New 5-speed peerless 801-038b transaxle; fits john deere, simplicity cervical mucus in early pregnancy pictures

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This in-line-shift, gear-drive, new-in-box, Made-in-the-USA 5-Forward-speed (+ Neutral and Reverse) Model 801-038B Peerless transaxle is manufactured to fit John Deere front-engine riding mowers and lawn tractors. It has the 5/8-diameter x 1-3/16 tall input shaft with keyway and snap-ring groove, and the bevel input gear inside the case has the heavy-duty needle-bearing thrust bearing. It also has the 3/4-diameter axle shafts with keyways and snap-ring grooves on the ends, and the short (5/8-tall), twin-flat-end shift shaft as shown.

The overall end-to-end axle length is approximately 28-1/4; the axle ends extend out from the case 5-5/8 on each side. The case has industry-standard mounting holes on 13 side-to-side centers x 1-3/4 front-to-back centers; these holes accept either 5/16 or 8mm bolts.

SHIFT-SHAFT NOTE: This transaxle is shipped with a square-cut O-ring on the shift shaft, with a spring nut holding the O-ring in place. If your transaxle mounts in your mower using a top cross-brace for support, remove the spring nut, as the hole in the cross-brace will retain the O-ring during operation.

This 801-038B transaxle can be used in place of other 800- and 801-Series transaxles. With its industry-standard mounting holes, it can replace a variety of Peerless or Dana/Spicer transaxles used on front-engine riding mowers. Simply compare the dimensions listed above to the dimensions of your transaxle.

This 801-038B transaxle is a direct, bolt-in replacement for the 801-003 (A B), 801-038 -038A, 801-039 -039A, 801-060 -060A, 806, 806A-through-G, 840 and 840A 5-speed transaxles in Deere front-engine riders. It will also replace Deere Transaxle Part Numbers AM104533, AM104573, AM106699, AM801060 and MIA10320. The above-listed transaxles were used in Deere 111, 116, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, LX170, LX172, LX173 and LX188 riders and lawn tractors. It may also fit other Deere front-engine riders — check your transaxle Model Number. The top case on this transaxle also has provision for installing the Deere neutral-safety switch — simply remove the yellow press-in plug and install your switch.

I also have customers who use it to replace an 801-059 on Simplicity riders. The only external difference between this 038B and an 059 is that the axle lengths on this transaxle are 3/8 longer on each end. If you want to use this transaxle on a unit with shorter axles, additional wheel spacers and washers will be included at no extra cost. This extra length should not cause any interference problems; on the contrary, it will slightly improve the stability of the rear of the mower on slopes.

Being new, this transaxle is covered by the Peerless 2-year Consumer Use/90-day Commercial Use/30-day Rental Use Limited Warranty within the USA and the 1-year Consumer/90-day Commercial/30-day Rental Limited Warranty outside the USA. A dated receipt will be provided to validate the warranty, dated to reflect its arrival at your place so you won’t lose warranty coverage for travel time. Note that the Peerless Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship — it is not a blanket guarantee against abuse and mistreatment — and there is no warranty if this transaxle is used for competition purposes. A copy of the Peerless Warranty will be included with the transaxle.

MOUNTING NOTE: The holes on the front corners of the transaxle are not threaded, since the mower manufacturer uses 5/16-18 self-threading bolts to hold the front support(s) to these corners. If you are re-using your original bolts or equivalent OEM bolts, make sure they have clean threads when re-installing these supports. If you do not have the original-style bolts and are using standard machine-thread bolts for these front-corner supports, you will need to carefully tap these holes to match the threads of your bolts. WARNING: If you plan on pre-tapping these holes, the case material is only about 0.060 (1/16) thick at the back of these holes, so measure the hole depth and set your tap accordingly, or you will break through the case into the gear-lube area.

For the technically-minded bidder, the Forward-shift gear ratios are: 1st) 2.33:1; 2nd) 1.50:1; 3rd)1.00:1; 4th) 0.79:1; and 5th) 0.67:1. Input pinion ratio is 3.00:1; final-drive/differential ratio is 6.69:1; Reverse ratio is 1.40:1. This Reverse ratio is about 1/3 faster than some older-model Deere transaxles that use a 2.00:1 Reverse ratio, so if your transaxle had the 2:1 Reverse, you may need to be careful when backing up.

QUESTIONS? I will check this Ad whenever I can while it is running. Please — before you ask a Will-it-fit? or Will it work? question — compare the measurements of your transaxle to the dimensions I have listed above for this transaxle, and note the Model and Serial Numbers off your current transaxle. Yes, that may require safely jacking up your mower, removing a wheel, then crawling under the mower with a scale, tape measure, flashlight and notepad, as well as a rag to carefully clean off dirt and grease. In your Question, also include the Model and Serial Number off the mower. Also include your email address so we can keep all our correspondence in one document for less-confusing record-keeping. A Question without a valid, Replyable email address may not be answered! Thanks!

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