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The aroma of freshly made homemade bread drifting around the house is one of those unforgettable smells. Homemade bread, fresh out of the oven, with melting butter, is one of life’s taste sensations. The Morphy Richards automatic breadmaker can give you that experience each and every morning or whenever you want it.

There is very little to do on the part of the baker, simply because the breadmaker happens to be a very sophisticated appliance containing a computer memory that does all it needs to do for you. It’s as easy as one-two-three 1. Place the ingredients in the bread maker pan, 2. Select the correct programme from the menus and press start 3. Sit back and wait for your bread to bake.

But you don’t have to stop at making bread with this bread maker, oh no. Because besides being capable of doing all types of speciality breads, that includes whole-wheat, you can also prepare dough’s for bread rolls, pizza, cakes as well as jams.

It is all so simple and tastes homemade – because it will be homemade by you.

“Being wheat intolerant (spelt and sprouted are OK), I have a hard job finding tasty alternative breads and have never found a non-wheat fruit bread so I decided to try making my own. I expected to have to experiment for quite a while before I got anything edible – but my first loaf made with this incredible machine was perfect. I used a mixture of rye, spelt and barley flour, but otherwise followed the recipe for wholewheat, added raisins and chopped apricots when the beep sounded – and to my amazement there was a well risen and delicious loaf sitting in the tin at the end of it all, with no effort from me.”

” can not rate this breadmaker highly enough and have had superb results every time unlike the reviewer from Bedford above who seems more concerned about the fastbake feature. Yes I do agree that the fastbake recipies are not very good but then what do you really expect in 1 hour. If you really do want a bland tasting white loaf then its much quicker to pop to your corner shop and buy one, this only takes 10 minutes so why wait an hour for one? Joking aside if you are going to buy a breadmaker only to make a basic white loaf then my advice is to stick to your shop bought white sliced but if you are looking to make some great tasting interesting breads then a breadmaker is for you. The machine is well made and performs as intended and has a nice modern design which looks good in any kitchen. “

“This is the first breadmaker I have ever owned, and I’m astonished at how good it is. So easy to use with perfect results every single time. And a big, big plus is one of the best instruction manuals I have ever read – clear, concise and straightforward it makes everything simple…..bung in the ingredients, press the button and wait for fresh, warm bread. Wonderful.”

“this bread maker is the finest thing since slice bread. it defies gravity and all its inhabitants. it’s historic legacy will echo thru the valleys of every land and flow across the lonely skies. this amazing product shall eternally bleed my every whim and feed me whenever i feel hungry.

this mystical piece of technology will have u beaming for the oracle of ages. i just know that this will live forever along with Paris hilton’s debut album which is another historic piece of making. i also listen to Paris Hilton as i make my morning bread.”

Right from the start,there were problems.The bread would collapse when the machine started the ‘bake’ cycle. We followed all the advice in the instruction manual. We tried various other tricks we found on the internet. We tried everything that Morphy Richards customer services suggested. All to no avail . “

“ Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker I have just unpacked and connected my new Morphy Richards bread maker model 48280 which I had bought about 12 months ago and had kept it unopened in the original packing to be used in my refurbished kitchen. The instructions advise to set the program to Extrabake, which is number 12, for the first time use for 10 minutes. This I did, and each attempt to do so caused the household fuse to fail.This machine is made in China for Morphy Richards so I suppose we should be prepared for shoddy results. I did expect more from a company like Morphy Richards, or am I just naive?.”

” We were very disappointed with this purchase. Not a single loaf was acceptable and all had sunken middles. The help desk suggested making alterations to the recipes – strange as you would expect these to be optimal to start with. When these didn’t work we asked for our money back and they refused. We then bought the more expensive panasonic with seed dispenser and it is awesome for pizzas, breads, panetones etc…we haven’t had a single loaf/pizza which wasn’t perfect and delicious.

“I have not managed to produce a single satisfactory loaf with this breadmaker, despite trying many recipes and different brands of flour and yeast. Equally, I have not had a single failure with a Panasonic breadmaker. The latter cost me more than twice as much but is very good value. Zero stars (even though the website insisted on at least one)for the Morphy Richards as it is a very poor product. One day I will learn that you get what you pay for!.”

“Have tried every receipe to try and get a decent loaf from this machine,but every one has ended up in the bin. I have been very carefull with the measurements, but I start off with high hopes and end up with bread only fit for the bin. I am scared to feed it to the birds in case they are unable to fly.”

In conclusion it as to be said that the very impressive amount of positive reviews given to the Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker and the fact it has been selling on the Amazon web site for so long must mean that this bread maker is indeed a top class machine.