Nzoz inter-med colonoscopy perforation

– diagnostic and surgical gastroscopy with Helicobacter Pylori test, with collection of tissue for histopatological examination, with the option of polypectomy, stanching bleeding, inserting stents into the esophagus or PEG tube (Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) for patients who need enteral feeding- in case of inoperable cancer of esophagus or pharynx, and for neurological patients with swallowing disorders, especially those after strokes.

– colonoscopy (diagnostic and surgical) allowing for examination of the ileum and collection of tissue for histopatological examination, with the option of polypectomy, stanching bleeding, marking areas of pathological changes in preparation for large intestine surgery.

To ensure your comfort, we are able to implement painless procedures. You may choose one of the following three options: without analgesic or sedative drugs, under deep sedation or under general anaesthesia in the presence of anaesthesiology specialist.

All endoscopic procedures are carried out with the use of high-tech equipment produced by Olympus, including disposable supplies (polypectomy loops, biopsy forceps, endoscopic injection needles, endoscopic hemoclips). We also have specialist devices to stanch bleeding in upper and lower parts of the gastro-intestinal tract (argon beamer).

During the procedure, detailed digital image documentation is prepared. It shows the examined part, allows to confirm the diagnosed changes and to verify the need for further procedures. Documentation is delivered to the patient and his referring doctor on a CD.

During your stay with us, you will be cared for by experienced specialists in gastroenterology and anaesthesiology. Both our doctors and nurses are certified in gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures, as well as in professional nursing services. Some of our doctors also hold academic degrees of PhD and professor.

During an examination patient is laying on his back or side. It takes 15 to 60 minutes. Adequate channels of endoscope enable sucking off the liquid which can constrain visibility, blowing the stomach with air or rinsing an ending of an endoscope. An endoscope is equipped with an bioptic channel through which any instrument like forceps or loops can be inserted. Forceps are designed to collect samples for a histopathological examination.

There is an possibility of carrying out an examination in general anaesthetic in presence of an anaesthesiologist. In case of sedative drugs or general anaesthetic application patient till the end of an examination’s day cannot drive a car and operate machines.

Complications during colonoscopy are rare if an examination is carried out by experienced doctors. During collection of samples or polypectomy there is an possibility of a bleeding. In majority of cases it resolves spontaneously or is stopped with use of endoscope. In spite of a fact that complications are rare it is important to observe own condition. If a patient has severe abdominal pain, shivers, high temperature or massive bleeding from the anus he should immediately contact with a doctor.