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In my case, I experience a wooziness and general malaise for an hour or two after each BM. Sometimes my gut actually feels as if it has gotten warmer. Been like this for decades, to varying extents. No one has been able to explain it, but my theories are as follows: Everyone knows that the colon is where moisture is normally drawn back out of what remains after the rest of the guts have done their work. After a BM, a new batch of material moves into the colon from the small intestine. This bolus of material may contain a bunch of stuff that did not get absorbed yet, to which one may be sensitive. If there are water-soluble toxins in the food or as byproducts of earlier stages of digestion, some portion of it will be absorbed there. The problem might be as simple as too much moisture being absorbed all at once and causing a mild electrolyte imbalance, or excessive salt in the diet reaching the bloodstream at this time to similar effect.

I have heard that there is a condition called leaky bowel syndrome, where it may even be possible for all kinds of insoluble stuff to leak into the bloodstream during this process, i.e., lipids, lipid-borne compounds, oligormerized proteins, extremely fine carbonaceous or inorganic particles, etc.. If one’s food contains something that should not get into the bloodstream, whether due to allergy or generally speaking, this may be when it actually finds its way there. Also, there may be less than friendly bacteria cohabiting with all the friendly ones, and this may be when their toxins are absorbed. How to prove any of this or determine what might work as a treatment is beyond me. Checking lipid levels before and after a BM might be interesting. Running a GC on the blood plasma before and after might be interesting. Relatively methodical dietary alterations to isolate what I am allergic to have not really produced any useful data in my case. BTW, don’t lend any credence to people who claim to have training but still suggest that this may be psychosomatic. Some people will say or write absolutely anything just for the sound it makes or to avoid admitting to not knowing an answer.

I have nausea BEFORE a bowel movement, and usually feel better after. I also have chronic diarrhea, and have to take Immodium every couple of days to keep it at least somewhat in check. My stomach growels, bloats, and I get excess gas. Also acid reflux. Really just miserable like I have stomach flu all the time. Occasionally get a very bad pain at the very top of my stomach (already been tested for gall bladder). Sometimes it feels like my food isn”t going down all the way-even mashed potatoes. Had a colonoscopy and was tested for things such as ulcers, diverticulitis, allergies to gluten, bacterial infections, crohn”s–pretty much all the standard stuff. They diagnosed me with IBS just because they didn”t find anything causing it. I have alot of muscle problems, but have never actually been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Sure hope someone can figure this out-I”m tired of having the flu every day! I still worry about Crohn”s, as I have a cousin who died from it. My mother has Lupus, so autoimmune disorder is also in family history.

My problem is so bad,that I have frequent bowl movements. Sittin on the potty with diaheria and throwing up in a trash can at the same time. My heart starts racing and I break out in a sweat. My body gets the shakes and I feel so weak that I almost black out to the point of fainting! My body diagest food way too fast! Every time I eat, I have to wait about 15 to 20 min before leaving the house because I have to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I can’t even eat because of the pain in my stomach or certain smells of food. However, I finally found a fantastic Doctor in Gastonia, NC! His name is Dr. Sam Drake! This man saved my life!!!! After 2 years of going to 100’s of different Doctors and alot of weight loss latter! Dr. Drake ran his test and put me

That’s a shocking #. Also anyfood that is green, also gives you a problem with IBS. I take 1 perscription Zegrid at 8:00pm before bedtime to reduce the over night acid buildup.(NOT the over counter junk)! It’s NOT the same. First thing in the morning I take 3 Entocort pills at the same time. This has helped me alot. From my experience only, drinking coffee makes it worse. Try drinking none carbonated drinks. One thing funny about just plain water (for Me) is that when I drink alot of it, it makes my nausia worse. I guess like when you use cooking grease and if you drop water in it, it boils over. This is just MY opinion. I’m a #1 fan of drinking lots of water,but I had to switch to gatoraide. I hope this little bit of info can help someone. O by the way! If you are constipated alot, walk alot. The more you walk, the faster you diagest food.