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i was seeing a chiropractor and he was doing a lot of work on my neck. i was feeling a lot of neck pressure so decided to hang upside from a gym bar for about 30 sec. i did this 2 days in a row, in between my chiro sessions. after doing it the second time, my neck felt very sore for the rest of the night. i woke up the next morning with 2 swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. its been almost 3 months and they are still there. i was having sharp shooting pains on that side from my shoulder up to my ear, but since going back to the gym and weight lifting a week ago, the pain has pretty much gone but not the swollen nodes. ive had blood work done and its come back normal. ive been tested for strep, mono, aids/stds and everything came back negative. i feel perfectly fine, no night sweats or loss in weight or anything, except the uncomfortableness of the nodes.

i went to an ent who said she was not concerned at all because of the size and shape. she did say to stop going to the chiro and take it easy because it is possible that they could be from too much muscle and neck manipulations in that area. ive also been to urgent care because i was so fed up one day because they hurt really bad, but the doc also seemed unconcerned because of the size and shape. its been about a month since going to the ent and now im just frustrated because ive been doing everything i can to get the nodes to go down and theyre not going down. i noticed that they fluctuate in size a lot when i put ice on my shoulders and when i use heat. i feel like the ice helps. is it really possible that i may have done some damage to my neck muscles that my nodes are swelled up? and if so, how long is this going to take to go away? im so tired of dealing with them…..

hey..i was suffering from the same problem. got all the tests done (stds, hiv, strep, mono etc) the reason for swelling and uncomfortable feeling in nymph nodes and fron right side neck pain (right below the jaw on right hand side) is because u strained ur neck a little bit (maybe by excessive work out, by sticking tongue out more than it should be) or opening your mouth more than it should be opened) and since then you’ve been constantly sweating over your wellness(you probably had a new sexual partner a few weeks, months before this episode.) and must be worried about having caught a disease (why else would u get tested for hiv, stds etc?) . RELAX- if all tests are negative- trust the doctors and dont constantly feel your lymph nodes– the more you bother them the more tender they’ll keep getting (they become normal and u touch and irritate them and they swell up a bit again).. but anyway- the bottom line is- don’t ice them- dont think about them and dont constantly touch them for just one week- and trust me your pain and concern will all go away. why should you trust me- i had the same issue!!

my swollen lymph nodes are still there. i stopped touching them for about 3 full days and the swelling went down alot. every now and again, i feel them flair up again, but not as big as before. i went to another ent because the first one didnt seem to care. the second ent said it was allergies and suggested i get an air purifier. i have got one now, but i still feel funny sometimes. ive been using the neti pot, taking sudafed, and gargling with warm salt water, which has made me cough up alot of yellow phlegm. at one point, i felt very dry inside and have since turned down the setting on the air purifier, which has helped. its strange tho, i dont feel stuffy but yet the doc thinks its allergies. i started working out again and have don some light stretches on my neck for the past 2 days and now i have a burning sensation where the nodes are and they are flaired up again. i also have a lump feeling in my throat. all of this is really uncomfortable and annoying. could all the stretching be causing them to flair up again? i cant help but think that maybe the chiro injured them with all the neck manipulations he was doing….

brother im so sorry man, i really dont know what to say, i have read many diferent articles and posts about these swollen nodes and everyone has something diferent going on. it seems like a lot of people suffer from the same thing, man im so sorry, i feel for you, man, i wish i can help you, but i dont know what to do for myself either except just to pray to God and Jesus for their help and healing. im really sorry, my nodes are staying the same, one day they will go down, and the next day they will flare up, yeah i also have a little ball on my left pelvis and sometimes it hurts, and most of the time its just bothersome, i think i can actually feel it getting smaller and i think with time and good healty eating and well being will cure it. im taking a liver cleansing all natural herbal supplement, and i think its working. maybe you should try that. but over all, please pray to God, i dont know if you believe or not in God, but just talk to him like a normal person but be as sincere and honest as you can to him. again i feel for you, i really hope you get better my friend, God bless you.

hey i forgot to mention that i am a bodybuilder myself and i just started working out for almost 1 month now, and i really cant say if it is a danger to my nodes, but i dont think so, just be carefull when working out, dont overstrain yourself especially around the area affected. i do remember working at my job and lifting heavy i did injure my affected area where the little ball was and it got bigger and it hurt, i thought i got ahernia so i went to the doctor and he said it wasnt ahernia, he didnt even say it was a swollen limph node, he said it was just a nerve that had formed into a type of ball. i see he didnt even know what it was, maybe he was an unexperienced doctor i dont know,but he said not to worry. another doctor told me the same thing about my nodes on my neck just below the ear, and that was like 4 or 5 years ago, when they were really small, now they are just huge and swollen, i dint think anything untill recently i got the info off the internet myself and then i told my doctor and thats when she prescribed me the anti-inflamatory tablets. God bless take care.