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I’m a man in his mid-30s living in London, UK. I’m happy with my hairy chest, legs and forearms, but my hairy shoulders and upper arms have always bothered me – I’ve got quite pale skin but darkish brown hair. I tried waxing but it always caused terrible spots – particularly at the top of my chest, around the collar bone region. Creams worked for a while, but they too have recently caused spots when the hair began to grow back. I’ve not tried them, but laser and IPL treatments seem too expensive and unreliable. I stumbled across this excellent site and read about the friction method of hair removal for the first time.

I experimented with a pumice stone. Well, it looks like a pumice stone, but I think it’s an man-made imitation of pumice and think it’s meant for removing hard skin from your feet!

Anyway, the first time I tried, I rubbed away a bit too vigorously, and although it removed the hair from my shoulders, my skin was far too red and irritated afterwards – it felt like bad sunburn. Not good!

I tried again a week or so later (when my skin had returned to normal!). I did it in the bath, and this time I made sure to use some moisturizer. Here in the UK, Johnson Johnson produce a Baby Oil Gel, which was just perfect. I guess regular baby oil would also be good. I applied the gel to my shoulders and then very carefully rubbed with the pumice in circular motions. Do not rub too hard, and if it hurts at all, or your skin gets too hot (or if you can smell burning hair), slow down or stop! Just gently rub for a minute or so – prolonged, gentle pressure seems much more effective than hard scrubbing. I was very pleasantly surprised by the results. Nicely smooth shoulders without the hassle of creams or waxing. The hair grows back quite quick, but the hair-growth did seem a little lighter.

I’m now just trying to use the pumice method for a couple of minutes most mornings when I have my bath/shower – I alternate from one shoulder to the next as I figure it’s probably not good to rub away every day. It’s not permanent and it’s not perfect, but it’s relatively hassle-free and I just wore a sleeveless top this summer for the first time and didn’t feel self-conscious about my shoulders. Maybe if I keep it up, it will permanently reduce the hair growth – who knows?

I know shaving is a real turn off for women and girls, but James is telling you true. All these other temporary methods leave you flirting with bigger problems in the future. One word of caution though: Do not do laser on her face. The hairs are too fine. It hurts a lot. It may induce more hair to grow.

If I were you and if she is highly motivated, I would think electrolysis. It must be gentle and the practitioner must be motherly (or fatherly) and reassuring. I work on younger teens, when THEY ARE DRIVING THIS EFFORT WITH HEALTHY MOTIVATION. Ease her into this. If you can find someone with a newer computerized epilator, sensation and speed will be on her side. Someone with an older epilator who is experienced can come close sometimes to mimic what a computerized epilator can do.

Just get those consults. If you can personally go check out people and have electrolysis performed on yourself first, then you can spare her from being the guinea pig as you decide on who you will trust with your beautiful daughters skin. If she see’s that you are having electrolysis and you are positive about this, it may be easier for her. Daughters watch their Mothers closely as I’m sure you know by now! Prepare the way for her. If you have to travel a bit, turn it into something fun as well. Do something in combination with the electrolysis treatment, like have a lunch together in a different a kind of restaurant. Go shopping. Go sightseeing. Combine it with a movie. Start the search close to home and spread out to a travel radius that is doable for you.