Men’s lhotse ii interchange three in one jacket symptoms trichomoniasis

OverPriced Jacket – Flawed Design I was in the market for a WARM Winter Jacket, based on the good reviews, this appeared to be the one. I am 6ft, 215lbs. The XL I purchased is the best choice but it is tight in the chest area and under the arms, the length is good, the arms are a little long and the waist is good. The arms have an adjustable velco cinch to tighten the sleeves. When I tighten the sleeve cinch it leaves a long flap of material sticking out because they didn‘t sew in enough Velco material around the sleeve of the jacket. There is no place for it to fasten to. The jacket is a little long, which I really like but when you sit to drive for example, the jacket bunches up and it somewhat uncomfortable because they didn‘t put a 2-way zipper on the coat. I can see this as a stress point where in a year or so the bottom of the zipper is going to begin tearing away from the jacket.

The Hood is not lined or insulated, it’s a cheap piece of material that does block the wind, only to allow your head to freeze unless of course you carry around a stocking hat and then use the hood. The temps here have been between 10 below and 20 degrees with colder wind chills. The Jacket is fairly warm in the body area but it does not keep the arms warm. I spent 1 hour outside at 10 degrees with a light wind shoveling snow. I had to stop and come in to warm up because the jacket failed to keep me warm. I was wearing a T-Shirt and a Sweatshirt underneath the coat. I wound up wearing my old Sam’s Club winter jacket to keep me warm. The jacket is light and its scary thin. The outer shell is paper thin, it’s basically a 15 dollar windbreaker. The inner layer is the thermal reflective material. It does a decent job but it is wafer thin and could stand to have more insulation, at least twice the thickness at a minimum. Needless to say I am very disappointed in this Jacket. Columbia used to make a really good high quality product but that simply is not the case, at least with this Jacket. The tag on the Jacket lists the price at $240.00 dollars. This Jacket should be priced at $150.00 dollars and sell for $100. I realize that Manufacturers Pricing is generally suspect with most things but at $240 dollars, this Jacket is a Joke.

Great Multi-purpose Coat My closet had an accumulation of specialty coats – 2 travel coats with lots of pockets, 2 ski parkas, 3 rain jackets, 4 or 5 light jackets of varying color texture, 2 trench coats, two chore coats, and 3 work jackets. To simplify, I spent many hours searching for a versatile active wear coat for travel, outdoor recreation, and urban life. No garment is perfect for every occasion and weather, despite advertising claims. But the Lhotse covers enough bases to free up half of my coat closet space.

I’m 5’8 and barrel-chested – the large size is a little long in the sleeves for me, but tightening up the cuffs is sufficient. I’d rather the ends of the adjusting straps wrapped around to the underside, but recognize the convenience factor of a quick grab on top.

The fabric is noisy – as with most synthetic shells. Swish swish. Generous zipped outer hand and security pockets – nice ergonomic zipper extension pulls. The removable hood is designed to accommodate a stocking hat; it has a loose but lightly structured fit without. That’s helpful to keep rain and snow off my glasses.

The lapels lay reasonably flat for a more reserved look, but can be zipped and snapped to full throat cover. There’s both a waist and bottom adjustable cord for personalized/occasional fit. The bottom snap is a nice touch. The sealed seams and stitching are tight and even. The zipper is color matched to the shell – me like.