Lorton valley. a residential community in lorton, virginia dry socket after tooth extraction

There is a suspected higher than normal volume for ticks this year due to the mild winter. To assist in managing ticks, a chemical will be used that you should be aware of. The grassy areas where ticks live, around the tot lots, will be treated to kill the ticks with the chemical Bifenthrin.

Signs will be posted around the tot lot areas and playing in the grass should be avoided (i.e. rolling around in the grass) along with allowing pets to walk through the grass. Pets are already restricted around tot lots, so this should not be an issue. Unless you are rolling around in the treated area or placing grass in your mouth, this should not be a concern. This chemical treatment is common for ticks and will normally last 30-45 days, killing off a majority of the ticks and other insect pests.

To avoid any questions/concerns simply Stay off the Grass!

The interior area where the wood chips are located will not be treated. Weather permitting; the week of 21 through 25 May the treatment will be applied. If you have further questions about this, please contact the Property Manager at randy.kline@fsresidential.com .

With the coming of spring many outdoor activities begin and there will be an increase of additional lawn mowers and leaf blowers running, kids playing, cookouts and the volume of noise increase. Just a reminder to be cognizant of your activities and being respectful of your neighbors when making noise. Lorton Valley follows the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance which is found at www.fairfaxcounty.gov and searching “noise ordinance”. The non-emergency numbers to contact during daylight work hours are, Code Compliance 703-324-1300 and at night Fairfax Police 703-691-2131.

This ordinance basically does not allow for noise that can be heard through closed doors and windows between 10 pm and 7:00 am Sunday through Tuesday and 11:00 pm and 7:00 am on Friday and Saturdays and the day of federal holidays. Having said this, please monitor the levels of your music during the day and how it affects your neighbors. They may not enjoy the levels that the music is being played. Lawn mowing and leaf blowing make noise and little can be done about this other than the timing. However, volume levels of music can be controlled to respect your neighbors.

A multitude of violation letters have been mailed out recently with the topic being the requirement for keeping Post Lamps operational. This can be something as simple as bulb replacement to having to replace the photo sensor. Keeping the Post Lamp in operational condition includes the following.

— Replacement of all burned out light bulb(s): If only one bulb is burning and the other 2 or 3 are not, you must replace the burned out bulb(s). Light sources must be “white” or incandescent. High-pressure sodium (yellow-orange) lights are prohibited. Flashing lights of any color are prohibited. LED lights are a great option for their longevity, but should be the lowest possble wattage (15-20 watts) to minimize glare.

–If the light does not come on at night: Replace the photo sensor and or check to see if the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) is tripped. The GFI controlling the Lamp Post may be found in one of several locations: in the garage on a wall socket outlet; or in the electrical panel breaker box usuually located in the utility room, or on the wall just inside the utility room. If after these possibilities are ruled out, you may have a break in the line and you should contact a professional to repair.

–If your overall light fixture requires replacing (rusted, broken): You must replace with a new light fixture matching both the fixture being replaced and the light sconce on the side of the house near the main door. (Note: Only replace light fixtures with an existing type, style, size, color and consistency of the old fixture. You may have to go online, find the matching model, and order as most are not found at a local hardware store). Note: If you are still in possession of your original buyers binder, information on the outdoor lights (make, model, etc.) are located there.

Please remember you and family members will need a Pool Pass to use the pool. Pool Pass registration is going well, but many have not yet updated their cards. Review your cards and if it does not say 2018 on it, you will need to update your card with a 2018 sticker, or if you are a new resident you will need a newly issued card. You must complete a Pool Pass Application form found on the community website: www.lortonvalley.com. You can locate the link to the form on the left side of the webpage marked Residents. Midway down the list of links is the link to the Pool Pass Application form. Download the form, complete the form as required. Refer to website for posted times during which we will be issuing the cards and/or 2018 stickers (Wednesday evenings 5pm-7pm or Saturdays 9am – 1pm). Please note that some previously issued pool passes have multiyear listings on the card. No further actions are required if it expires in 2019. And, of course, new residents will have to come in for for issuance of an initial photo Id pool pass.