Orthopedic lux bed – orthopedic shoulder surgery recovery timeline

We bought two of these beds as birthday and Christmas presents for our dogs. Duke was 15 years old on 11/10/2015 and Shiloh was 10 years old on 10/8/2015. They are still very active, especially Duke, but we wanted more comfort for them. Other reviews mentioned the smell but honestly there wasn’t a smell and to my very pleasant surprise the covers zipped half way around so it was very easy to put the covers on! And the top cover is so soft and comfy! We did need them for their crates so we got the extra large size. They are working out fantastic! We did have to fold the back and one side up to fit but it works out great and looks like a bolster bed! We put their favorite going to bed toys on the ‘shelf’ from the folded up side and Duke has left his there but Shiloh didn’t like the idea!

I know you have the crate beds but we wanted the extra inches to make them comfortable. The full 5 inches foam mattress makes a difference since their previous beds were two inches thick. We are very happy with the beds and Duke, about 45-50 pounds and part German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd/Chow and Shiloh a full 100 pound plus German Shepherd, wake up in the morning and walk out of their ‘house’ (what we call their crates!) and aren’t stiff and sore! So happy we found you guys and thanks for making such awesome beds!! Duke and Shiloh give Two Paws Up!!!

K9 Luxury Beds offer the highest standard of quality furnishings for pets. The interior fill material consists of 5 true orthopedic foam and support foam layers for optimum comfort. Our proprietary density and weight foam sets us apart from other orthopedic foam mattresses. By using our K9 Smart Foam that we’ve tested and calibrated for dogs, we are able to eliminate the layering process, removing glue from our process. This introduces greater airflow, amazing comfort, and superior support with the perfect amount of bounce.The outer cover offers microfiber side material and a faux-fur top, which forms an extremely soft and comfortable sleeping surface. The cover slips off easily for machine washing in cold water. The entire bed—mattress and cover—resists moisture to ensure a comfortable rest for man’s best friend.

For just $15 more, customize your dog’s bed for life! Simply enter your dog’s name above to add custom embroidery to your order. We use a white thread color (black for tan beds), a classic style font, and limit names to 14 letters. Please double check spelling; once the order is fulfilled for an embroidered bed, there are no exchanges or returns. Also please allow an additional 2-3 business days for embroidery services.

All of our LUX faux (not from real animals) furs are 100% polyester fibers, making them extremely stain resistant and very durable — nearly anything will wash out of these furs. LUX Faux Fur™ is made just for us with a special backing that removes most stretch and stiffens the fabric adding loft, durability, and serious strength.

Our LUX Microsuede material is a thick polyester bonded to a woven layer of knitted poly-fibers. This bonding process adds strength to the already strong fabric. Because this fabric is polyester it has all of the resilience of a washable, synthetic furniture grade material, while remaining extremely soft to the touch. The thickness of the fabric gives it body and loft, making our beds look fluffier and more crisp, and because it breathes so well, no comfort is sacrificed.

Yes this bed is machine washable, though we recommend air drying. To wash, simply remove the cover from the mattress and then wash on a cold gentle cycle with the detergent of your choice. Do not put this bed in a machine dryer, as the heat and friction will weaken the material and shorten its lifespan Can this bed be used both indoors and outdoors?

We designed the LUX Series™ covers for indoor use, and do not recommend them for outdoor use. The polyester fiber material can attract dirt more quickly than our TUFF Bed Series™, and will require more frequent cleanings. That said, many customers use this bed in covered back patios, and it suits their dog’s needs perfectly. Is this bed hypoallergenic?

Yes this bed is hypoallergenic because we use 100% synthetic fiber construction from the cover down to the stuffing inside the mattress. The sythetic fibers used in this cover prohibit dust mite invasions, and make life difficult for mold spores as well. These allergens require organic fibers to build their homes, and this cover uses a 100% synthetic fiber construction. Dust mites beware! What is memory foam?

Memory foam is designed to immediately conform to your body and relieve pressure. Its great for puppies to help prevent future problems or older dogs that may be suffering form ailments like hip dysplasia. Memory foam quality is measured in pounds per square foot, the heavier the foam the higher the mattress quality. Our memory foam density is rated at 4.5 lbs / sq. ft. Is this bed chew resistant?

We designed the LUX Series beds for serious comfort for your dog, and should be enjoyed by mild mannered canines who don’t chew up their bedding. This bed is not chew resistant. Our synthetic fiber covers are tough and will outlast similar luxury style beds under normal use scenarios. Chewers, diggers, and scratchers will find this cover a tasty appetizer before digging into the main course: a messy mattress. We’ve found this bed to be a great reward for dogs who have learned to stop chewing and take care of their things. Why do you cover your memory foam with a waterproof cover?

Waterproof inner covers are designed to protect the integrity of the foam inside. They help as a first barrier of defense against moisture. Moisture that may come from a wet dog, humid conditions, puppy accidents, or an older dog that may be incontinent. Warranty