Paladin protection prism stella build mod 13 mmominds chest wall pain symptoms

Hi B.Hunt. For Console, Mod12B maybe around next year, and i already buy the Bullet Pub and the Empowered to stack Max HP. But have you heard that Harper Bard will be reliable to other player when you use it? It’s help to raise the Critical Hit because of the nerf in bonding in Mod12. Thank god, i already have it. LoL. For Power, i already have Guild Boon and stacking a lot radiant rank 12 at my offence and defense and don’t forget all my Insignia slot are using Dominance and prosperity. If you can see in the dummy i manage to get 72K Power when the Companion proc. But in the real dungeon, with the mechanic of Protection, i manage to get 200K+ power if regroup. Yes, i’ve been focusing to Crit (100% using Vorpal enchantment currently) and Armor Pen (85% consider the TONG Dungeon) so i can do a lot of damage and can tank as well.

Not to mention with this prism – life still proc, you can self heal and heal other player too. For me, Power i can get from DC Buff and other buff so i’m ok with that.

But your suggestion using Rex Amiculum to change the brigandine is in my list actually. I also still calculating is the Primal Ward Ibhantshi are BIS or not, cause the Equip power only stacking defense. But the stats is +32,146 Maximum Hit Points and +2,188 Power VS Rex Amiculum equip power Power is increased by 1500 for 10 seconds. And the stats is +29,387 Maximum Hit Points and +2,006 Power. Are thus both armor can truly beat the Deepknight’s Brigandine for +50,495 Maximum Hit Points? Player who is focusing on Power and HP for Tanking and Buff, go to Great Protector Set (Greater Plated Band of Constitution, Cloak of the Protector and Lantern of Revelation). But for me, i don’t want to lose my DPS so Orcus’ Set is my priority. Yes, consider the Coastal Flail Snail – using a Daily Power grants 25% of your total Action Points over 10 seconds is the best. You can spam your divine judgement and shield of faith very fast. By the way, thanks for the comment, i need that for my improvement #128578;

Currently i’m experimenting vorpal as my weapon enchantment. Vorpal works with critical severity so if your critical is low its is not so good. You have damn near a 100% crit chance to make it proc well. Vorpal caps out Severity at 100% and applies after all other boosts your character has. So if you have 95% severity after boosts a Perfect Vorpal will give you +5% of its potential +50%. Critical Chance / Critical Severity = DPS increase, For example Right now you’re getting about a 34.5% DPS increase from crits. If you bumped up your Critical Strike to 50% it would be a 46.7% DPS increase. 75% would be 70% DPS increase.

Since paladin is suppose to tank, buff and share Power, with a stack of all Rank 12 Radiant at my offence and defense. All Insignia slot are using Dominance and prosperity. Also i’m using Guild Power Boon, I manage to share my power a lot. I’m not depending on recovery. By using Aura of wisdom – Increases your recharge speed by 25% at rank 4. With Legendary Coastal Flail Snail, when using a Daily Power grants 25% of your total Action Points over 10 seconds and Sigil of Devoted granting 100% of you total Action Points over 15 seconds. I can spam Divine Judgement and Shield of Faith very very fast. As conclusion, you can be a DPS, Buff, Self heal/heal another player with prism and tank in one build. I currently farming the Dungeon Tomb of the nine gods and i can help my team mates to tank, help kill mob fast and survivability.

1) The Build name. First it call Prism then i change to Protection Heal and people get confused with healadin, so i change back to prism. Yup.. you will see the prism spam at the screen when you use this build in dungeon run ..LoL. I will update back the picture so no more confusing.

2) The two have the same stats, powers, and attacks. I prefer using Con Artist coz it’s easy to gear up just using use Hellig or Krig rings or adorable bite. The extra offense slot makes the Sellsword the more ideal option – but only if you can gear it. So it depends on you which is better to gear up your companion.

3) I have 5 weapon enchantment so far, still Fey is the best. I’ve been experiment using Vorpal and the damage are more higher but you have to maximise your crit to 100% which is you have to put all Azure rank 12 at companion. If the companion die, then your crit will go low so this is not a very good solution to increase your damage. And using Lightning are good too for trash mobs but not for single target such as Boss. I’m using Lightning at my healadin by using Burning Light, you can kill mobs trash fast. When using the lightning at my tank, it can help agro fast the mob as well. For me, Fey is still the best for tanking and DPS, Second is Lightning and Third is Vorpal. I also have Terror and Flaming Enchantment, both suck. So i stick to these 3 enchantment for while.