards, while there are no guarantees, you have a good chance of living a long life, especially if you can remain adherent. Can you get trichomoniasis from kissing And for those diagnosed HIV+ but not yet AIDS getting appropriate monitoring and starting treatment well before AIDS looks like a lifesaver.

Others have commented here and in other threads that quality of life is more important than duration. How does trichomoniasis start I agree. How long does it take to cure trichomoniasis But it is also helpful to understand the real (and hopeful) message behind recent studies.

I was diagnosed hIV in 1994 and AIDS in 1996. Can trichomoniasis be transmitted orally It seems then the average life expectancy was about 5 years. Other ways to get trichomoniasis By 1998, I was told to expect to live to see old age, unless I get hit by a bus. Can you get trichomoniasis in the mouth I am very careful around public transportation.

Recently, I was talking with my ID doc and he said 5 years was once the expected norm to live with HIV but now, we are looking at the total health of the patient. How is trichomoniasis contracted I was hoipng to live 1 day past my 70th birthday because, that is the day my life insurance policy expires. Ways to contract trichomoniasis If you knew my family like I know my family, it would be such a hoot to outlive the policy by one day. Chlamydia trichomonas Have the best day

:oI put that hter cause thats the look the doctors had when I servived colon cancer! You see I got my official HIV/Aids Test done in 89. Trichomoniasis signs and symptoms Yet back in 82 I was hospitalized with a bad sore throat. How can you get trichomoniasis if no one cheats So bad I could not swallow my own spit. Trichomoniasis yeast infection Well any way thats when I think and feel that I really got it. Can you get trichomoniasis in your mouth In any case I can honestly say that I have been HIVPOZ since 89 and that I had the bad ass penumonia in 97 and then colon cancer in 04 and I am still here. Can you get rid of trichomoniasis They said that I had only about a 25 to 30 % chance of making it thru the cancer and well I am here three and a half yrs later and I did go thru the pnumonia again last august and again I beat it and am still here. How to get trichomoniasis Healthy folks(thoese with out HIV/AIDS) are dropping dead around me and I am still here!!!

“Life Expectancy” as a demographic or actuarial concept is a figure that is derived from a complex series of social and medical criteria. Trichomoniasis rash To blithely say that you have two years to live — which a doctor told me 18 years ago — is extremely cavalier and downright contemptable in practice, particularly for people who are coping with living with what is still a long term chronic condition.

This is further complicated by your access to treatment, your genetic makeup, plain old luck, etc. How common is trichomoniasis etc. How did i get trichomoniasis Even “nomative” life expectency — which I would imagine hovers around 76 or 78 these days for a middle-class white native-born American with decent health insurance — is a drastically simplified figure: in reality, life expectency is bimodal (or “two humped”): people with many long term chronic conditions (oh, there’s that phrase again) tend to live until their sixties or early seventies, while the robust elderly can survive until their eighties before systemic failuire occurs.

In the case of HIV infection or AIDS — using “AIDS” as the correct diagnosis for a series of symptoms or characteristics that mark advanced progression — the jury is decidely out. Trichomoniasis in men symptoms The optimistic predictions of the past decade — which arose from the sometimes miraculous effects of new drugs — have been tempered by the realization that the virus is still capable of long-term, systemic damage: a “Post-AIDS” syndrome that can include new cancers or neurological complications, which are hard to parse from the effects of getting older. Can you get trichomoniasis from oral sex It is perhaps wise to remember the virulence of the diseases that occurred at the beginning of the epidemic, and the panopoly of conditions that are being seen now in the long-term HIV+.