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I too suffer from the boils on my breasts which are very painful and sometimes take weeks to heal. I know when one is starting up too. You can see a pore with a white core inside it or a small red painful bump. I have found that if you start treating them as soon as possible the less of a problem they become. They get worse between ovulation and the onset of my period. I am 45 and I have many symptoms of perimenopause with weight gain and water retention being the worst so far. The boils started appearing about this time with my other symptoms as well. There isn’t much information out there about it I know. I think with all the water gain sebum collects in there as well and it has to find a way out usually in the most tender parts of our body. That explains why they mostly appear in the breasts, inner thighs and buttocks.

Watch your iron as low levels of iron can contribute to the problem. Maybe take a supplement. Take long hot baths to sweat those pores open and avoid using powder and deodorants in the area so your pores can breathe. Hope this helps. It helped me.

I’ve suffered from boils in the groin area since adolescence. In my thirties, the problem migrated to my armpits. I’ve read countless articles on this subject, and I’ve found that there’s no cure for chronic hidradenitis. However, there are things we can do to minimize and alleviate the problem. Here are some dos and don’ts:

1. Don’t rely upon antibiotics UNLESS you come down with a large boil that is causing great pain or a cluster of boils that won’t seem to heal on their own. The effects of antibiotics don’t last. If you take them frequently to address a chronic problem, you will develop immunity to the pills, and they won’t work when you come down with a severe infection. (Do try antibiotics if this is your first boil or if boil attacks are infrequent.)

2. Don’t squeeze hard! This drives the infection deeper into the pore and creates a larger channel for your next infection to develop. When boils are good and READY to drain, puss will run out with GENTLE pressure. To help draw boils to a head faster, apply a warm compress or take a hot bath to open your pores.

3. Don’t be afraid to lance boils yourself. (It’s safe if done properly, and it results in immediate relief.) To lessen the possibility of creating a large hole that could become re-infected, use the smallest sewing needle you can find. Sterilize the needle by soaking it in alcohol for at least sixty seconds. Insert slowly and gently. Do not re-insert the needle without sterilizing it again. (Do not attempt to lance solid boils or hard lumps under the skin. Lance boils that are visibly plump with fluids.)

7. Alpha Hydrox (a brand name) makes a clear fruit acid gel that is much more concentrated than most lotions containing Alpha Hydroxys. The formula is meant to lift dead skin cells on your face, unclog pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines. On a whim, I used this product under my arms. I saw a dramatic improvement the very next day. The product won’t exactly cure a large boil overnight, but it does shrink pores and eliminate small bumps from infected hair folicles. When I use it religiously, my small bumps don’t grow into big boils.

2. There’s a correlation between obesity and boils. Losing a significant amount of weight may lessen the problem for several reasons. A) Healthy bodies have stronger immune systems that are more capable of attacking infections, including infections of the skin. B) Losing weight can reduce the severity of rubbing and chafing, especially in the thigh area.

When I was in my early twenties and pregnant I started to develop these boils in my groin area, under my breasts and under my armpits. After I had my children, I went on birth control and did not have another boil until about 6 years ago when I stopped taking birth control. They started reappearing after I was completely off birth control for about a year. However, the only affected area is my groin area. They never returned under my armpits or breasts anymore.

After searching and searching I finally was recommended to a gynecologist specialist who was brilliant. I went to see him and he sat and talked with my mom and I for about an hour in reference to this situation. I actually broke down in tears because I finally met someone who was going to help me. We had set up an appointment for three weeks to the date to start the process of healing my situation… A week later the doctor passed away suddenly from a major heart attack. (May he rest in peace) I was totally devestated for him and for me. Since then I have continued to try and find another doctor explaining to them the few facts this doctor had shared with me. No one has been able to help me since… I will share with all of you what he has shared with me and hopefully someday one of us will find a solution or a doctor that can give us a solution.

* He said that it was DEFINITELY related to hormones specifically estrogen. He said usually the best antidote is birth control pills. But at the same time he was not a big fan of women over 30 being on them so he said that it could easily be regulated through oral hormone supplement.

* He touched briefly on the correlation between weight and boils, stating that something with fatty tissue causes a rise in estrogen levels. However, he did not get real specific because we had ran out of time. That was one of the topics we were going to discuss at our next appointment

* As far as the scaring, I am Italian and have very olive skin, so for me my scarring is terrible. I am covered with dark spots where my boils flare up. He said that because of my ethnic skin, the scars would never completely go away except for plastic surgery which I told him I would definitely do. He told me we would cross that bridge when we came to it, so that was all the info I got on that. However, he did say that pure vitamin E after using neosporin would lighten the scars considerably. But, this was to be very successful for the healing process after my treatment. Being I still continue to get them constantly they never are able to truly heal.

I hope sharing this information will help somebody. I am praying that sharing this will help one of us find another doctor who can cure this. I truly believe there is a cure and it is simple. All of this suffering and we could be cured in no time. The reason I strongly believe this is because the doctor told me, very confidently that he would have me boil free in no time. The last thing I forgot to share was that he did order a complete series of blood work on me for hormone levels, but once again I did not get to discuss the results with him.

Thanks everyone for helping me with your posts. Please, respond if you want to discuss anything with me or share something with me that you have had positive results with… Sorry this has been so long, but I aam just so happy to finally be able to identify with other women who share the same problem..