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has anybody gotten any answers about this? i can feel 2 small little nodes or something on my neck in the back but my doctor says they are not enlarged. a nurse who was a lymphoma nurse told me it didn’t feel anything like lymphoma. my neck feels swollen, tight and sore. it’s on both sides and there’s also some swelling that only I can notice. I’m pretty sure they‘re my lymph nodes, I get knots and sore muscles and this doesn’t feel like that. the pain increases with activity and varies from day to day. I have other weird symptoms which I’m not sure are related or not. sometimes my shoulders hurt, or my chest or my arm or leg feels slightly numb. I had horrible sinus problems all winter and finally cut out dairy. that cleared them right up and then this all started happening. drainage problem?

my husband thinks i have an auto-immune issue. but what is it? I’m in the process of getting insurance but until then I’d like to know if anyone else has gotten some answers. I’ve spent literally DAYS on the computer and I’m driving myself insane. Now I’m fretting over squamous cell carcinoma. There has to be a less menacing explanation….

they don’t feel stony. I’m not sure if they are rubbery or soft. my doctor has felt them 3 times and was never concerned about their consistency. I’ve let the lymphoma thing go but then I read about neck cancer and how it can spread to your lymph nodes and that can cause pain. Odds are in my favor that it’s nothing that serious, especially since I’m not an older heaving drinking/smoking man. It just drives me crazy to feel a way I’ve never felt before and have no explanation. It’s been this way for 2 1/2 months. I guess allergies can last a while if that’s what it is. But then I don’t really get any other allergy type symptoms… You are absolutely right about the internet. It’s just that doctors are so useless most of the time unless your problem is textbook symptomatic. I’ve learned that I need to be proactive if I want anything to be resolved. Of course I’m also a bit of a hypochondriac and obsessed with the idea of having something horrible and not catching it early enough. You are right I really do need to relax I am driving everyone I know (especially myself)crazy.Did you never get any answers about your problems? did you have any tests run or anything? thank you so much for your reply. It’s nice to vent to someone who’s having the same concerns and isn’t sick to death of my whining

Hey guys I’ve been searching the internet for very similar symptoms. I have lymph node pain (or at least that’s where I think it’s coming from) very little in the morning but it seems as the day progresses it gets slightly worse. None of the pain is unbearable, however I know it is there which concerns me. My lymphnodes do not feel swollen, just intermittent spurts of pain. This is the only symptom I have. Last week I had some fluid in my ear which made me think I had an ear infection which led to my painful lymphnodes, but that was 7 days ago and they really don’t feel much better. To make things worse, I’m on vacation for the next two weeks which really ruins the mood considering this is all I can think about. It is promising though to read your stories about how your doctors do not think it is cancer. I am a 20 year old college student with no medical history other than having been diagnosed with a compressed disc in my lower back last year. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you