Montana women’s march draws an estimated 10,000 local signs of a minor concussion

Michelle Mitchell, a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and an Academic Achievement Coach for American Indians at Great Falls High School, spoke of the importance of education and also of how prevalent racism is on the Flathead Reservation.

“Education is about making tomorrow better,” she said. She also praised former Montana Office of Public Instruction Superintendent Denise Juneau’s championing of the Graduation Matters program and the importance of the Indian Education For All program that teaches all Montana schoolchildren about the unique culture and heritage of American Indians.

Lauren Small Rodriquez Tsitsistas, who is the first Northern Cheyenne woman in the U.S. Coast Guard, spoke of the importance of protecting clean water and to support the protesters at Standing Rock.

“Do not be afraid to stand up now,” she said. “We must unite to protect the future of our world.”

Bree Sutherland, a trans and queer advocate and activist, talked of the pain and struggles of being transgender. “I got angry and I got active. I became an activist because I do not want to be a statistic,” Sutherland said, adding that the suicide rate of transgender people can be over 45 percent.

“Hello, nasty women!” said Laura Terrill of Planned Parenthood of Montana, referencing a comment Trump made about former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Terrill spoke on behalf of the thousands of women who come through the doors of their clinics. “Patients don’t come to make political statements, they come for health care.”

Scott Morris a/k/a Montana Bound, hopefully you are not here yet and with luck never will be, but yes, we Montanans are a respectful (by and large), hearty and patriotic lot. It was pretty chilly out there today but some 10,000 of us enjoyed exercising our constitutional rights today, and it felt great!. Too bad people like you and old Patrick Laine of 10,000 sheep bought and paid for by planned parenthood. Congrats fools don’t know how you sound.

As for growing up Scott, exercising our rights is about as grown up a thing as one can do. I’d suggest that your guy, our president – our narcissist in chief (NIC) as I prefer to call him – take your advice to heart though. Our president just can’t stand it when he is not the center of attention or when someone does better than him. It’s like a scab he has to open, time and time again. The latest crisis for the NIC is the size of the crowd at his inauguration. Now though, in addition to tweets, the NIC has an official mouthpiece to spout out lies for him. That poor guy, Sean Spicer, had to go on national television and try to satisfy our president’s inadequacies. Sean did his best this afternoon, but in the course of doing so, told as many whoppers as his boss usually does. That’s the sort of thing so many of us were marching about. A president who can’t tell the truth; (Remember Ted Cruz calling him a pathological liar?) a president who shows disrespect to everyone; a thin skinned poor excuse for a human, acting like a petulant 7 year old; and a president more concerned with his own poor self image than anything else. I can hardly wait to hear what Sean will have to say when the NIC discovers that about 30.6 million people watched his inauguration, according to the Nielsen ratings, and that was a smaller number than the 38 million who watched Obama’s first inauguration in 2009. Odds are that Nielsen will just be another entity the NIC will drag about in the muck only to say he respects them the very next day. The president’s comments on Putin tell it all – he says nice things about me, so I will say nice things about him. Did I say 7 years old, maybe 5 is more accurate. Hope it’s warmer wherever you are Montana Bound.

Funny – you only think about yourself. Sherell MAY be thinking about right’s others don’t have too, unlike you. he still may fear the republican assault on ACA out of spite and the loss of health care that kills Americans. Or that republicans are defunding planned parenthood and even if she’s not at that point in her live, she knows that many women – and especially in rural America its a life center for health care help and advice – and god hope it’s not necessary an abortion is someone must make that difficult choice. Or maybe she walked for right for LGBT folks that the right are already rolling back at the state and federal level. Maybe she’s worried about medicare because Ryan is already trying to end that even though he and Trump promised it wasn’t going to happen. Maybe she’s worried about racial incidents and jew (and every other race) haters in white fish and the KKK actually having a place at trump’s table and him barely repudiating that hate and those people. Maybe she’s worried about anti and un-American nativism and and anti muslim bigotry inn her state. Maybe she’s worried about workers rights and people in need being told they are takers while you support corporate subsidies left and right.

Maybe oBrian – you should actually care about more Americans, neighbors and people in out state and not only yourself – you’ll find that empathy for others is supposed to be a hallmark of our great country and system, and if you are claim to be a christian it’s pretty much a hallmark of everything god and christ are supposed to be about…and good for the soul even if you aren’t religious.