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pigmentation also called as melasma or chloasma, facial pigmentation is characterized by brownish blotchy discoloration on the face that usually develops over a period of time. Ear and tooth pain on one side The pigmentation is due to the overproduction of the melanin (pigment that gives color to our skin) by the pigment cells called as melanocytes. Fluid in ears in adults Although melasma is a simple disorder and does not have any severe medical implication on the body but it can cause a severe cosmetic concern.

This at times leads to a psychological stress for the patient.

Ear and jaw pain after tooth extraction Homeopathy medicines provide an effective and a safe alternative to get rid of this unwanted discoloration.

Pigmentation affects the forehead ,cheeks, upper lips and across the bridge of the nose and is characterized by dark skin-colored discoloration. Fluid in the ear in adults This discolorations can occur in small patches called as macules (they look like freckles) or may occur in large dark brown colored patches. Fluid in ear symptoms in adults Occasionally it can extend to neck and upper arms. Jaw pain on left side near ear The incident of melasma is much more in women than men. Symptoms of fluid in ear Only one in twenty affected, is a male. How to get rid of fluid in inner ear Pigmentation usually starts between the ages of late twenties and forty. Fluid in ear symptoms People with light brown skin complexion and who are living in conditions where the sun exposure is high, have a high susceptibility to develop it.

pigmentation (Melasma) is usually of two types the epidermal or the dermal melasma. Ear jaw and neck pain on left side Epidermal melasma is a result of pigmentation in superficial layers of the skin- has a well defined border, is darker in color and responds very fast to homeopathic treatment. Signs of fluid in ears The dermal melasma which is a result of pigmentation in the deeper layers of the skin- has ill defined borders, is light in color and responds slow even to homeopathic treatments.

Pigmentation or Melasma occurs due to excess of pigments produced by melanocytes (pigment producing cells).This overproduction is stimulated by the female hormones when the skin is exposed to the sun. Relieve fluid in ear Genetic factors play a very strong role in the development of melasma. Fluid behind eardrum adults More than 30% of patients have a family history of melasma. Fluid in baby ears Development of melasma during and after pregnancy is a very common feature; people with thyroid problems tend to develop melasma. Fluid behind eardrum remedy Females on contraceptive pills and also during menopause are at a high risk of developing a melasma. Fluid behind eardrum symptoms Melasma can also be triggered by stress and by allergic reactions to certain cosmetics and medications.

Chronic or strong exposure to sun may precipitate discoloration and also worsen it. Fluid in the ear symptoms This is usually very difficult for the patient to realize, as the development of the melasma is a very slow process.

Homeopathy has a strong edge over the conventional methods used to treat melasma; the treatment of melasma with homeopathy is from inside of the body and is directed at removing the trigger factor which is stimulating the overproduction of pigment in the skin. Feeling of fluid in ear Homeopathic medicine Sepia stands at the top of the table for treating melasma that is influenced by hormonal disturbances. Home remedies for fluid in ear Sepia acts very fast to treat the epidermal melasma caused by pregnancy. Fluid buildup in ear Homeopathic medicine Kali Carb also works wonders in treating post partum melasma. Middle ear effusion symptoms Thuja works for melasma that is induced by overexposure to sun. Ear pain and headache on left side Dermal melasma’s are also treatable with homeopathy and but usually require a prolonged treatment before any sustainable and appreciable result is achieved.

Hello Dr sharma , my age is 44 years and I have dark brown hyperpigmentation marks on my lower part of legs , hands and little spots on my face for last 7-8 years . Fluid behind eardrum treatment Even I m suffering from dark circles . Ear and throat pain on one side I have tried some homeopathic formula by one of the homeopathic doctor for few months but it didn’t work even 1% on my pigmentation marks so I stopped the treatment . Middle ear effusion treatment Kindly suggest me the name of the homeopathic medicine which are easily available in the pharmacy so that i can get rid of these markings permananrly and simultaneously it should stop spreading further . Get rid of fluid in ear It’s very eembarrassing . Fluid in ear toddler Kindly help with result oriented medicine.

kindly guide me to what medication to be given for my grand daughter aged 2 1/2 yrs. Fluid in ear from allergies we had a road travel and was exposed to sun (in the month of may 2015). Ear and tooth pain after that we shifted to a carpeted flat. Left ear and jaw pain from then on she was scratching her face, mainly her temples and nose. Fluid build up around the heart after about a week we found a white patch , to the size of a coin on her left temple, on her left outer palm and a small white discoloration on her left eyelids.

I gave her a dose of sulphur 200 / once in five days. Fluid on eardrum after the second dose her scratching stopped. Fluid in ears adults no new discoloration. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy now my query is, how to bring back the skin to normal colour.

her appetite is good, but typical 2 yr old behaviour of food fussy. Sinus fluid in ear her bowels are at times very normal but sometimes she passes little stool at frequent intervals.

resp sir i m suffering from lycen planus since one year and i undergone allopathic treatment but due to use of steroids i left allopahtic medicine and now i m taking homeopathic medicine , i hv problem in my hands and on forehead, earlier i was also suffering from the same disease during the year 1987 and after homeopathic treatment by renowed homeopathic doctor late shri S.S.SHRIVASTAVA i cured this disease but again it is activated since last one year , my forehead patches has been lighten due to the homeopathic treatment but in my upper side of palm brown patches are regularly being increased and some time i found itching too , from last week my homeo doctor change the medicine as ANTIM CRUDE 30 THRICE IN A DAY but after that medicine i dont find any releif . Inner ear fluid in adults can u please tell me whethr antim cruede 30 is also usefull in lycen planus .. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy pictures thanking you in anticipation.

I am a 59 years old mix-race lady with a history of severe pigmentation. Leaking clear fluid during pregnancy I’ve tried different creams, consulting the best dermatologists in London and Cape Town, and nothing seems to help. Water retention early pregnancy Because of so many creams tried, I developed a very sensitive skin, more on my cheeks. Leaking clear fluid early pregnancy I had to have a patch text and I am allergic to creams made with Methylisothiazolimone, Methilchcorisothiazolimone, Phenylenediamine, Quaternicem am Imidazolidinyl. Chronic fluid in ear Now I have to use creams on my face that are as much as possivel natural.

I am 19 years old. Clear mucus discharge during early pregnancy I suffer from pcod. Clear discharge during early pregnancy My skin is very sensitive. How to get rid of fluid in ear It gets break outs oftenly and it cannot stand any products(not even any moisturisers any oils no sunscreen nothing).I have tried a lot of things. How to get rid of fluid in the ear All water based non oily lyk almost everything. Fluid trapped in ear I also tried allopathy. Fluid in eardrum Many creams like retino, triben b lotion,clindomycin and many more.. Fluid in ear symptoms adults But nothing worked only added. How to get rid of fluid behind the eardrum Now the problem is that i don’t know what to use as nothing works and gradually has sidefdecyts . Clear watery discharge early pregnancy sign There is like formation of puss in almost like every pore of my skin mainly around checkbones and that has added discolouration kind of pigmentation around that area.. How to relieve fluid in ear Many blemishes also from previous breakouts are still there from a long time and seem to be permanent by now. Dry cervical mucus early pregnancy Can homeopathy help me AQ