Munn pleads guilty, points finger at kearney – south hill enterprise news how to heal mouth sores

Under questioning by Warren County’s Assistant District Attorney Melissa Pelfrey , Alford pointed directly at Kearney, positively identifying him as the man he saw in his home on that fateful day. When asked how sure he was that Kearney was the person, Alford stated “100 percent. That’s the man right there that was in my bedroom.”

Alford stated that he and Nancy had been asleep in their bedroom at the back of the house when they heard a loud noise that woke them. He said, it was a little after 8 a.m. They asked each other what they thought is was but he didn’t get up immediately to investigate, believing to be a tree branch that had fallen on the roof. He said that shortly after that he woke up to see a strange man in his bedroom.

At that point Alford said he sustained damage to his cheek, his teeth and he needed stitches on the inside of his mouth.

When he tried to get up again, according to Alford, the man hit him in the face again, then proceeded to tie him up. The perpetrator warned him that he had a knife and that he would cut him if he tried to get up again.

Alford said he saw no one else and heard no other voices. He said he heard the perpetrator tell Nancy that he only wanted the money and that he had a friend that was coming back and if the money wasn’t right they would put a bullet in Mr. Alford’s head.

It wasn’t because he was a preacher that he prayed that day, according to Alford. He said he wasn’t sure what to do next. He could lay there and not do anything and wait for Nancy to come back but after more praying he realized she may never come back so he believed the best thing to do was to start trying to get untied. He said he was bleeding but he managed to get the red tie undone with his teeth. He noted that once that was undone, he was basically free. He left the blanket on his head and made it look like he was still tied, and waited for Nancy to return.

Alford said it was an hour to an hour and a half that he waited for Nancy and the perpetrator to return. He said he was first aware they were back when he heard voices in the exercise room next to the bedroom where he was tied. He said he recognized Nancy’s voice and he assumed the other voice was the man that had been in his bedroom. He said as he lay there he wondered what would happen next.

According to Alford, he went to the door of the exercise room to find a wall of flames. He said he didn’t see Nancy anywhere. He said he knew she was close enough, he could hear her. He went out the double doors to the deck, he said by that time he was choking from the smoke. He said while he was looking for a way to get to Nancy, the bedroom window over the bed exploded. He went to the kitchen door and said that was when he realized that the noise he heard earlier was the perpetrator snatching out the door and casing – the door was just hanging there, he said.

He said he crawled on his belly through the kitchen, to no avail. He called out to Nancy, “Where are you,” he said, but he never heard a sound. After more searching Alford said a neighbor found him and wrapped his jacket around him as he wasn’t fully dressed. He said the fire was so hot and he finally realized that no one could have survived.

Alford admitted he had never seen Kearney before March 9. He said no one brought photos for him to identify, although he had spoken with members of the SBI and given a description. He said he saw Kearney’s photo on the television from his hospital room.

He asked how long Alford had been able to look at the perpetrator’s face. Alford responded that no one had shown him photos, that there had been no line up and that he had been able to look at the perpetrator’s face for about 10 to 15 minutes while he was in the room and tying him up.