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First off I want to thank the SR team clipper83 for putting this product on the trooper list for us to try. This was not put on the trooper list by Optimum and had no part in the trooper program. This is something I like to try and keep in my workout stacks from time to time. It had been awhile since I last used a glutamine product and saw this show up and decided to give it a try. Every time I have used a glutamine product I have had good results from it and this product I know really helped me a lot. Ingredient Profile

The comes in an unflavored powder form. It really helps if you can mix this with some kind of flavored beverage or with your protein powder. When you mix this with a flavored beverage it did not change much of the taste so you knew it was in there. There were times I would take this on it’s own.

When I would take 1 teaspoon I would put it in my mouth and then wash it down with some water. I thought it would be real bitter or sour tasting but it was not to bad. If there was any left over after taste I would just drink a little more water and that would get rid of that after taste right away.

This mixed really well. I would normally mix this with my protein shake. I wanted to take at least two servings per day. In the morning when I would wake up I would take one scoop and then later in the day after my workout I would take my second serving. So each day I was getting 10g total plus the little extra I was getting from my protein shake. Effectiveness

Glutamine is a product I like to use every once in awhile. I really feel this is a much better product than a lot of people think it is. There are three main areas glutamine is suppose to help you in. Glutamine helps with muscles health, gastrointestinal health, and immune health. I found this to really help me a lot in those three areas. After being on this for awhile I noticed my muscles started to look more full like and seemed to be a little harder than normal. I noticed while I was using this that I was not nearly as sore and I felt I was recovering a lot quicker than I normal would. Any DOM’S I would get where really limited and did not last as long. The reason I felt better recovery wise is because this is suppose to help with cell volumizing to help push more water into the cells which is suppose to help speed up your recovery time. I notice that every time I have been off glutamine for awhile and then start using it again I can really tell right away I am back on it. The biggest thing I notice right away is that my strength gains start going up right away. For the first few weeks I was on this I got a lot of really good strength gains and I felt I was able to go longer and push my body a little harder. Getting those strength gains back is really nice to have and how it makes me feel better recovery wise.

Second this is suppose to help with gastrointestinal health. I am not someone that has a lot of issues with glut health but do have some issues with acid reflux that I take medication for. Also I sometimes I have issues with swallowing food. I feel this really helped reduce a lot of gut issues I may of had and helped limit a lot of the acid reflux I deal with. I feel that I have been having a lot easier time swallowing food and a lot less acid reflux. I know that when food would hit my stomach it felt like it passed through more quickly and not feel like it wanted to just sit there for long periods of time before it would fully digest. Also I noticed that in the mornings especially I would seem to have a lot more bowl movements and were a lot more healthy like. Each time it seemed like I would get rid of a lot more stuff than I normal would and it would make it a lot easier to go.

Third this is suppose to help with your immune system. Anything I can take that will help with my immune system is great to have. Usually in the winter time is when I most want to be on glutamine because that is when you are most likely to get colds or the flu. Even now in later spring I can sometime still get that little bit of unwanted colds or some kind of crud. I still feel this helped improve my immune system some just by how I seemed to feel. It’s harder for me to tell at this time of year compared to winter time because that is when you usually get most of your colds and flu. I was reading that when a person gets sick they can lose up to 58% plasma glutamine levels and these levels have shown to last up to three weeks. When this happens your muscle performance can really suffer from this and not perform at 100%.

While taking this I felt a lot better overall and a little more healthy. In the three areas this is suppose to help you in I feel it really helps a lot. Like I said above that when I start using glutamine again I can really notice it working right away but then after a few weeks of using it I don’t seem to notice it as much. This always seems to happen every time I use glutamine and why I don’t know. It’s like my body get’s use to it and need to cycle off it again. I still keep using it even when I don’t feel it as much because I still feel it helps me but just not on the strength gains part. Also I read this helps prevent catabolism and helps with protein metabolism. The faster protein uptake you get means quicker protein synthesis. Value

The cheapest I could find this was on amazon and they wanted $18.04 for the 300g size bottle which has 58 servings in it. Since I was take two servings a day this last me like 30 days. That’s not to bad a price. I would if your going to get this go with the bigger size bottles they have because price wise will be a little better deal. Side Effects

Glutamine I feel is a good product to use when you are able to use it. Do I think you need to be on it all the time no but it is nice to have at times when you can cycle it into your workout stacks. If you are someone that wants to feel a little better health wise and get some better recovery this is great to have for those two reasons. Also if you have a weaker immune system or want to make sure your immune system is working better especially in those winter months this will really help to improve that a lot more. For the price and what you get out of glutamine I think it’s really worth having at times when you can add it. I feel overall that glutamine is a much better product than a lot of people give it credit for. Maybe I am just someone that responds better to it than a lot of other people and that might be the reason some don’t think it works very well. For me glutamine has always worked great for me. Again I want to give a big shout out to Clipper83 for putting this product on the trooper program and letting me have the chance to try it.