Opinion the spokesman-review drinks for heartburn

There’s a heroic tale to tell about the Korean War service and sacrifice of Army Maj. Charles A. Newman, a tank commander from Glenview who led an assault on Chinese forces in May 1951. The story, appropriate for Memorial Day, involves bravery under fire and an impatient general who goads … Continued »

On Sunday, actor/musician Gary Sinise will again co-host the National Memorial Day Concert from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. It will be the 29th annual concert on the 150th anniversary of Memorial Day. The format is much the same as in past years. Sinise and “Criminal Minds” star … Continued »

Most issues look different from rural America, and that’s especially true of internet neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to keep the internet open and free for all users is vital.

No internet provider or tech company should be allowed to block websites, censor or discriminate against viewpoints, … Continued »

President Donald Trump should follow the suggestion of many – including some within his own party, and reportedly even his chief of staff – and replace Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. Pruitt’s conduct as head of the EPA is beyond disappointing; it’s disgraceful. The list of indefensible actions grows … Continued »

Many people have asked me how I’m feeling as I await the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in my case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. My answer changes moment by moment because my feelings are a whirlwind. More than anything, though, I wonder if there will be a place … Continued »

He smoked marijuana as a teen but just got his learner’s permit, so at age 20 my son knows more about cannabis than about driving. But he does know the two don’t mix. It sounds obvious – it’s dangerous to drive while high on marijuana – but Americans are of … Continued »

For students, bullying is, unfortunately, a natural part of their routine – whether they are the bullies or the bullied. Nationally, only 28 percent of students report experiencing bullying; this statistic is important as it indicates that the statistics regarding bullying rates may be gravely underestimated. Within schools, approximately 70 percent of students and staff report witnessing bullying. The statistics also report that 15 percent of high school students experience cyber-bullying. Continued » NRA’s political stranglehold

Like most citizens I favor net neutrality, so my internet connection remains equivalent to that of the wealthiest corporations and individuals. In my view the internet exists primarily to support citizen communications, and business activities only secondarily, so oversight of this public asset belongs with the Federal Communications Commission rather than the Federal Trade Commission. Continued » Liberalism ruins American story

It’s amazing and extremely disappointing to me the bringing home of three American prisoners in North Korea is relegated to second position so to speak so the president’s CIA nominee can be bashed by Riechmann, Freking and Vestal. It’s shameful your liberalism trumps a truly incredible American story. Continued » People in, money out

Dear politicians (our elected officials): if you want to represent your constituency, get voted into office, and save this country … end money in politics! Start representing the people and not big money. This is a very simple message that crosses both parties lines. Continued »