Pain on left side of body upper chest pain

I think I have a long experience than anybody else.I have been suffering since last 20 years now,the same left side body pain,which makes me paralyse to move forward in my life.its a stabbing pain in neck shoulder,shooting pain directs to left hand leg as well,feels numb weak.The minute pain starts…over the years what i have found that its for me is emotional pain which leads me to physical pain,whenever i get upset,stressed or think something very deeply,the pain rate will increase to 400%.feeling helpless,not be able to do normal household chores lot life totally distubed. am in my upper 30’s sometimes feels like 60 yrs old.I am very high qualified,but can’t start any new job because of this condition….but above all

we are all human,our nature more or less same like others.after i was diagonesed fibromyagia,was taking anti depressant,then i switch to Lyrica,it is helping a lot,but the minute i will come under the loop of stressed or any emotional trauma,no medication is helping at could talk to your doctor.

Recenlty i came accross with a group of people who serves the nation selflessly by teaching the true meaning of life,who we are ? from where we were come from, tells about positive thinking the philosophy of KARMA.They said that we all carries something from out past birth through bad karma because of that we are suffering in this life.I am truely a follower of those people now,listen to them,They teach a simple meditation technique,if one will practice that they will be out of any kind of pain.

start positive thinking,not thinking much about my pain,i don’t pay attention now a days,sending good energy to my pain?? tell myself repetedly one day i will be fine,my pain will reduce,i will be able to do what i used to do before like that.its not going to happen overnight.but if one can practice meditation,they will get mental peace the physical pain will reduce automatic.if anybody wants to learn that kind of meditation,i will write you again.

Hi i the same thing going on with me but it started at my foot and worked its way up to my shoulder. i’ve been to a lot of doctors for the past 10 yrs and im only 28yrs old. It started as numbiness in my foot then my reflexs are going bad in my knee and now it worked its way up to my shoulder i have a softball size bump on my shoulder which causes a lot of pain, i do know what people go though. I do have other things that are wrong with me like glaucoma, fibromyliga, spinal stenosis in the neck which is rare my doctor said you had to be born with it or be over 60, 4 bluging disc, i have something called d.d.d it has to do with 6 of my disc, headache for the past 6 yrs none stop everyday, liver and kidney are gping bad threw up blood for 2 weeks. i do take a lot of meds but it only takes the edge off. My wife does have to help me shower and get dress and get out of bed. I,m in so much pain i haven,t slep in a real bed in over 2 yrs casues it hurt so bad. I cant sleep i nly get 2 hrs a day and i take my sleeping med that my doctor gave me but nothing happen so im in a lost with this and i,m working on getting ssd. I really do hope you find something out

I have heard that there has been intense energies on the earth right now that have been causing everyone to feel like their life and emotions are upside down. It’s funny that i find myself here again after so long since my first post, with a pulled neck muscle that is(you guessed it) on the left side. But even besides this, we are all being forced into situations where change is very necessary to be able to move forward in our lives. I have been trying to use the times I feel much emotion or canceled plans because I don’t feel good, to be able to journal and write out my feelings. It’s helping a lot to look within for the answers. Quiet the mind and pray and wait. I am figuring out a lot of things and making lists of all the things I need to change in order to be closer to my dreams. And to just feel better each day. A lot of the pain we experience that seems unusual can sometimes have to do with anger and resentment and unforgivness towards yourself or another. We hold on to toxic feelings for so long it manifests itself into pain. There is a shift going on that should ease up the next month. Be strong. It will get better as we start to make inner changes. I will end this now with a quote I came across. Don’t know where I got it from.

About 2 weeks ago, I woke up in the morning with pain and stiff neck only on the left side of my body. It hurt SO MUCH that it felt like whiplash and I couldn’t move my neck. But there was absolutely no reason for me to get that since I don’t do ANYTHING anymore. It lasted for almost 2 weeks. Like you, I stay home all the time, and have gained 20 pounds that will not budge no matter what I do (and I’ve tried EVERYTHING!). I went from a size 5 to a size 11. It has been explained to me that the weight gain is important for the cellular changes and that we need the fat to coat the cells for the crystalline process (or something to that effect…)

I know it’s hard to deal with heightened sensitivity, not wanting to be in crowds anymore, weight gain, no energy to do anything etc…Especially at a young age that most of your friends are inviting you places that you no longer have interest to go to. There are a lot of us going through this, you are not alone. I know it’s easier said than done, but just ride it out. It will pass. Once the body releases what it needs to, you will feel better. Get as much rest as you can and don’t feel guilty about it. Cry when you have to and release it, let it go. The weight will come off when you adjust to the new energies. And don’t be afraid to let go of your past routine. If it doesn’t fit anymore, don’t beat yourself up for it. Just move on to something else that fits better.