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I got totally clean and sober and free from a heroin addiction in AA while living in a halfway house. In any halfway house there will be people who are not serious and people who are more serious- and a good halfway house will hold people accountable and make you get a job, attend meetings, have a sponsor, and be working the 12 steps.

I find the quality of AA and halfway houses is greatly dependent on the area you are in. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad halfway houses and even more bad AA meetings in many parts of the country where people really don’t get it and understand what the AA program is about and how to recover from this. I know one thing is for sure- rehab did not get me sober- it was nice to cool off but I found freedom by working the 12 steps with a good sponsor and have been free from heroin, alcohol, and everything else for three years now.

If he is really involved in the 12 steps this shouldn’t be an issue. I was fortunate enough to have a good sponsor who guided me through the 12 steps in two months while in a halfway house and was totally free from the obsession and desire to use drugs or alcohol and was a totally different person before I got out. I was in a good halfway house where the owner and managers were all involved in the recovery community and pushed everyone there to do the same- and if you weren’t serious you were kicked out. You could have dropped a bag of heroin in front of me and it wouldn’t have been an issue. That kind of defense only came from my work in AA and not the people around me or any treatment program. Alcohol and drugs are everywhere- any solution that attempts to make you hide from them is rarely successful and doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

I was a total wreck and I’m logging into an old throwaway where I even made AMAa about my first experiences with heroin and have posted a quite a bit while I was totally fucked up ~4 years back. I can’t even read the old posts on this account anymore because they are that insane. I’m a different person today. I’m not a slave to AA and it certainly doesn’t make me want to drink or use- I attend a couple meetings a week only to try to find suffering people like your son to help and give them what was given to me.

Eh this article bothered me and I’m a sober member of AA. He makes it seem like it’s a daily struggle years later and that’s not what 12 step is really about- unfortunately the majority of people in AA/NA/whateverA believe that’s what it’s about. By working the steps and the program I was relieved of the obsession to drink and get high. I don’t think about alcohol or drugs and I shot heroin like it was my job. I walk this earth a free man and don’t need to avoid bars and clubs or people who drink or use. Life can happen and I won’t be thinking about picking up.

This is why I hate when celebrities break tradition like this because he should not be a spokesperson for any fellowship and makes it look bad. If I had to be 10 years clean still thinking about shooting heroin on a whim and fight against it on a daily basis that would really suck and why would anyone want that? Fortunately I don’t live like that thanks to following the actual program of AA. I’m not dependent on going to AA meetings to stay sober- I go to them to help people and my sobriety isn’t hanging on by a thread at any minute or dependent upon them.

Some people may be fine without AA and that’s fine- but it definitely does work for a lot of people and it doesn’t have to be a crutch. I go to a meeting or two a week, try to help some newcomers and pass on a solution (not out of fear of drinking but because I genuinely want to), and live the rest of my life like any normal person.

A couple years ago when I had a drug problem I used to go around buying external hard drives (mostly western digital) where I would go home or to my car and gut them open to get the drive out, then duct tape batteries, staples, or whatever heavy objects I could find inside for weight, close them back up and return them them very shortly after saying I bought the wrong kind.

I even had one person open up the box and really feel the enclosure for weight peering in the vents joking about asking if I was returning empty boxes but I got pretty good at it and didn’t hit the same store more than a couple times. I was very lucky never to have gotten caught and did this well over a hundred times and would resell the drives on ebay or craigslist to buy heroin.

I have been completely sober for a while now and am not proud of it and I guess Western Digital caught on so you can thank me for being the reason Western Digital external hard drives now have proprietary hard wired connectors instead of normal SATA ports inside. It’s interesting to note that Seagate and other drives don’t and I never really did it with Seagate or other manufacturer’s drives. ಠ_ಠ