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The now-closed insurance firm, was tied up with veterinary clinics across the UAE, with premiums ranging from Dh500 to Dh2,000 per annum depending on the policy plan and pet breed. Infection after tooth extraction The cover included medical, life, third party and liability insurance.

The Horse UAE, offers owners different insurance plans that cover areas including veterinary costs, major medical and colic surgery, mortality, loss of use, and third party insurance. Sore gums after tooth extraction The same is not available for dog and cats.

Residents who spend hundreds, and even thousands of dirhams, on their furry friends, told Gulf News that they are in desperate need for a plan that covers necessary veterinary expenses.

Indian Sanghamitra Banerjee, said she spends Dh500 to 1,000 on an average a year on vaccinations, medication, and the occasional scaling and polishing for her white puppy. Tooth extraction infection pictures However, her worries come from the possibility of her pet contracting diseases, having an accident or suffering injuries. Complications after tooth extraction “Our pets are our family members and insurance is peace of mind. Wisdom tooth extraction complications I myself, being a part of the insurance industry, find a big gap in that I cannot get my pet covered,” she said.

“Many pet owners disown their pets because they can’t fly them out for treatment, or due to loss of job. Gum infection after tooth extraction If pet insurance was available, it would help protect the future of pets and helps owners plan better,” she said. Symptoms of infection after tooth extraction Stevens spends Dh25,000-Dh30,000 a year on dog food, supplies, annual vaccines, and pet visits.

She pointed out that insurance would help cover expenses emerging from unexpected situations, and emergency vet visits for fatal viral diseases like parvovirus and distemper, genetic disorders, chronic disorders, X-rays, blood work, medication and hospitalisation. Complications of wisdom tooth extraction “Pet insurance would be a safety net that safeguards us against unexpected costs and mostly to cover veterinary bills. Gum infection after tooth extraction symptoms Different pets carry different risks,” added Stevens. How long after tooth extraction can i eat solid food For example, pedigree dogs and cats can be more susceptible to illness, congenital diseases, hereditary conditions and are more likely to be stolen. Infection after tooth extraction picture Larger dogs are more likely to suffer from joint problems, while bulldogs can develop respiratory difficulties, she explained.

Sijo Mathews from India, owner of a Labrador called Simba, pointed out the emotional attachment many people have with their pets. Complications of tooth extraction “We continue to provide for our pets as we would to a family member often without bothering about the expense. Extracted tooth infection Pets are no different from us, they have medical and at times even psychological issues, and their families care,” he said.

Like many other pet owners, Mathews would love to see a pet insurance initiative in the UAE. Healing process after tooth extraction “Most importantly, it must be affordable and accepted by the vet clinics,” he said.

“Vets are quite expensive especially when it comes to procedures and emergencies or even dental procedures for dogs. Tooth extraction blood clot fell out I have paid Dh15,000 for 10 days of hospitalisation and tests for my little one. Tooth extraction dry socket This was just a one-time emergency and I hope it never occurs again,” she said.

M. How long after tooth extraction can i eat normal food said that she knew pet owners who had even considered euthanising their dogs because they hade been unable to cover the general monthly and annual expenses for dogs, such as vaccinations, deworming, front-line, dental scaling, and check-ups.

Indian resident Andrea Rodrigues said pet insurance was required for emergencies such as accidents and serious illness that can occur at any time. Pain after tooth extraction and bone graft “Vet bills are high, and cost close to Dh3,000 a year. Molar tooth extraction aftercare I personally have an account for Sam, my dog, and make sure to deposit money into it every month to cover unforeseen circumstances,” she said.

Commenting at the widespread issue, resident Maheen Mohammad said pets are like human beings, they get sick and need medical attention. Tooth extraction healing process pictures “Not having insurance for them is such a deterrent to keeping a pet, that’s the reason you see so many abandoned and put up for adoption,” he said. Gum after tooth extraction Mohammad suggested a similar system as that in Europe and North America, where pet insurance is mandatory. Throbbing jaw pain after tooth extraction “Only then will the number of strays and abandoned pets go down in the UAE,” he said.

Pet owner Elzann B., said she spent over Dh40,000 on her dog after he was hit by a car. What to expect after a tooth extraction “The initial bill in Dubai for keeping him medically stable was Dh18,900 before he was sent to Abu Dhabi. Tooth extraction healing process white stuff The first 24 hours before the surgery cost Dh10,000. Bleeding after tooth extraction how to stop Most people at this point would’ve had to make the sad choice between finances and having to put away their pet dog, which is a part of the family,” said B.

With most pet owners in the country sharing the same sentiment about their furry family members, the need for insurance schemes that cover illness and accidents is only growing.